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Results-Oriented Focus Day   RESULTS-ORIENTED FOCUS DAY
                             Monday, December 7, 2009

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Lean Six Sigma For Defense 2009


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This event will allow you to meet and interact with key decision-makers who are making critical strides in improving their systems by cutting costs and time to better meet the needs of the warfighter.

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Lean Six Sigma For Defense 2009

  1. 1. Understand how to secure buy-in for presents the 8th Annual your LSS/CPI projects! LEAN SIX SIGMA Featured keynote speakers include: Lieutenant General for DEFENSE TM Robert Durbin, USA Special Assistant to Secretary and Chief of Staff, Army for Enterprise Management, U.S. Army Learning from Continuous Process Improvement Don Tison, SES Deployment Initiatives across the Services Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8, Department of the Army December 7 – 9, 2009 | Washington, D.C. Metro Area Louis Cabrera, SES Assistant Chief and Comptroller, National Guard Exclusive sessions on best practices from today’s Bureau thought leaders include: Dr. Michael Drillings, SES Director for MANPRINT, G-1, • Sidestepping resistance in order to • Maintaining the momentum of your DAPE-MR secure support for CPI deployment – agency level LSS program from the National Guard Bureau J.D. Sicilia • Successfully measuring ROI and managing Director, Lean Six Sigma Program • Overcoming challenges in operational success through CPI Office, Department of Defense establishing LSS/CPI in the Army’s • Improving the organization of project Human Systems Integration Kevin Quick lifecycles and tracking real value and Directorate Chief, Continuous Process innovation at the DLA Improvement, Defense Logistics Agency Hear how LSS/CPI is deployed through many DOD support agencies: DLA, DFAS, DCMA, DIA, DTRA, and DAU, among other case studies! Sponsors: Media Partners: Register Today! Call Andrew Drummond at 416-597-4728 or email
  2. 2. LEAN SIX SIGMA Who You Will Meet: IDGA’s Lean Six Sigma for Defense for DEFENSE TM will attract technical/program specialists from throughout the military who are involved in the deployment of LSS/CPI initiatives, as December 7 – 9, 2009 | Washington, D.C. Metro Area well as representatives from a broad base of industry prime and sub-contractors. Expect to see the following job titles: Dear Colleague, • Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt Military personnel can apply mod ern methods of Lean Six Sigma/Co • Software Engineer Improvement management initi ntinuous Process atives to help recapture control and frustration and skyrocketing costs hope in a time of • Software Analyst . This learning program illustrates entire LSS/CPI process: from defining practicalities behind the the problem to implementing a • Engineer, Engineer Analyst onto the gains achieved. solution to holding • Lean Consultant IDGA’s Lean Six Sigma for Defe nse conference series demonst rates what works and • Auditor does not work in actual military practice, presenting case studies improvement projects ranging from of specific continuous • Systems Analyst reducing repair cycle time rates to unproductive activities that free resou abandoning obsolete and rces for more productive uses to unde • Logistician garner support for the deployment rstanding how to of these initiatives! • Research & Development Most importantly, the methodologie • Program Management s used to accomplish these results quite similar. The aim, the motive across the services are and the purpose of this conference coherent, unified set of principles is to demonstrate a and practices that are being used the military and to help you main tain your position and competi to great advantage across About IDGA tive advantage! IDGA’s 8th Annual Lean Six Sigm The Institute for Defense & a for Defense will highlight: • Upda tes from the DoD institutionaliz Government Advancement (IDGA) ation of the LSS process and pers for sustainment goals pectives is a non-partisan information based • Proc ess improvement tactics taken by organization dedicated to the top integrators to improve mission • The establishment of enterprise task assurance forces promotion of innovative ideas in This event will allow you to meet and interact with key decision-maker public service and defense. We strides in improving their systems s who are making critical bring together speaker panels by cutting costs and time to bette warfighter! r meet the needs of the comprised of military and Don’t miss this great opportunity government professionals while to network and forge new part LSS/CPI community – reserve your nerships within the attracting delegates with decision- place among the stakeholders. making power from military, government and defense industries. I look forward to seeing you in Dece mber! Very Respectfully, P.S. Learn about novel LSS/CPI tools and applications – see page 3 Ania Krol for our interactive Program Director, IDGA focus day! Here’s what attendees are saying about IDGA’s past Lean Six Sigma for Defense Conferences: “A terrific forum for the exchange of ideas, well attended with decision makers in both DoD and Industry” - Vice President, BBN Technologies “Fantastic job organizing and orchestrating another valuable conference” – USAF 2 Register Today! Call Andrew Drummond at 416-597-4728 or email
