Social media happens to you


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A presentation to a legal convention that outlines the case social media happens to firms and then highlights some platform neutral guidelines.

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  • About me:ScottishDigital agency typeHave worked in a Law FirmAbout that Law FirmThe wanted control
  • Knew she couldn’t afford the legal feesNeil Gaiman’s tweet reached 1,500,000 followers alonePapercase got the design from a third party designer
  • A complaint about two tickets and a drink costing £21 has been LIKED by more than ¼ of million Facebook users – seen by hundred times more.Urban Outfitters accused of stealing a designBashed by the blogsProbably didn’t steal the design.
  • The broadcast modelTV, Radio, newspapers1 to many
  • The digital modelThe internet, email
  • Social platforms
  • This presentation will look at some small changes a firm can make in order to thrive in the new landscape…… and it’ll suggest a big change that is coming
  • It’s easy to get started – pick the platforms you want to be on and be there; Twitter, Facebook, Google+Practise with personal accounts first, learn the community, see what works for youWrite some guidelines for staff; help them with disclosure
  • Monitoring does not need to be expensiveYou can use Twitter searches or Google Alerts to create RSS feeds. These can be listened to via Google Reader or shaped via Yahoo Pipes.Expensive packages pay for the layers of presentation and intelligence they put on top
  • Practise to get fasterSpend your money to get fasterOnce you’re fast enough you’ll be a lead in the conversation
  • Once you’re a lead in the conversation you have the ability to engage in social media campaigns that can stand out. This is the less for more tipping point.
  • It’s not attention you’re earning; it’s influenceInfluence is the social media marketing currencySafesForce internal PR position asking for a Klout score
  • Added benefits;Blended SEO boostBlended PPC boostBetter delivery of PR
  • There is one important catch – one thing you must prepare forBeing able to reply to customersThese conversations will happen if you’re not there and will be uncheckedBeing there invites conversation, though
  • Those are some of the small steps you can take to succeed with social media.There is a big change coming though, perhaps not right now but this is the time to think about it.
  • These disciplines exist in silo (in large companies) purely by accident. They’ll fight over who owns social media. Really, social media owns them all.Looking at a new structure that allows expertise while avoiding conflicts.
  • The dawn of Social Business Design. Entire companies designed with social and sharing in mind.
  • Social media happens to you

    1. 1. Andrew Girdwood
    2. 2. LANDSCAPE
    3. 3. LANDSCAPE
    4. 4. LANDSCAPE
    5. 5. Adapt? Survive? Small changes Large changes
    6. 6. Be therePersonal accountsSensible staff guidelines
    7. 7. Listen with RSS.
    8. 8. Get faster
    9. 9. CampaignStand Out
    10. 10. Influence
    11. 11. (not yet happy)Customers
    12. 12. Big changes
    13. 13. Customer Relationship Management Marketing Public Relations
    14. 14. SocialBusinessDesign
    15. 15. Thank you! Twitter: @AndrewGirdwoodFlickr credits