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  2. 2. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook i Table of Contents FOREWORD ..........................................1 A Letter to Evergreen Outdoor Employees 1 Mission Statement  2 Build Trust and Credibility  2 Respect for the Individual  3 Create a Culture of Open and Honest Communication  3 Set Tone at the Top  3 DIVERSITY  ............................................4 Equal Employment Opportunity Statement 4 Evergreen Outdoor Inc.’s Anti‐harassment Policy and  Complaint Procedure 4 Definitions of Harassment  5 Individuals and Conduct Covered  6 Complaint Process 6 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amend‐ ments Act (ADAAA) 7 EMPLOYMENT  .....................................8 Employment Relationship 8 Employee Classification Categories 8 Nonexempt and Exempt Employees  8 Reorganizations and Reductions in Force 9 Right to Privacy and Access to Files 10 Background and Reference Checks 10 Internal Transfers/Promotions 11 Progressive Discipline 12 Verbal Warnings 12 Written Warnings 12 Performance Improvement Plan 13 Separation of Employment 13 Non‐Competition 15
  3. 3. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook ii WORKPLACE SAFETY ..........................15 Drug‐Free Workplace 15 Employee Assistance and Drug‐Free Awareness  15 Work Rules  16 Drug Testing  16 Consequences  17 Confidentiality  17 Inspections  18 Crimes Involving Drugs  18 Violence in the Workplace 18 Safety  19 WORKPLACE CONFIDENTIALITY .........20 Confidentiality 20 Conflicts of Interest 20 Outside Employment/Side Work 21 GENERAL WORKPLACE                                      EXPECTATIONS  ..................................21 Work Schedule 21 Requesting Time Off/ Holidays 22 Clocking In/Out 22 Cell Phone Use 22 Internet Usage Policy 23 Parking 24 Vehicle Fueling 24 Shop Cleanup 25 Tool/Equipment Care 25 Vehicle Care/Driving Responsibilities 26 Conduct In the Field 26 Dress Code 26 Language 26 Smoking 27 Entering a Customer’s Home 27 Customer Questions/Complaints 27
  4. 4. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook iii COMPENSATION ................................28 Performance and Salary Review  28 Payment of Wages 28 Overtime 29 Benefits 29 Time Reporting  29 Meal/Rest Periods 30 Mandatory Meal Period 30 Rest/Breaks 30 Impermissible Use Rest/Breaks 30 Conclusion 30 INDEX .................................................33 EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK ACKNOWLEDG‐ MENT AND RECEIPT ...........................35
  5. 5. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook iv
  6. 6. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 1 FOREWORD A Letter to Evergreen Out‐ door Employees When Evergreen Outdoor Inc. began installing underground lawn irrigation it was two men starting a business together. Over the next few years the number of employees was minimal, so man- agement and communication was simple and direct. Now that Evergreen Outdoor Inc. offers more services and employs an increasing number of people, it is necessary to provide a clear statement of what our vision is for our employees and what our employees can expect from us. Having a clear code of conduct will allow you to work in a safe and organized environment, limit- ing everyone’s level of stress in the long term. This will be accom- plished by understanding what is expected of you when working at the shop and, most importantly, while in the field. We consider the employees of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. to be its most valuable resource. Whether you have just joined our staff or have been at Evergreen Outdoor Inc. for a while, we are confident that you will find our company a dynamic and rewarding place to work, and we look forward to a productive and successful rela- tionship. This handbook has been written to serve as the guide for the employer/employee relationship. There are several things to keep in mind about this handbook. First, it contains only general information and guidelines. It is not intended to be comprehensive or to address all the possible appli- cations of, or exceptions to, the general policies and procedures described. For that reason, if you have any questions concerning eligibility for a particular benefit or the applicability of a policy or practice to you, you should address your specific questions to the main office. Neither this handbook nor any other company document confers any contractual right, either express or implied, to remain in the company's employ. Nor does it guar- antee any fixed terms and conditions of your employment. Your employment is not for any specific time and may be termi- nated at will with or without cause and without prior notice by the company, or you may resign for any reason at any time. No supervisor or other representative of the company (except individ- uals authorized by the company) has the authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the above. The procedures, practices, policies and benefits described here may be unilaterally modified or discontinued from time to time by us, without advance notice and without having to give cause, justi- fication, or consideration to any employee. We will try to inform
  7. 7. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 2 you of any changes as they occur. Recognition of these rights and prerogatives of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. is a term and condition of employment and continued employment. This handbook and the information in it should be treated as confidential. No portion of this handbook should be disclosed to others, except Evergreen Outdoor Inc. employees and others affili- ated with Evergreen Outdoor Inc. whose knowledge of the infor- mation is required in the normal course of business. Some subjects, including benefits and internal policies, described in this handbook are covered in detail in official policy documents. Refer to these documents for specific information because the handbook only briefly summarizes those guidelines and benefits. Please note that the terms of the written insurance policies are controlling and override any statements made in this or other documents. After you read this handbook, you will be asked to sign an Acknowledgment Form indicating your acceptance of its contents including the policies and procedures herein. Please be sure to ask questions or get clarification about any information you do not understand. Mission Statement  We are committed to providing quality and professional out- door services for the highest customer satisfaction. Our goal is to continuously shape a community reputation built on trust, respect, and hard work. Build Trust and Credibility  The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confi- dence we earn from our employees and customers. We gain credi- bility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity, and reaching company goals solely through ethical con- duct and hard work. It is easy to say what we must do, but the proof is in our actions. Ultimately, we will be judged on what we do. When considering any action, it is wise to ask: will this build trust and credibility for Evergreen Outdoor Inc.? Will it help cre- ate a working environment in which Evergreen Outdoor Inc. can succeed over the long term? Is the commitment I am making one I can follow through with? The only way we will maximize trust and credibility is by answering “yes” to those questions and by working every day to build our trust and credibility.