  3. 3. Results-Oriented Focus Day RESULTS-ORIENTED FOCUS DAY Monday, December 7, 2009 Learn from experts who know how to apply Lean Six Sigma • Boosting ROI with LSS mentoring programs effectively within the military. Be a part of an intimate, classroom- • Prioritizing LSS projects accordingly style setting and understand which latest methods and best practices are being used to optimize processes and improve results. • Plus, how to leverage LSS toward overall operational Sessions include results oriented lessons such as: improvement! 8:00 am – 8:30 am Registration and Coffee 8:30 am – 10:30 am Understand what it takes to secure higher project completion rates! How to Optimize Lean Six Sigma Mentoring Programs to Boost ROI How does an organization ensure it is getting the best results from its Lean To illustrate how these approaches have been successful, the Six Sigma coaching and mentoring efforts? How does a deployment leader session draws on best practices from multiple organizations to help Master Black Belts maintain high technical competency and grow new achieve: talent? Through effective mentoring programs, organizations improve ROI by • Higher project completion rates quickly developing internal capabilities to execute improvement projects. • Shorter project completion cycle times • Better execution of high-impact projects In this interactive session, attendees will learn how to: • Increased Black Belt and Green Belt effectiveness • Align coaching and mentoring activities with a deployment plan • Enhanced deployment maturity and self-sufficiency • Develop metrics for setting goals and measuring success • Design enduring coaching, mentoring and apprenticeship programs Session Leader: • Avoid common mistakes that prevent the most successful outcomes Tommy Houston, Director of Government Services, NOVACES, LLC 10:45 am – 12:45 pm Lunch will be served Explore best practice CPI methods and tools to meet your direct needs! Leveraging the Lean Approach to Operational Excellence: Tools and Metrics for Swift Success in Lean Times The current economic situation points out the pressing need to improve • Familiarize yourself with best practice methods and tools to map your processes; yet identifying what tools are most effective and how to implement processes them in a sustainable manner is a continuing struggle in many organizations. • Improve conduct of value stream analyses Those responsible for implementation often have limited resources or little • Understand process waste and apply lean concepts to identify and expertise with business process improvement, yet still have the requirement for eliminate it quick and lasting success. This highly-rated workshop is designed to identify those tools and metrics which will provide most benefit regardless of the Group interaction is encouraged. Participants are asked to submit a situation. brief overview of their current business challenges in this area in advance of the program so that the moderator can be prepared to Participants will learn how to: address specific business challenges to make this a valuable information • Identify the sources of waste exchange and a profitable use of your time. Send submissions to • Conduct a value stream analysis . • Develop key metrics • Tie implementation to the strategic objectives of the enterprise Session Leader: F. Lee Campbell IV, Strategic Planning Officer, CPI Deployment How you will benefit from this workshop: Director, Joint Force Headquarters - National Capital Region, US • Lead process improvement efforts regardless of resources Army Military District of Washington 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Break through your challenges and improve your data analysis practices! Continuously Improve your LSS/CPI Program by Leveraging Statistical and Process Improvement Tools Lean Six Sigma practitioners need to effectively utilize a number of analytical standardization. Using statistical and process improvement software can tools within their projects – including those that are far beyond the basic help you mitigate your risk and allow you to focus your resources on functions. This interactive workshop will offer participants a practical guide attaining results faster. and hands-on instruction on the application of advanced statistical regression analysis and modeling tools for variables that may impact the successful Session Leader: execution of your LSS/CPI deployments. Participants will also be able to take Jennifer Atlas, Senior Business Development Coordinator, Lean Six a hands-on tour of LSS tools designed to support project organization and Sigma, Minitab, Inc. 3:15 pm – 5:15 pm Develop a working knowledge to organize for and deploy LSS projects! How to organize for Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Program success How does an organization manage and allocate its limited resources (internal • Develop project baselines, measurement frameworks, and risk and external) to identify, prioritize and execute LSS projects? How does an mitigation strategies organization create a coordination framework to manage multiple LSS projects? Effective program design, appropriate staffing and infrastructure, How you will benefit from this workshop: and flexible execution tend to be critical in delivering sustainable • Learn to design and develop a program plan for LSS initiatives improvements. • Understand risk mitigation strategies develop measurement systems • Develop an intimate understanding of how to carry out an LSS project In this interactive session that is based on case studies and a hands- from start to finish on approach, attendees will learn how to: • Learn techniques to manage multiple LSS projects • Envision an LSS program, develop program metrics, and track program performance Session Leader: • Define roles, staffing and hiring frameworks, sourcing the appropriate Shivraj Kanungo, Associate Professor, George Washington individuals, developing the requisite set of skills University Register Today! Call Andrew Drummond at 416-597-4728 or email 3
