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Lcp community services pp


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Lcp community services pp

  1. 1. Loughborough ChurchesPartnership: committed toserving ourcommunitywith Christ’s love
  2. 2. Loughborough Churches Partnership iscommitted to this town and making it aplace people are proud to live.The churches in the town currently providea significant range of services and supportthat impacts thousands of lives in thetown. Here are some of them....
  3. 3. Children’sclubsandchildcare
  4. 4. • All Saints Loughborough (Beavers / Cubs / Scouts)• Emmanuel (KidZ, Kidzone, Beavers, Cubs, scouts, Guides)• King’s (Small World full day care -OFSTED registered, NRG at Warwick Way, Homework Club, Kingzone)• Loughborough Baptist (Explosion)• New Springs (Out-of-school and holiday childcare, Camp Supreme)• Trinity Methodist (Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade, Early Learners)• All Saints Thorpe Acre, Loughborough Baptist and United Reformed Church (Brownies / Rainbows / Guides)• Church of the Good Shepherd (KidzKlub at Outwoods school)
  5. 5. “When we came into yournursery, we were accepted justfor who we are, not asproblem people.The genuine love youshowed us has transformedour family.”
  6. 6. Schools and Youth groups
  7. 7. • All Saints Thorpe Acre (CYFA 14-18, Recharge 7 – 11, Reality 11-14)• Elim (Club 180º)• Emmanuel (Utopia, The Wave)• King’s (Revolution)• Loughborough Baptist (Youth Club)• New Springs (Alive and Amplified, Reach)• St Mary’s and Sacred Heart (Youth Club)• Trinity Methodist (Impact, Cre8)• SOAR (schools assemblies, lunch time clubs, RE Lessons)
  8. 8. Familysupport
  9. 9. • Emmanuel (Child Contact Centre)• Beacon Fellowship, Emmanuel, King’s, Open Heaven and New Springs (Parenting and Marriage courses)• All Saints Loughborough, All Saints Thorpe Acre, Emmanuel (Marriage preparation courses)
  10. 10. Parent andtoddler groups
  11. 11. • All Saints Loughborough (Little Saints)• All Saints Thorpe Acre (Toddlers’ Church, NCT messy play, Little Shakers)• Beacon Christian Fellowship (Tiny Tots)• Elim (Smiles)• Emmanuel (Little People, Playgroup)• King’s (Playtime)• Knightthorpe Methodist, Loughborough Baptist, Trinity Methodist (playgroups)• Salvation Army (Baby Song course for new mothers)
  12. 12. “During a traumatic timein my life, the mums at thetoddler group were suchgood friends to me. I’llnever forget their support.”
  13. 13. Women’s groups
  14. 14. • Elim (Pure Life)• Knightthorpe Methodist (Tuesday Fellowship, Thursday Nighters)• Loughborough Baptist (Monday Nighters, Craft group, Women’s Fellowship, Women’s League)• Salvation Army (Home League, Girls’ Night Out)• Trinity Methodist (Monday Nighters)• United Reformed Church (Ladies 3Cs)• All Saints Thorpe Acre (Womens institute)• Emmanuel (Girls room)• Open Heaven (Be:loved)
  15. 15. Services for the elderly
  16. 16. • All Saints Thorpe Acre (Services for the Elderly, Thursday club 60+)• All Saints Loughborough (Services for the Elderly)• Emmanuel (Senior Citizens)• Loughborough Baptist Church (Sunday @ Four)• Salvation Army (Caring for Seniors)• St Mary’s and Sacred Heart (Elderly and Housebound Support)• Church of the Good Shepherd (Wednesday Friendly)• Sacred Hearts (Mature adults group)
  17. 17. Special needs and disability groups
  18. 18. • Loughborough Baptist Church (Link-Up, Day Centre for the disabled, Dyslexia Institute)• Steps (Leicestershire Conductive Education Centre)• Emmanuel (Autism support group)
  19. 19. Advice andcounselling
  20. 20. • Elim (The Charis Centre - pregnancy and post-abortion support)• Emmanuel (Charnwood Listeners, The Haven)• King’s (TwentyTwenty: Charnwood Mentoring Scheme)• New Springs (Enquire, Leicestershire Community Legal Services, Access Counselling Services)• Salvation Army (The Haven, Market Chaplaincy)• Open Heaven (Overflow – Justice and campaign group)• [Various] (Chaplaincy posts across the town)
  21. 21. Training andeducation
  22. 22. • King’s (TwentyTwenty, Lifeskills e2e, Love 4 Life, Pre-16, Fast Forward)• The Well (English language school)• New Springs (Personal finance and budgeting)• [Various] (Clockwise Credit Union)• Baca (English lessons)
  23. 23. “The most difficultteenagers have gone on tobecome award-winningmembers of thecommunity. It’s hugelyrewarding to see.”
  24. 24. Befriending
  25. 25. • St. Mary-in-Charnwood (Coping with Life-Changing Illness Project)• Salvation Army (befriending support)• Open Heaven (Club Mission - Students)• Emmanuel (International Open House – building multicultural friendships, Autism support group, Angels Choir, Music and Mayhem, lunchtime concerts)• United Reformed Church (Thursday Book club)• Knightthorpe Methodist (Thursday craft, Friday night needles and pins)• [Various] (Street Pastors)
  26. 26. Foodservices
  27. 27. • Beacon Christian Fellowship (King’s Pantry)• Elim (The Cookery Luncheon Club)• Emmanuel (Project 5000)• King’s (OpporTINity)• Loughborough Baptist (Lunch Break)• New Springs (Operation Agapé)• Salvation Army (food parcels and meals)• [Various] (Soup Run)• URC (Wednesday lunch club, Saturday charitable coffee mornings, afternoon tea and activities)• All Saints Loughborough (monthly coffee morning)
  28. 28. “When I was homeless inLoughborough, I was fed bychurch food aid every dayof the week. Thiskindness helped me survive.”
  29. 29. Housing projects
  30. 30. • Elim (Hope House for young female homeless)• Baca Project (providing housing and support for Asylum seekers and refugees)• Trinity Methodist (Overseas Student Hostel)
  31. 31. Sportsactivities
  32. 32. • Trinity Methodist (Badminton Group)• Emmanuel (Youth and Junior Football Club, Senior Football Club)• Loughborough Baptist (Badminton, Snooker, Football)• [Various] (Genesis FC, Revive FC)
  33. 33. Facilitiesfor hire
  34. 34. • New Springs• Trinity Methodist• King’s (The Schofield Centre)• Loughborough Baptist Church• All Saints Thorpe Acre• All Saints Loughborough• Salvation Army• United Reform Church• Knightthorpe Methodist• Emmanuel
  35. 35. We have a wide variety of services that thechurches currently deliver with high levels ofquality and expertise.We appreciate the council and all that it doesto help support the people of this town andmake it a great place to live.We are keen to find more ways of being ableto partner with and support the council sothat together we can see Loughboroughthrive.