  8. 8. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 3 Respect for the Individual We all deserve to work in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. is committed to creating such an environment because it brings out the full poten- tial in each of us, which, in turn, contributes directly to our busi- ness success. We cannot afford to let anyone’s talents go to waste. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. is an equal employment employer and is committed to providing a workplace that is free of discrimina- tion of all types from abusive, offensive or harassing behavior. Any employee who feels harassed or discriminated against should report the incident. Create a Culture of Open  and Honest Communica‐ tion  At Evergreen Outdoor Inc. everyone should feel comfortable to speak his or her mind, particularly with respect to ethics concerns. Managers have a responsibility to create an open and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable raising such ques- tions. We all benefit tremendously when employees exercise their power to prevent mistakes or wrongdoing by asking the right questions at the right times. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will investigate all reported instances of questionable or unethical behavior. In every instance where improper behavior is found to have occurred, the company will take appropriate action. We will not tolerate retaliation against employees who raise genuine ethics concerns in good faith. Set Tone at the Top Management has the added responsibility of demonstrate, through their actions, the importance of this Code. In any busi- ness, ethical behavior does not simply happen; it is the product of clear and direct communication of behavioral expectations, mod- eled from the top and demonstrated by example. Again, ultimately, our actions are what matters. To make our Code work, managers must be responsible for promptly addressing ethical questions or concerns raised by employees and for taking the appropriate steps to deal with such issues. Managers should not consider employees’ ethics concerns as threats or challenges to their authority, but rather as another encouraged form of business communication. At Evergreen Out- door Inc., we want the ethics dialogue to become a natural part of daily work.
  9. 9. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 4 DIVERSITY Equal Employment Oppor‐ tunity Statement Evergreen Outdoor Inc. provides equal employment opportuni- ties (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment with- out regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, marital status, amnesty or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applica- ble federal, state and local laws. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facili- ties. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employ- ment, including hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation and training. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. expressly prohibits any form of unlaw- ful employee harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or veteran status. Improper interference with the ability of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. employees to perform their expected job duties is absolutely not tolerated. Evergreen Outdoor Inc.’s  Anti‐harassment Policy and  Complaint Procedure Evergreen Outdoor Inc. is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits unlawful discriminatory practices, including harassment. Therefore, Ever- green Outdoor Inc. expects that all relationships among persons in the office will be business-like and free of bias, prejudice and harassment. It is the policy of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, marital status, amnesty or status as a covered veteran. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. prohibits any such discrimination or harassment. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. encourages reporting of all perceived incidents of discrimination or harassment. It is the policy of Ever- green Outdoor Inc. to promptly and thoroughly investigate such reports. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. prohibits retaliation against any individual who reports discrimination or harassment or who par- ticipates in an investigation of such reports.
  10. 10. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 5 Definitions of Harassment Sexual harassment constitutes discrimination and is illegal under federal, state and local laws. For the purposes of this policy, sexual harassment is defined, as in the Equal Employment Oppor- tunity Commission Guidelines, as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when, for example a) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment; b) submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment deci- sions affecting such individual; or c) such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work per- formance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment. Sexual harassment may include a range of subtle and not-so- subtle behaviors and may involve individuals of the same or dif- ferent gender. Depending on the circumstances, these behaviors may include unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors; sexual jokes and innuendo; verbal abuse of a sexual nature; commentary about an individual's body, sexual prowess or sexual deficiencies; leering, whistling or touching; insulting or obscene comments or gestures; display in the workplace of sexually sug- gestive objects or pictures; and other physical, verbal or visual conduct of a sexual nature. Harassment on the basis of any other protected characteristic is also strictly prohibited. Under this policy, harassment is verbal, written or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his/her race, color, reli- gion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship or any other characteristic protected by law or that of his/her relatives, friends or associates, and that a) has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment; b) has the purpose or effect of unrea- sonably interfering with an individual's work performance; or c) otherwise adversely affects an individual's employment opportuni- ties. Harassing conduct includes epithets, slurs or negative stereo- typing; threatening, intimidating or hostile acts; denigrating jokes; and written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual or group and that is placed on walls or elsewhere on the employer's premises or circulated in the workplace, on company time or using company equipment via e- mail, phone (including voice messages), text messages, tweets, blogs, social networking sites or other means.
  11. 11. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 6 Individuals and Conduct  Covered  These policies apply to all applicants and employees, whether related to conduct engaged in by fellow employees or someone not directly connected to Evergreen Outdoor Inc. (e.g., an outside ven- dor, consultant or customer). Conduct prohibited by these policies is unacceptable in the workplace and in any work-related setting outside the workplace, such as during business trips, business meetings and business- related social events. Complaint Process Individuals who believe they have been the victims of conduct prohibited by this policy statement or who believe they have wit- nessed such conduct should discuss their concerns with their immediate supervisor or any member of management. When possible, Evergreen Outdoor Inc. encourages individu- als who believe they are being subjected to such conduct to promptly advise the offender that his or her behavior is unwel- come and request that it be discontinued. Often this action alone will resolve the problem. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. recognizes, however, that an individual may prefer to pursue the matter through complaint procedures. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. encourages the prompt reporting of complaints or concerns so that rapid and constructive action can be taken before relationships become irreparably strained. There- fore, although no fixed reporting period has been established, early reporting and intervention have proven to be the most effec- tive method of resolving actual or perceived incidents of harass- ment. Any reported allegations of harassment, discrimination or retal- iation will be investigated promptly. The investigation may include individual interviews with the parties involved and, where necessary, with individuals who may have observed the alleged conduct or may have other relevant knowledge. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the investigatory process to the extent consistent with adequate investigation and appropriate corrective action. Retaliation against an individual for reporting harassment or discrimination or for participating in an investigation of a claim of harassment or discrimination is a serious violation of this policy and, like harassment or discrimination itself, will be subject to dis-
  12. 12. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 7 ciplinary action. Acts of retaliation should be reported immedi- ately and will be promptly investigated and addressed. Misconduct constituting harassment, discrimination or retalia- tion will be dealt with appropriately. False and malicious complaints of harassment, discrimination or retaliation may be the subject of appropriate disciplinary action. Americans with Disabilities  Act (ADA) and the ADA  Amendments Act (ADAAA) The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act, known as the ADAAA, are federal laws that prohibit employers with 15 or more employees from discriminating against applicants and individuals with dis- abilities and require employers, when needed, to provide reason- able accommodations to applicants and employees who are qualified for a job, with or without reasonable accommodations, so that they may perform the essential job duties of the position. It is the policy of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. to comply with all federal and state laws concerning the employment of persons with disabilities and to act in accordance with regulations and guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Furthermore, it is our company policy not to discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in regard to applica- tion procedures, hiring, advancement, discharge, compensation, training or other terms, conditions and privileges of employment. The company will reasonably accommodate qualified individu- als with a disability so that they can perform the essential func- tions of a job unless doing so causes a direct threat to these individuals or others in the workplace and the threat cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodation and/or if the accommo- dation creates an undue hardship to Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Con- tact the Human Resource department with any questions or requests for accommodation.