  4. 4. Main Conference DAY 1 Main Conference DAY 2 Tuesday, December 8, 2009 Wednesday, December 9, 2009 7:15 Registration and Coffee 7:45 Registration and Coffee 8:15 Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks 8:15 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 8:30 Securing Buy-in for the Development of a Joint CPI 8:30 ETF Charter of Institutional Adaptation (IA) Program within the National Guard • Improving ARFORGEN Keynote Keynote • Initial steps and roadblocks • Adopting an enterprise approach • Launching CPI alongside your business strategy • Reforming the requirements and resourcing processes • Tracking benefits from the beginning of your implementation stage Lieutenant General Robert Durbin, USA, Special Assistant to Louis Cabrera, SES, Assistant Chief and Comptroller, National Secretary and Chief of Staff, Army for Enterprise Management, Guard Bureau U.S. Army 9:10 Setting up CPI at MANPRINT 9:10 LSS Deployment Overview within G-8 Keynote Keynote • Overview of the Army's Human Systems Integration Directorate • Successes and mishaps • Challenges in the establishment of a thorough LSS/CPI initiatives • Future initiatives planned • Missteps taken and lessons learned Don Tison, SES, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8, Department Dr. Michael Drillings, SES, Director for MANPRINT, G-1, DAPE-MR of the Army 9:50 Networking Break 9:50 Networking Break 10:35 Update on the DoD LSS Deployment Initative 10:35 USMC CPI Program • Lessons learned from program launch • Overview of setup • Update on 2009 goals for institutionalization • Challenges and successes • Sustainment goals and five year forecast Joel Eissinger, Program Manager, CPI Program, USMC J.D. Sicilia, Director, Lean Six Sigma Program Office, Department Michael Levy, Deployment Manager, CPI Program, USMC of Defense 11:15 Challenges of Maintaining Momentum of an Agency 11:15 CPI Enables Transformation at DLA Level LSS Program • Strategic planning is key to stakeholder acceptance • Selling without over selling • Core transformation levers critical to managing CPI deployment blueprint • Producing results while simultaneously training and mentoring Kevin Quick, Chief, Continuous Process Improvement, Defense • Finding and completing high value projects Logistics Agency • Communication to leadership, workers and "Belts" • Where to next - maintaining a vision 11:55 Lunch Jerry Sharp, Chief, Performance Management, Defense Intelligence Agency 1:10 Industry Perspective – Internal Mission of CPI • Changing strategies of LSS internally 11:55 Lunch • Mission assurance expertise and guidance 1:10 Sustaining your Initiatives Post-Implementation Alex Eksir, Vice President, Mission Assurance Executive, Raytheon • Keeping interest and intent alive Six Sigma & Quality, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems • Engaging your entire team in process improvement • Mitigating losses due to inexperience 1:50 CPI as the Nexus between Strategy and David Kling, Director, Continuous Process Improvement Office, Operational Success Internal Review, Defense Contract Management Agency • Why mandating a one-size fits all solution won’t work for your organization 1:50 Successfully Ending Your Defense System with LSS • Successes measured by ROI Methodologies • Improving training through focus on operational excellence • Maximizing your time by instituting a smooth transition to your next project F. Lee Campbell IV, Strategic Planning Officer, LSS Deployment • Strategies and tools for most effective process extinction Director, Joint Force Headquarters, National Capital Region, U.S. Bill O’Donnell, Deputy Associate Director, Business Enterprise, Army, Military District of Washington Defense Threat Reduction Agency 2:30 Networking Break 2:30 Networking Break 3:15 Process Mapping – Assessing Scope of Projects with 3:00 Industry Perspective - Designing Process Limited Resourcing Improvements and Quality Control • Creating a strategy that best matches your expectations and • Moving toward a more cohesive structure requirements • Overview of internal process changes • Understand the full lifecycle of LSS project prior to beginning • Exploring challenges and opportunities Keith Furman, Chief, Lean Six Sigma Program, Defense Finance Christopher Cool, Sector Vice President, Quality, Safety and & Accounting Service Mission Assurance, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems 3:55 Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and Its 3:40 DAU Transformation Overview Potential for Application within Defense LSS/CPI • Turning data into business intelligence • Understand the basis of TRIZ • Creating business systems to monitor performance • Learn from forty inventive principles and how to use them to resolve • Establishing shared data and data driven decisions difficult contradiction issues Mark Whiteside, Director, Performance and Resource • How to integrate TRIZ into your lean six sigma practices Management, Defense Acquisition University Dr. Kai Yang, Professor, Department of Industrial and Dr. Chris Hardy, Director, Strategic Planning, Defense Acquisition Manufacturing Engineering, Wayne State University University 4:35 End of Day One 4:20 End of Main Conference 4 Register Today! Call Andrew Drummond at 416-597-4728 or email