  13. 13. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 8 EMPLOYMENT Employment Relationship All employees of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. are employed on an at-will basis. Therefore, any employee who wishes to do so may terminate his or her employment at any time, with or without notice and with or without cause. Similarly, Evergreen Outdoor Inc. may terminate the employment of any employee at any time, also with or without notice and with or without cause. No employee, supervisor, or representative of Evergreen Outdoor Inc., other than an authorized officer of Evergreen Outdoor Inc., has the authority to enter into any employment agreement for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to what had been stated above; any such agreement must be in writ- ing, signed by the authorized officer, and directed to you person- ally. Employee Classification  Categories All employees are designated as either “nonexempt” or “exempt” under state and federal wage and hour laws. The follow- ing is intended to help employees understand employment classifi- cations and employees’ employment status and benefit eligibility. These classifications do not guarantee employment for any speci- fied period of time. The right to terminate the employment-at-will relationship at any time is retained by both the employee and Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Nonexempt and Exempt  Employees  Employees whose jobs are governed by the FLSA are either “exempt” or “nonexempt.” Nonexempt employees are entitled to overtime pay. Exempt employees are not. Most employees cov- ered by the FLSA are nonexempt. Some are not. Some jobs are classified as exempt by definition. For example, salaried employees are exempt (wage employees are nonexempt). For most employees, however, whether they are exempt or nonex- empt depends on (a) how much they are paid, (b) how they are paid, and (c) what kind of work they do. With few exceptions, to be exempt employee must (a) be paid at least $23,600 per year ($455 per week), and (b) be paid on a sal- ary basis, and also (c) perform exempt job duties. These require- ments are outlined in the FLSA Regulations (promulgated by the U.S. Department of Labor). Most employees must meet all three “tests” to be exempt.
  14. 14. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 9 Evergreen Outdoor Inc. has established the following catego- ries for both nonexempt and exempt employees: • Regular, full time: Employees who are not in a temporary status and who are regularly scheduled to work the com- pany’s full-time schedule of 30 hours per week. Generally, these employees are eligible for the full benefits package, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of each ben- efits program. • Regular, part time: Employees who are not in a temporary status and who are regularly scheduled to work less than 30 hours. Regular, part-time employees are eligible for some of the benefits offered by the company if they work at least 20 hours; subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of each benefits program. • Temporary, full time: Employees who are hired as interim replacements to temporarily supplement the workforce or to assist in the completion of a specific project and who are temporarily scheduled to work the company’s full-time schedule for a limited duration. Employment beyond any initially stated period does not in any way imply a change in employment status. • Temporary, part time: Employees who are hired as interim replacements to temporarily supplement the workforce or to assist in the completion of a specific project and who are temporarily scheduled to work less than the company’s full-time schedule for a limited duration. Employment beyond any initially stated period does not in any way imply a change in employment status. Temporary workers are not eligible for company benefits unless specifically stated otherwise in company policy or are deemed eligible according to plan documents. Reorganizations and Reduc‐ tions in Force  Various economic, seasonal, and operational contingencies may require Evergreen Outdoor Inc. to reorganize and/or reduce its workforce. During such periods Evergreen Outdoor Inc., in its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend regular employment poli- cies and practices to take whatever actions it considers necessary to accomplish the reorganization and/or reduction in force effi- ciently and effectively, based on criteria it considers appropriate under the circumstances, which may include, but are not limited to, the following, notwithstanding any other provision contained in this Handbook:
  15. 15. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 10 • discharge or lay off employees and eliminate job classifica- tions and positions • combine or revise job titles and/or job descriptions • create new job titles and/or descriptions • fill any position vacated or created by the reorganization or reduction in force, using any criteria deemed appropriate by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Right to Privacy and Access  to Files It is Evergreen Outdoor Inc.’s policy to collect only personal employee information that is relevant and necessary to perform essential business functions. For example, no records are to be gathered or maintained concerning your associations, political activities, personal publications, or communications or of your nonemployment activities, unless it is submitted or authorized by you in writing and required for a regular business purpose. Access to personal employee information is restricted to those with a legitimate need for such information in the performance of their job. Also, information about you will not be released outside Evergreen Outdoor Inc. without your consent, with the exception of verification of your employment for credit approval purposes, information on employment dates for employment reference checks, and information which must be disclosed by law, court order, or on the request of an appropriate governmental authority. You may examine your personnel records by submitting a writ- ten request to the Evergreen Outdoor Inc. authorized officer. If you believe the records are not accurate, you may place a statement of reasonable length in your file describing the facts as you see them. You may also obtain copies of any document in your personnel file. Office furnishings and equipment, including computers and other electronic equipment, are the property of Evergreen Outdoor Inc.. Therefore, office and computer files, as well as electronic mail and transmissions, may be monitored and/or accessed by the Company as it deems necessary. Background and Reference  Checks It is our policy to conduct pre-employment background checks on all applicants who accept an offer of employment to ensure that individuals who join Evergreen Outdoor Inc. are well qualified and to ensure that Evergreen Outdoor Inc. maintains a safe and
  16. 16. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 11 productive work environment. Background checks may include verification of any information on the applicant’s resume or appli- cation form. All offers of employment are conditioned on receipt of a back- ground check report that is acceptable to Evergreen Outdoor Inc. All background checks are conducted in conformity with the Fed- eral Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and state and federal privacy and anti-discrimination laws. Reports are kept confidential and are only viewed by individuals involved in the hiring process. If information obtained in a background check would lead Evergreen Outdoor Inc. to deny employment, a copy of the report will be provided to the applicant, and the applicant will have the opportunity to dispute the report’s accuracy. Background checks may include a criminal record check, although a criminal convic- tion does not automatically bar an applicant from employment. Additional checks such as a driving record or credit report may be made on applicants for particular job categories if appropriate and job related. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. also reserves the right to conduct a background check for current employees to determine eligibility for promotion or reassignment in the same manner as described above. Internal Transfers/Promo‐ tions Employees with more than twelve months of service may request consideration to transfer to other jobs as vacancies become available and will be considered along with other applicants. The company may also initiate transfers of employees between depart- ments and facilities to meet specified work requirements and reas- signment of work requirements, or as the company otherwise sees fit, in its sole discretion.. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. offers employees promotions to higher- level positions when appropriate. Management prefers to promote from within and may, but is not required to, first consider current employees with the necessary qualifications and skills to fill vacancies above the entry level. To be considered, employees must have held their current posi- tion for at least 12 months, have a satisfactory performance record and have no disciplinary actions during the last 12 months. Man- agement retains the discretion to make exceptions to the policy.
  17. 17. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 12 Progressive Discipline Every employee has the duty and the responsibility to be aware of and abide by existing rules and policies. Each employee also has the responsibility to perform his/her duties to the best of his/ her ability and to the standards as set forth in his/her job descrip- tion or as otherwise established. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. supports the use of progressive disci- pline to address issues such as poor work performance or miscon- duct. Our progressive discipline policy is designed to provide a corrective action process to improve and prevent a recurrence of undesirable behavior and/or performance issues. Our progressive discipline policy has been designed consistent with our organiza- tional values, HR best practices and employment laws. Outlined below are the steps of our progressive discipline pol- icy and procedure. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. reserves the right to combine or skip steps in this process depending on the facts of each situation and the nature of the offense. The level of disci- plinary intervention may also vary. Some of the factors that will be considered are whether the offense is repeated despite training; the employee's work record; and the impact the conduct and perfor- mance issues have on our company. This policy does not in any way alter the at-will nature of your employment relationship with Evergreen Outdoor Inc., or create any other employment relationship with any employee. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. may terminate the employment relationship with any employee at any time. The following outlines Evergreen Outdoor Inc.’s disciplinary policy: Verbal Warnings A manager or person of authority will take aside an employee to counsel them in their misconduct or behavior which causes con- cern. A written account of the meeting will be placed in the employee’s file for future reference. Written Warnings Violations of a more serious nature or a repeated offense will result in a written warning or write up. Write ups serve as a means to document employee misconduct. Three write ups will result in immediate termination of employment unless otherwise unless otherwise determined by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. in its discretion. If an employee goes 90 days without a write up that employee will start over with a clean record.
  18. 18. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 13 Violations resulting in a verbal or written warning include, but are not limited to: • Excessive tardiness • Excessive or long breaks • Violation of dress code • Violation of cell phone policy • Inappropriate language on job • Misuse of tools/equipment • Disrespecting customers or their property Performance Improvement  Plan Whenever an employee has been involved in a disciplinary sit- uation that has not been readily resolved or when he/she has demonstrated an inability to perform assigned work responsibili- ties efficiently, the employee may be given a final warning or placed on a Performance Improvement Plan. Your participation in a performance improvement plan does not in any way change the at-will nature of your employment relationship with us, and we may terminate you for any reason or no reason at all at any time, regardless of whether you are participating in a performance improvement plan. Employees will exit the Performance Improve- ment Plan after the proceeding Employee Evaluation. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. reserves the right to determine the appropriate level of discipline for any inappropriate conduct, including verbal and written warnings, suspension with or without pay, demotion and discharge. Separation of EmploymentSeparation of employment within an organization can occur for several different reasons. • Resignation: Although we hope your employment with us will be a mutually rewarding experience, we understand that varying circumstances cause employees to voluntarily resign employment. Resigning employees are encouraged to provide two weeks’ notice, preferably in writing, to facilitate a smooth transition out of the organization. Among other things, this provides an opportunity for the employees and Evergreen Outdoor Inc. to explore the rea-
  19. 19. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 14 son(s) for the resignation and whether corrective action is appropriate and will influence the employee’s decision. However, Evergreen Outdoor Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject the offered two-week notice. The last day the employee actually works will be considered the date of termination. If an employee provides less notice than requested, the Evergreen Outdoor Inc. cannot guarantee a positive reference and may deem the individual to be ineli- gible for rehire depending on the circumstances regarding the notice given. • Job abandonment: Employees who fail to report to work or contact their supervisor for three (3) consecutive workdays shall be considered to have abandoned the job without notice, effective at the end of their normal shift on the third day. The supervisor shall notify the Human Resource department at the expiration of the third workday and initi- ate the paperwork to terminate the employee. Employees who are separated due to job abandonment are ineligible to receive accrued benefits and are ineligible for rehire. • Termination: Employees of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. are employed on an at-will basis, and the company retains the right to terminate an employee at any time. At the discretion of Evergreen Outdoor Inc., certain actions may result in bypassing the warning system and immediate termi- nation of employment. Actions resulting in immediate termination may include, but are not limited to: • Theft of customer or company property • Falsifying time cards • Drug use or possession (this includes marijuana and pre- scription drug abuse) • Selling drugs • Violence or assault of any kind • Harassment of any kind • Possession of a weapon or firearm • Driving/Operating a vehicle without a proper license and medical cards • Operating machinery including vehicles while under the influence of a controlled substance
  20. 20. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 15 Please note that some of these actions are illegal activities and Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will pursue criminal charges. Non‐CompetitionDue to the highly competitive nature of our business, all employees, as a condition of their employment, are prohibited from competing with or against Evergreen Outdoor Inc. in any business or enterprise whatsoever, which includes, but is not lim- ited to, owning, managing, or operating any business or enterprise that may compete against any business or activity engaged in by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Such restrictions may also apply to certain employees, because of the nature of their job assignments, follow- ing their employment with Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employees affected by such post-employment restrictions will be contacted by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. with more specific information, includ- ing the duration and geographical limitations of such restrictions. WORKPLACE SAFETY Drug‐Free WorkplaceEvergreen Outdoor Inc. has a longstanding commitment to pro- vide a safe and productive work environment. Alcohol and drug abuse pose a threat to the health and safety of employees and to the security of our equipment and facilities. For these reasons, Evergreen Outdoor Inc. is committed to the elimination of drug and/or alcohol use and abuse in the workplace. This policy outlines the practice and procedure designed to cor- rect instances of identified alcohol and/or drug use in the work- place. This policy applies to all employees and all applicants for employment of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Assistance and  Drug‐Free Awareness  Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will assist and support employees who voluntarily seek help for drug and alcohol related issues before becoming subject to discipline and/or termination under this or other policies. Such employees may be required to document that they are successfully following prescribed treatment and to take and pass follow-up tests if they hold jobs that are safety sensitive or that require driving or if they have violated this policy previ- ously.
  21. 21. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 16 Employees should report to work fit for duty and free of any adverse effects of illegal drugs or alcohol. This policy does not prohibit employees from the lawful use and possession of pre- scribed medications. Employees must, however, consult with their doctors about the medications’ effect on their fitness for duty and ability to work safely and promptly disclose any work restrictions to their supervisor. Employees should not, however, disclose underlying medical conditions unless directed to do so. Work Rules  The following work rules apply to all employees: • Whenever employees are working, are operating any com- pany vehicle, are present on company premises, or are con- ducting related work off-site, they are prohibited from: * Using, possessing, buying, selling, manufacturing or dispensing an illegal drug (to include possession of drug paraphernalia). * Being under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug as defined in this policy. • The presence of any detectable amount of any illegal drug or illegal controlled substance in an employee’s body while performing company business or while in a company facil- ity is prohibited. * Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will not allow any employee to perform their duties while taking prescribed drugs that are adversely affecting the employee’s ability to safely and effectively perform their job duties. Employees taking a prescribed medication must carry it in the container labeled by a licensed pharmacist or be prepared to produce it if asked. * Any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia will be turned over to an appropriate law enforcement agency and may result in criminal prosecution. Drug Testing  The company retains the right to require the following tests: • Pre-employment: All applicants may be required to pass a drug test before beginning work or receiving an offer of employment. Refusal to submit to testing will result in dis- qualification of further employment consideration.