  5. 5. Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities Register by Email, Phone or Fax Why sponsor or exhibit at Lean Six Sigma for Defense? IDGA sponsorships and exhibits are an excellent opportunity for your company to showcase its products and services to a highly targeted, senior-level military audience. IDGA helps companies achieve sales, Email: marketing and branding objectives by setting aside a limited number of event sponsorships and exhibit spaces – all of which are tailored Phone: 416-597-4728 to help your company maximize its exposure at the event and reach key decision-makers in your field. Fax: 416-598-7934, 24 hours a day FOR MORE INFORMATION To learn more about these and other marketing opportunities, please contact Andrew Drummond at 1.416.597.4728 or PRICING Industry Military, Government & Academia* Venue & Lodging Register Register E-mail for updated venue information. Standard and Pay by and Pay by Standard Price October 9 November 6 Price Main Conference $999 $799 $899 $999 Future Events: Only Results-Oriented $500 $500 $500 $500 Focus Day *This category does NOT include government contractors; contractors are considered civilian/industry for the purpose of determining registration fees. Military personnel are requested to be in uniform. January 2010 Team Discounts* Number of Attendees Savings of: 3 to 4 10% Performance-Based 5 or more 15% * Discounts apply to registrations submitted together, at the same time. Cannot be combined Logistics 2010 March 2010 TM with any other discount. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IDGA A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all registrations not accompanied by credit card payment at the time of registration. * CT residents or people employed in the state of CT must add 6% sales 2010 September 2010 tax. Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: JPMorgan Chase Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239 ABA/Routing #: 021000021 Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and Sponsors: the event number: 11001.007 Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches and refreshments. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. Media Partners: Special Dietary Needs: If you have a dietary restriction, please contact Andrew Drummond at 416-597-4728 to discuss your specific needs. . ©2009 IDGA. All Rights Reserved. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a trademark of IDGA. Unauthorized reproduction will be actionable under the Lanham Act and common law principles. Register Today! Call Andrew Drummond at 416-597-4728 or email 5
  6. 6. REGISTRATION CARD IDGA 535 5th Avenue, 8th Floor Yes, please register New York, NY 10017 me for IDGA’s LEAN SIX SIGMA for DEFENSE TM ❑ Results-Oriented Focus Day (Mon, December 7, 2009) ❑ Main Conference (Tue - Wed, December 8 – 9, 2009) See Page 5 for pricing details. Your customer registration code is: TLS/AD When registering, please provide the code above. Salutation/Rank________________________Name_____________________________ Job Title_______________________________________________________________ Unit/Division____________________________________________________________ Organization____________________________________________________________ Approving Manager______________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________ City__________________________________State______________Zip___________ Phone________________________________Fax_______________________________ 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER: 1 Phone: 416-597-4728 E-mail__________________________________________________________________ 2 Email: ❑ Check enclosed for $_________ (Payable to IDGA) 3 Fax: 416-598-7934, 24 hours a day ❑ Charge my __Amex __Visa __Mastercard __Diners Club Card #_______________________________Exp. Date___/___ CVM Code_________ ❑ Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events. 11001.007/D/AK Understand how to secure buy-in for presents the 8th Annual your LSS/CPI projects! LEAN SIX SIGMA Featured keynote speakers include: Lieutenant General Robert Durbin, for DEFENSE TM USA, Special Assistant to Secretary and Chief of Staff, Army for Enterprise Management, U.S. Army Don Tison, SES, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8, Department of the Army Louis Cabrera, SES, Assistant Chief and Learning from Continuous Process Improvement Comptroller, National Guard Bureau Deployment Initiatives across the Services Dr. Michael Drillings, SES, Director for MANPRINT, G-1, DAPE-MR J.D. Sicilia, Director, Lean Six Sigma Program Office, Department of Defense December 7 – 9, 2009 | Washington, D.C. Metro Area Kevin Quick, Chief, Continuous Process Improvement, Defense Logistics Agency