  22. 22. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 17 • Reasonable suspicion: Employees are subject to testing based on observations by a supervisor of apparent work- place use, possession or impairment. • Post-accident: Employees are subject to testing when they cause or contribute to accidents that seriously damage a company vehicle, machinery, equipment or property and/or result in an injury to themselves or another employee requiring off-site medical attention. In any of these instances, the investigation and subsequent testing must take place within two (2) hours following the accident, if not sooner. • Follow-up: Employees who have tested positive, or other- wise violated this policy, are subject to discipline up to and including discharge. Depending on the circumstances and the employee’s work history/record, Evergreen Outdoor Inc. may offer an employee who violates this policy or tests positive the opportunity to return to work on a last-chance basis pursuant to mutually agreeable terms, which could include follow-up drug testing. If the employee either does not complete his/her rehabilitation program or tests positive after completing the rehabilitation program, he/she will be subject to immediate discharge from employment. Consequences Applicants who refuse to cooperate in a drug test or who test positive will not be hired. Employees who refuse to cooperate in required tests or who use, possess, buy, sell, manufacture or dispense an illegal drug in violation of this policy will be terminated. The first time an employee tests positive for alcohol or illegal drug use under this policy, the result will be discipline up to and including discharge. Confidentiality Information and records relating to positive test results, drug and alcohol dependencies and legitimate medical explanations provided to Evergreen Outdoor Inc. shall be kept confidential to the extent required by law and maintained in secure files separate from normal personnel files.
  23. 23. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 18 Inspections  Evergreen Outdoor Inc. reserves the right to inspect all portions of its premises for drugs, alcohol or other contraband. All employ- ees, contract employees and visitors may be asked to cooperate in inspections of their persons, work areas and property that might conceal a drug, alcohol or other contraband. Employees who pos- sess such contraband or refuse to cooperate in such inspections are subject to appropriate discipline up to and including discharge. Crimes Involving Drugs  Evergreen Outdoor Inc. prohibits all employees from manufac- turing, distributing, dispensing, possessing or using an illegal drug in or on company premises or while conducting company busi- ness. Employees are also prohibited from misusing legally pre- scribed or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Law enforcement personnel shall be notified, as appropriate, when criminal activity is suspected. Violence in the Workplace All employees, customers, vendors and business associates must be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Employees are expected to refrain from conduct that may be dangerous to oth- ers. Conduct that threatens, intimidates or coerces another employee, customer, vendor business associate, or any other per- son will not be tolerated. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. resources may not be used to threaten, stalk or harass anyone at the workplace or outside the workplace. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. treats threats com- ing from an abusive personal relationship as it does other forms of violence. Indirect or direct threats of violence, incidents of actual vio- lence and suspicious individuals or activities should be reported as soon as possible to a supervisor, security personnel, or managers of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. When reporting a threat or incident of violence, the employee should be as specific and detailed as possi- ble. Employees should not place themselves in peril, nor should they attempt to intercede during an incident. Employees are encouraged to report safety concerns with regard to intimate partner violence. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will not retaliate against employees making good-faith reports. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will promptly and thoroughly investi- gate all reports of threats of violence or incidents of actual vio- lence and of suspicious individuals or activities. The identity of
  24. 24. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 19 the individual making a report will be protected as much as possi- ble. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will not retaliate against employees making good-faith reports of violence, threats or suspicious indi- viduals or activities. In order to maintain workplace safety and the integrity of its investigation, Evergreen Outdoor Inc. may suspend employees suspected of workplace violence or threats of violence, either with or without pay, pending investigation. Anyone found to be responsible for threats of or actual violence or other conduct that is in violation of these guidelines will be sub- ject to prompt disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. encourages employees to bring their disputes to the attention of their supervisors before the situation escalates. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will not discipline employees for raising such concerns. Safety It is the responsibility of each employee to conduct all tasks in a safe and efficient manner complying with all local, state and fed- eral safety and health regulations and program standards, and with any special safety concerns for use in a particular area or with a client. Although most safety regulations are consistent throughout each department and program, each employee has the responsibil- ity to identify and familiarize her/himself with the emergency plan for his/her working area. It is the responsibility of the employee to complete an Accident and Incident Report for each safety and health infraction that occurs by an employee or that the employee witnesses. Failure to report such an infraction may result in employee disciplinary action, including termination. Furthermore, management requires that every person in the organization assumes the responsibility of individual and organi- zational safety. Failure to follow company safety and health guide- lines or engaging in conduct that places the employee, client or company property at risk can lead to employee disciplinary action and/or termination.
  25. 25. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 20 WORKPLACE CONFIDENTIALITY Confidentiality Our clients and other parties with whom we do business entrust the company with important information relating to their busi- nesses. It is our policy that all information considered confidential will not be disclosed to external parties or to employees without a “need to know.” If an employee questions whether certain infor- mation is considered confidential, he/she should first check with his/her immediate supervisor. This policy is intended to alert employees to the need for dis- cretion at all times and is not intended to inhibit normal business communications. Conflicts of Interest Employees must avoid any relationship or activity that might impair, or even appear to impair, their ability to make objective and fair decisions when performing their jobs. At times, an employee may be faced with situations in which business actions taken on behalf of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. may conflict with the employee’s own personal interests. Company property, informa- tion or business opportunities may not be used for personal gain. Conflicts of interest could arise in the following circumstances: • Being employed by, or acting as a consultant to, a competitor or potential competitor, supplier or contractor, regardless of the nature of the employment, while employed with Ever- green Outdoor Inc. • Serving as a board member for an outside commercial com- pany or organization. • Owning or having a substantial interest in a competitor, sup- plier or contractor. • Accepting gifts, discounts, favors or services from a cus- tomer/potential customer, competitor or supplier, unless equally available to all company employees. Employees with a conflict-of-interest question should seek advice from management. Before engaging in any activity, trans- action or relationship that might give rise to a conflict of interest, employees must seek review and receive the written consent of individuals authorized by the company to provide such consent.
  26. 26. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 21 Outside Employment/Side  Work Employees are permitted to engage in outside work or to hold other jobs, subject to certain restrictions as outlined below. Activities and conduct away from the job must not compete with, conflict with or compromise the company interests or adversely affect job performance and the ability to fulfill all job responsibilities. Employees are prohibited from performing any services for customers on nonworking time that are normally per- formed by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. without first notifying and receiving written consent from individuals authorized by the com- pany. This prohibition also extends to the unauthorized use of any company tools or equipment and the unauthorized use or applica- tion of any confidential information. In addition, employees are not to solicit or conduct any outside business during paid working time. Employees are cautioned to carefully consider the demands that additional work activity will create before accepting outside employment. Outside employment will not be considered an excuse for poor job performance, absenteeism, tardiness, leaving early, refusal to travel or refusal to work overtime or different hours. If Evergreen Outdoor Inc. determines that an employee’s outside work interferes with performance, the employee may be asked to terminate the outside employment. GENERAL WORKPLACE EXPECTATIONS Work ScheduleThe work day at Evergreen Outdoor Inc. begins at 7:00 a.m. unless otherwise specified by management. If you are unsure about what time you are supposed to arrive then be ready at 7:00a.m. If you are going to be late notify your manager as soon as possible. If you do not call in or arrive within two hours of the start time then it will be considered a No Call/No Show. Excessive tardiness will warrant payment docking and/or termination of employment. Not reporting to work and not calling to report the absence is a no-call/no-show and is a serious matter. The first instance of a no call/no show will result in a final written warning. The second sep- arate offense may result in termination of employment with no additional disciplinary steps. A no call/no show lasting three
  27. 27. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 22 days may be considered job abandonment and may be deemed an employee’s voluntary resignation of employment. Lunch breaks are one half hour and the time will be deducted from your time unless otherwise noted. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will grant one paid fifteen minute break in the afternoon. If employees are found to be taking extended breaks then the time will be deducted from their pay. Requesting Time Off/ Holi‐ days If you require time off for personal reasons, please request the time needed at least two weeks in advance. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. cannot guarantee you will be granted the time off but the ear- lier you ask the better your chances. If you tell us Friday that you are leaving Monday for a week then there will be major problems. Most of the time there will be no problem when asking for time off so ask as soon as possible. Emergencies will obviously be handled as they present themselves. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. will guarantee time off on three holi- days during summer hours: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. If the summer extends into late November the Thanksgiving Day will also be included. We cannot guarantee the days adjacent to the holidays to be given as time off but we always do our best to accommodate for reasonable holiday time. Holiday pay is not granted by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. at this time. Clocking In/Out When you arrive at the shop the first thing you must do is clock in which will begin your work day. Immediately begin with your appointed tasks or ask what needs to be done. Standing around while on the clock can warrant a docking of pay. If you are unsure about what needs to be done then pick up a broom and begin sweeping the shop. There is always something that needs to be done and standing around while on the clock will not be tolerated. One of the best ways to ensure upward mobility at Evergreen Out- door Inc. is showing the initiative to find and complete tasks with- out constant supervision. Clock out as soon as your work day is finished. Standing around in conversation while on the clock will also not be toler- ated. Hang out for as long as you want, but do not do it while clocked in. Cell Phone Use The use of cell phones is prohibited while clocked in. This includes for the use of music and texting. If you need to make an
  28. 28. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 23 emergency call during working hours then you must first receive the permission of your manager first if possible. Personal calls, texting, and other cell phone use will be done during your breaks. Employees found violating this portion of the handbook will receive a written warning. Repeated violations could result in ter- mination. Internet Usage PolicyCompany employees are expected to use the Internet responsi- bly and productively. Internet access is limited to job-related activ- ities only and personal use is not permitted. Job-related activities include research and educational tasks that may be found via the Internet that would help in an employee's role. All Internet data that is composed, transmitted and/or received by Evergreen Outdoor Inc.’s computer systems is considered to belong to Evergreen Outdoor Inc. and is recognized as part of its official data. It is therefore subject to disclosure for legal reasons or to other appropriate third parties. The equipment, services and technology used to access the Internet are the property of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. and the com- pany reserves the right to monitor Internet traffic and monitor and access data that is composed, sent or received through its on-line connections. Emails sent via the company email system should not contain content that is deemed to be offensive. This includes, though is not restricted to, the use of vulgar or harassing language/images All sites and downloads may be monitored and/or blocked by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. if they are deemed to be harmful and/or not productive to business. Unacceptable internet usage includes but is not limited to: • Sending or posting discriminatory, harassing, or threatening messages or images on the Internet or via Evergreen Out- door Inc. email service. • Using computers to perpetrate any form of fraud, and/or software, film or music piracy. • Stealing, using, or disclosing someone else's password with- out authorization. • Downloading, copying or pirating software and electronic files that are copyrighted or without authorization.
  29. 29. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 24 • Sharing confidential material, trade secrets, or proprietary information outside of the company. • Hacking into unauthorized websites. • Sending or posting information that is defamatory to the company, its products/services, colleagues and/or custom- ers. • Introducing malicious software onto the company network and/or jeopardizing the security of the organization's elec- tronic communications systems. • Sending or posting chain letters, solicitations, or advertise- ments not related to business purposes or activities. • Passing off personal views as representing those of the orga- nization. Parking Please park your personal vehicle in the areas designated for employee parking. Park in an organized manner so that spaces remain open for all employees. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. is not responsible for your vehicle while it is parked at the shop so please secure the vehicle to prevent theft of property. Report any break- ins or vandalism immediately so we can notify the proper authori- ties. Please park the company vehicle in the manner that it was found. Park the company vehicle only in our designated areas. Do not park in a manner that will obstruct the adjacent businesses, other vehicles, or the trash bin. Make sure all vehicles that are parked outside the shop are locked before leaving overnight. Also make sure to cover or put away any non-weather proof equipment or material at the end of the day. All trailers should be dropped and secured at the end of the day as well. Vehicle Fueling Evergreen Outdoor Inc. provides on-site gas pumps. The man- agers are the only ones with access to these pumps. If a vehicle needs to be fueled, obtain a key from you immediate supervisor and return it as soon as you have finished fueling. While fueling you must fill out the necessary paperwork to log the fuel use. The fuel tanks must be locked when not in use. To avoid jamming the parking lot, all vehicle and equipment fueling must be done at the end of the day upon return to the shop.
  30. 30. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 25 Any employee found using fuel for personal use will be termi- nated immediately and charged with theft. Shop CleanupThe shop is to be used for Evergreen Outdoor Inc. purposes only. If you desire to use the shop for personal needs you must get permission from management. Always keep trash consolidated to designated areas. If you take a tool set out put it back before you leave the area. If a tool bag/ box must be dumped in order to find a fitting or tool, clean the area before you leave. The shop floor must be devoid of any trash to avoid tripping, broken tools, or punctured tires. Make sure to keep up with your scheduled housekeeping. The bathroom facilities will be maintained by everyone. A schedule will be kept and each department will be responsible for its cleaning once per month. Absolutely nothing goes into the toi- let except toilet paper. If you make a mess clean it up. The bath- room is there for our convenience, not our leisure. Tool/Equipment CareEvergreen Outdoor Inc. supplies all the tools and equipment necessary for the work you do. Please care for the tools and equip- ment as if it was your own. If you take something from the shop, then put it back when you are finished with it. If you borrow something from another truck, let the person whom you are bor- rowing it from know and return it when finished. Immediately report damaged or malfunctioning tools/equip- ment. If a tool is not working properly report it immediately before attempting to use it. Malfunctioning equipment is a major cause of injury on the job. Normal wear is expected and unavoid- able, but damage to equipment or tools due to negligence will not be tolerated. Make sure all the tools/equipment are put away before you leave a job, and always do a walk-through to make sure nothing was left behind. Store tools/equipment in an orderly fashion so they can found when needed. Keep tools/equipment maintained with proper grease, oil, lubricants, gas, tuning, at all times. If you feel a specific tool would make your job easier please offer your suggestion. Using the wrong tools/equipment for a job is not only a waste of time but potentially dangerous. All tools/equipment/vehicles/trailers must be signed out and with permission for use. Equipment will not be granted for per- sonal use.
  31. 31. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 26 Vehicle Care/Driving  Responsibilities Make sure all the vehicles have proper fluids and tire pressure at all times. Always stay up to date with the vehicle maintenance schedule. Keep the vehicles reasonably clean. They are one of our biggest advertisers so always make sure the company name and number are visible on the vehicle. At the end of the day make sure your vehicle is cleared of all trash and personal items. Immediately report damaged or malfunctioning vehicles. If a vehicle is not running properly report it immediately before attempting to drive it. Malfunctioning vehicles are a major cause of injury and death on the road. Conduct In the Field Most of our work is done at the customer home. You are required to act as if you are a guest at a stranger’s home. The way we dress, speak, act, and communicate at the customer’s home all directly affect the reputation of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. and com- plete respect is expected at all times. Courtesy and respect for the customer will appear as follows. Dress Code All Evergreen Outdoor Inc. employees must wear their com- pany shirts to work every day and company shirts must be worn at all times while in the field. This will show uniformity and profes- sionalism, as well as provide recognition to the customer. Keep your shirts clean and DO NOT cut the sleeves off of them. Shirts must be worn at all times. It is recommended that you wear long pants to work but it is not required. Holes are permitted in the knees but do not wear long pants with holes in the crotch area, front or back. Since it gets hot during the summer shorts are permitted (long pants may help pro- tect against injuries in some tasks you perform) but please do not wear gym shorts. Khaki, tan, or dark colored work/cargo shorts are to be worn on the job. We are a professional company and would like our employees to look like professionals. Quality leather works boots must be worn at all times. Most of our equipment is heavy or sharp and operating at foot level. Steel toes, reinforced soles, and shock resistant boots are recommended. Protect your feet. Language Shouting obscenities will not be tolerated. Remember, we are working as a guest in a stranger’s home. Any racist or sexually explicit language will be considered harassment. This type of lan- guage is not tolerated at Evergreen Outdoor Inc. and we do not want our customers to hear it from our employees.
  32. 32. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 27 SmokingSmoking is permitted as long as you are outside. A garage does not count as outside. Assume the customer hates smoking and do not smoke near them. If a customer walks up to you when you are already smoking, put the cigarette out. Most customers do not care, but the ones who do will appreciate it. Absolutely no cigarette butts are to be left on the property of the customer. Put them in your pocket until you find a trash bin to place them in. Entering a Customer’s  Home Always knock and wait to be invited in before entering a cus- tomer’s home. Always remove your boots when entering the home of a customer and make sure your feet are clear of any mud and dirt. This rule does not apply in the garage. As soon as the cus- tomer invites you in, begin removing your boots. Many customers will permit you to wear boots in their home but assume they do not. When in a customer’s home do not touch anything. Go immedi- ately to your work place. Do not wander around in the house under any circumstances. If you need the homeowner and do not know where they are, lightly tap on a wall, call them out by name, or go back to the front door and ring the doorbell, in order to get their attention. When you are finished working in any part of the customer home, including the garage, make sure your work place is cleaned entirely of debris, dust, or garbage. Leave the place cleaner than the way you found it. Replace anything that needed to be moved in order to work. Customer Questions/Com‐ plaints If a customer comes to you with a complaint, apologize even if it was not your fault and immediately direct them to management. Do not attempt to provide an excuse and absolutely do not place blame on anyone. Inform management of the complaint and if possible let them handle the complaint. If a customer has a question, do not attempt to answer the ques- tion unless you are absolutely sure of the answer. Do not guess or try to figure out an answer for them. Again, direct them to man- agement. If a customer is rude to you, or accuses you of something you did not do, do not argue with them. Be polite and respectable to the customer even if they are not and immediately notify manage- ment. Under no circumstances are you to engage in an argument with a customer no matter how wrong they may be.
  33. 33. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 28 COMPENSATION Performance and Salary  Review  Performance reviews are conducted on an annual cycle. Perfor- mance reviews, whenever given and for whatever reasons, are not intended, and should not be construed, in any way whatsoever to promote or instill an expectation of an employment relationship other than at-will at all times. Employees will receive a perfor- mance review on the established date each year. The performance review will be discussed, and both the employee and manager will sign the form to ensure that all strengths, areas for improvement and job goals for the next review period have been clearly commu- nicated. Performance evaluation forms will be retained in the employee’s personnel file. A performance review does not result in an automatic salary increase. Performance reviews may be conducted to assist you in improving your job performance or to provide a measure of your contribution to Evergreen Outdoor Inc., as well as to assess your readiness for advancement and other career development opportu- nities. Payment of Wages Payment for your work week will be on the following Friday. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. does not grant early payment of your weekly check. It is the company's policy that employee paychecks will only be given personally to that employee or mailed to his/her home address. If the normal payday falls on a company-recognized holiday, paychecks will be distributed one workday before the aforemen- tioned schedule. Employees may be paid by check or through direct deposit of funds to either a savings or checking account at the financial insti- tution of their choice. In the event of a lost paycheck, the office must be notified as soon as possible and before a replacement check can be issued. In the event the lost paycheck is recovered and the company identi- fies the endorsement as that of the employee, the employee must remit the amount of the replacement check to the company within 24 hours of the time it is demanded.
  34. 34. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 29 If an employee's marital status changes or the number of exemptions previously claimed increases or decreases, a new Form W-4 must be submitted to the Human Resource department. OvertimeEvergreen Outdoor Inc. pays its employees time and a half when forty hours are exceeded in the weekly pay period. During the months of May and October, all employees are required to work Saturdays unless otherwise specified, but Saturdays are not considered overtime unless you are over 40 hours for the week. This does not mean there will be no Saturdays the rest of the year; it just means you must plan ahead to work Saturdays in those months as the Spring and Fall are our most busy times. The workweek begins at 12:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday night. Employees who anticipate the need for overtime to complete the week’s work must notify the supervisor in advance and obtain approval before working hours that extend beyond their normal schedule. BenefitsEvergreen Outdoor Inc. offers a competitive benefits package to its full-time employees. Since the laws surrounding health insurance are constantly fluctuating we can not lay out our most current package in the Employee Handbook. Please contact man- agement about the benefits you are eligible for. Time Reporting A work hour is any hour of the day that is worked and should be recorded to the nearest tenth of an hour. The workday is defined as the 24-hour period starting at 12:00 a.m. and ending at 11:59 p.m. The workweek covers seven consecutive days beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday. The usual workweek period is 40 hours. Overtime is defined as hours worked by an hourly or nonex- empt employee in excess of 40 hours in a workweek and should be recorded to the nearest tenth of an hour. Overtime must be approved in advance by the manager to whom the employee reports. Employees will submit their time cards weekly as directed by their manager. Each employee is to maintain an accurate daily record of his or her hours worked. All absences from work sched- ules should be appropriately recorded.
  35. 35. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 30 Meal/Rest Periods The scheduling of meal periods at Evergreen Outdoor Inc. is set by the employee’s immediate manager with the goal of providing the least possible disruption to company operations. Mandatory Meal Period Employee meal periods are important to company productivity and employee health. Employees who work at least eight consecu- tive hours will be provided a meal break not to exceed 30 minutes. The meal period will not be included in the total hours of work per day and is not compensable. Nonexempt employees are to be com- pletely relieved of all job duties while on meal breaks and must clock out for meal periods. Rest/Breaks  Employees are permitted a 15-minute rest break for each eight hour work period. If the work day exceeds eight hours another 15- minute rest break will be granted at the ninth hour. Employees on rest breaks are not required to clock in and clock out because this time is considered “time worked” and is compensable. Impermissible Use Rest/ Breaks Neither the lunch period nor the rest break(s) may be used to account for an employee's late arrival or early departure or to cover time off for other purposes—for example, rest breaks may not be accumulated to extend a meal period, and rest breaks may not be combined to allow one half-hour long break. Conclusion This handbook is a general guide covering what Evergreen Outdoor Inc. considers the most important aspects of Evergreen Outdoor Inc.'s personnel policies and procedures. You are encour- aged to contact your manager if you would like to have more detailed information about how these policies and procedures may apply to you. The policies and procedures in this handbook do not modify the at-will employment relationship between you and Evergreen Out- door Inc. We hope that the content of this handbook represent the basis for a satisfying and productive relationship with you. With this in mind, we are interested in what you think of it. Please feel free to provide feedback to management of Evergreen Outdoors Inc.
  36. 36. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 31
  37. 37. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 32
  38. 38. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 33 Index A accident and incident report 19 at-will employee 8 B background checks 10 breaks 22 bypassing warning system 14 C cell phones 22 clock in 22 company vehicles 24 complaint procedures 6 confidentiality 20 confidentiality 6 conflicts of interest 20 customer complaint, 27 customer home 26 customer satisfaction 2 D driving record 11 drug test 17 drug-free 15 E employment classifications 8 equal employment opportunities (eeo) 4 exempt employee 8 F fueling 24 H harassment 4 holidays 22 I inspections 18 internet usage 23 J job abandonment 14 M malfunctioning equipment 25 management 3 meal periods 30 N no call/no show 21 nonexempt employees 9 O obscenities 26 on-site gas pumps 24 overtime 29 P pants 26 parking 24 payday 28 payment 28 performance improvement plan. 13 performance reviews 28 prescribed medications 16 privacy 10 progressive discipline 12 promotions 11 R resignation 13 respect 3 rest break 30 retaliation 6 S safety and health regulations 19 separation of employment 13 sexual harassment 5 shirts 26 shop cleanup 25
  39. 39. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 34 side work 21 smoking 27 T termination 14 the americans with disabilities act (ada) 7 time cards 29 time off 22 tools and equipment 25 trust 2 V vehicle maintenance 26 verbal warnings 12 violations 13 violence 18 W work environment 4 workday 29 works boots 26 write ups 12 written warning 12
  40. 40. Evergreen Outdoor Inc. Employee Handbook 35 EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND RECEIPT The employee handbook describes important information about Evergreen Outdoor Inc., and I under- stand that I should consult my manager regarding any questions not answered in the handbook. I have entered into my employment relationship with Evergreen Outdoor Inc. voluntarily and acknowledge that there is no specified length of employment. Accordingly, either I or Evergreen Outdoor Inc. can termi- nate the relationship at will, with or without cause, at any time, so long as there is not a violation of applicable federal or state law. I understand and agree that, other than individuals authorized by the company, no manager, supervisor or representative of Evergreen Outdoor Inc. has any authority to enter into any agree- ment for employment other than at-will; only individuals authorized by the company have the authority to make any such agreement and then only in writing signed by individuals authorized by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. This handbook and the policies and procedures contained herein supersede any and all prior practices, oral or written representations, or statements regarding the terms and conditions of my employment with Evergreen Outdoor Inc. By distributing this handbook, the company expressly revokes any and all previ- ous policies and procedures that are inconsistent with those contained herein. I understand that, except for employment-at-will status, any and all policies and practices may be changed at any time by Evergreen Outdoor Inc., and the company reserves the right to change my hours, wages and working conditions at any time. All such changes will be communicated through official notices, and I understand that revised information may supersede, modify or eliminate existing policies. Only individuals authorized by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. have the ability to adopt any revisions to the poli- cies in this handbook. I understand and agree that nothing in the Employee Handbook creates, or is intended to create, a promise or representation of continued employment and that employment at Evergreen Outdoor Inc. is employment at will, which may be terminated at the will of either Evergreen Outdoor Inc. or myself. Furthermore, I acknowledge that this handbook is neither a contract of employment nor a legal document. I understand and agree that employment and compensation may be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice at any time by Evergreen Outdoor Inc. or myself. I have received the handbook, and I understand that it is my responsibility to read and comply with the policies contained in this handbook and any revisions made to it. Print Name: Signature: Date: