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NeighborLink Network Pitch Deck

  2. 2. Think: Volunteer Management tool that bridges the gap between the unmet needs in a community and neighbors looking to help. ! NeighborLink is a faith-based, grassroots volunteer mobilization model that developed a web-based platform which helps vulnerable homeowners and community organizations find assistance with their needs from volunteers throughout the community. NeighborLink is operated by an independent 501(c)3 organization in each city it operates in. ! To those seeking assistance: NL is a tool to amplify their need to those who are willing to help To those seeking opportunities: NL is a tool to fulfill their God-given calling to love their neighbors through service AFFILIATES DeKalb County, IN Indianapolis, IN Porter County, IN CURRENT NEIGHBORLINK NETWORK MEMBERS Fort Wayne, IN Liberty County, GA Van Wert, OH Evansville, IN Philadelphia, PA Owensboro, KY NON-AFFILIATES
  3. 3. OUR MISSION To provide practical, neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of God’s love.
  4. 4. OUR VISION To see our model empower churches in any city in the US to engage in neighborhood & community development through practical acts of service.
  5. 5. THE TEAM Andrew Hoffman Executive Director: NeighborLink Fort Wayne NeighborLink Network Former ad agency account executive turned NL director in 2008 after two years of volunteering. Responsible for launching the NL model in 9 cities the last 5 years. ! Successfully developed & launched NL’s own CrowdFunding platform that has seen over $20,000 raised for projects in FW in 18 months. ! Believes that social innovation & the power of a healthy neighborhood can transform communities. ! BS in Management from Huntington University Currently pursuing MBA at Taylor University Starting Jan ‘14 Board of Directors NL Network Leaders Volunteer Mobilization Director John Barce NL Co-Founder & Board President Partner - Barrett & McNagny Law Firm Each of the 9 current NeighborLink Network members are independent non-profits that have their own board of directors and leadership structures. We’re in the process of hiring a church/volunteer mobilization director who will be perfecting and implementing our model of engagement. ! Brett Meyer Lead NL Web Architect & Developer Senior Software Engineer - Red Hat ! Joe Johns Director of Missional Living Fellowship Missionary Church ! Gwyn Eastom Treasurer BKD CPAs & Advisors
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITY To see our model eliminate the barriers between neighbors in need and the neighbors who are looking for opportunities to help. We want to see churches & compassionate neighbors throughout the US become better neighbors.
  7. 7. PROBLEM There are barriers between neighbors in need and the neighbors who are looking for opportunities to help. Neighbors In Need Neighbors Looking To Help Our city’s neighborhoods are full of seniors, people with disabilities, and people facing life’s circumstances who live on fixed-incomes. Many fall through the cracks of traditional social services because there are no programs to meet their needs. These vulnerable neighbors lack physical and financial resources, the community of people needed to thrive and/or alternative housing solutions. They don’t always know who to ask for help or feel ashamed to ask those they know. Thousands of people every year in the same neighborhoods look for low barrier-to-entry opportunities to volunteer for, or meaningful projects to fund. These volunteers would help one of their neighbors if they knew who needed help, but are often disconnected. They also don’t want to make large upfront commitments to traditional volunteer organizations.
  8. 8. PRODUCT - WEB PLATFORM Connects Neighbors In Need with Neighbors Looking to Help ! Current Platform A resource for projects/needs that fall through the cracks of traditional social services or governmental agencies. ! A resource for those neighbors willing to help out who are willing to go through our volunteer registration process. ! Each NL Network member site is managed by an executive director or support staff. ! First website launched in 2002. New website launches in Jan ’14. ! New Platform Coming in 2014 Over 1,000 registered members representing 78 different local volunteer communities in Fort Wayne alone. Product active in 9 US cities. ! Volunteers self-selected, organized, and completed over 3,000 projects in Fort Wayne since 2003. Close to 4,000 Nationwide.
  9. 9. PRODUCT - CROWDFUNDING Developed internally & launched in May 2012 in Fort Wayne. ! Gives us & our volunteers the ability to create fundraising campaigns for specific projects. ! Raised over $20,000 for project expenses to date. Represents 90% of our project expenses during same time. ! 85% of those donors are new members to NeighborLink. ! Looking to monetize our model by licensing our tool to other nonprofit organizations in 2014. We’ll use the funds to work on future web development projects.
  10. 10. PRODUCT - MOBILE Android App Version 1 will go live in 1st Quarter 2014 iPhone App Version 1 will go live in 3rd Quarter 2014 ! Initial rollout for each version will be for Affiliates Only. Modifying for nonaffiliates will require more time. ! V.1 Focus will be on enhancing the volunteer experience. ! Features: • Project posting & management • Add photos to projects • Communicate with other volunteers • Find projects close by - GPS mapping feature ! Mobile is a major part of our vision for the future in an effort to continually eliminate barriers between neighbors.
  11. 11. MARKET SIZE 289 1,650 300+ Cities With Over 100,000 People Number of Mega Churches in US Number of Members Cities or Counties in the US that have more than 100,000 total people is our initial target based on the 9 cities/counties we currently serve. ! The reality is that every city in the US has needs that fall through the cracks of social services and churches/volunteers who are looking to help their neighbors. ! Number is based on 2010 Census Data & Our Current Members. Churches are our main volunteer source and mega churches that have 2,000 or more weekly visitors are most likely to have the capacity to launch our model internally as a ministry/program of their own. ! They have the funding, the staff leadership, and the community of volunteers with the right motivations necessary to sustain the model. ! Number is from The Leadership Network Christian Community Development Association is a network of faith-based community development organizations around the US involved in the restoration of low-income and broken communities. We have had several members either launch a NeighborLink in their community or show interest in doing so. ! There are currently 300+ members in that network that could either launch or connect us to others in their communities who could launch a NeighborLink .
  12. 12. USER ACQUISITION NETWORK MEMBERS CROWDFUNDING INDIVIDUAL NEIGHBORLINKS To date, all new NeighborLink affiliates & nonaffiliates have come to us through word of mouth. Our target audience with our crowd funding tool is all nonprofit organizations that are turning to popular sites such as Indie GoGo and FundMe to facilitate their individual fundraising goals. The must-have staff person in each city that launches a NeighborLink is a vital key to the success of implementation. Without a passionate and competent leader building relationships with project and volunteer sources, NeighborLink isn’t sustainable. The work we do to vet the leadership of each new NeighborLink before we launch their website is what makes us so successful. ! Major faith-related, community development, and volunteerism conferences will be a large part of our strategy to roll out the NeighborLink model nationally. ! We want to license our platform to them for a 1-time upfront cost and a yearly maintenance fee rather than the per transaction cost many comparable crowd funding platforms use. WE RELY HEAVILY ON THE FOLLOWING: SOCIAL MEDIA DIGITAL STORYTELLING THROUGH VIDEO PRODUCTION LOCAL RELATIONSHIP BUILDING WITH PROJECT & VOLUNTEER SOURCES PR CAMPAIGNS - LOCAL & NATIONAL WORD OF MOUTH ! Volunteerism is driven by social influences just like anything else. We target large (1,500+ members) churches early and often as our main driving partners. Once users are online, we have communication tools and notifications that allow users to influence their peers to engage with them. ! The more projects that get done, the more that get posted as word spreads of this resource throughout a community.
  13. 13. BUSINESS MODEL NETWORK MEMBERS AFFILIATES Our aim with affiliates is to give them the tool for only the cost of getting a new site up and going with our developer. We want to give the model freely to those being called by God to start the model as it was intended in their community. $500 startup cost $500 year in fees NON-AFFILIATES Non-affiliates usually want to embrace 85% of our model as it is and we want to honor their vision by allowing them to do things differently and customizing their website. They pay for their autonomy & for their own edits using our web developer. $1,500 startup cost $1,000 - crowdfunding tool Edits - Estimated at time of launch $500 year in fees CROWDFUNDING INDIVIDUAL NEIGHBORLINKS We’re not exactly sure what we’ll charge for our crowd funding tool yet. Early conversations with local Fort Wayne nonprofits are telling us that a $2,000 upfront cost and $500 yearly in licensing fees is a good place to start. Each affiliate or non-affiliate is responsible for their own operational funding. Traditional forms of nonprofit funding such as grants, fundraisers, and private donations are the bulk of funding. ! The crowd funding tool for each of our locations has proven to be a major success when it comes to funding projects. This will only continue to increase and make the case to our operational funders that we need more to do more behind the scenes to boost engagement.
  14. 14. ACCOMPLISHMENTS First Website Launched in Fort Wayne, IN Spent the first few years building a base of core volunteers who routinely did 50-100 projects a year for the first 5 years. 2008 Completely Rebuilt Web Platform We rebuilt from the ground up to better prepare for the future and to keep up with the demands on our local organizations and the growth of the Network. We were at 5 NLs at this point. 2009 2003 2013 2010 2014 User Tools & Mobile App We worked with a community development organization in St. Louis who loved our model, but challenged us to think beyond its current boundaries. Updated our look to better tell the NeighborLink story & make the website easier to navigate. We launched the 2nd NeighborLink in Porter County & began understanding what it took to grow outward. We went from 262 - 494 - 725 - 935 completed projects in Fort Wayne with only one staff member, which proved to us that our model of leveraging technology works. We also added Network members in Evansville, Owensborro, Philadelphia, Liberty County in Georgia. 2012 Launched our First Non-Affiliate in St. Louis Re-Designed Identity & Launched our First Affiliate in Porter County, IN 935 Completed Projects in FW & 4 New Network Members Added We have a long list of user experience tools to build. Tool sharing, small communities, event planning, etc. We also see the need to explore mobile even further than we’ve done so far. Developing Platform #3 & NL Indianapolis Our users and the pace of technology development are pushing us to rebuild our platform again in order to serve the Network. It’s going to allow us to do much greater things in the years to come. We also launched in Indianapolis, the largest city to use our model exactly how we intended it to be.
  15. 15. what we need & why $25,000 Consultants We know we have a good thing going here, but it could always be better. We need smart, focused, and experienced business and tech minds to really explore our model with us. Learn where we’ve been, what we’re doing, and to analyze our vision for NeighborLink’s future. ! We Always Have a Need for These Volunteers: • • • • • Software developers Front-end designers Graphic designers Mobile developers Creative storytellers This amount keeps our team and process the same as it is now, but allows us to get there a WHOLE lot faster. We grind out every last dollar and favor to stay true to the vision of making this one of the easiest ways to find meaningful service opportunities. ! How Funds Will Be Used: • Hire freelance front-end & back-end developers • Hire our mobile app developer to get it implemented into IOS & help get it to our NonAffiliates faster. • Packaging of our crowd funding tool as a stand alone product & go to market with it. • Re-development of the Network Website ! Impact: • Reduced development time by 9-12 months • A complete web platform will help us bring in new Network members, quicker. • We can begin to generate income off crowd funding tool that can sustain web development needs. $90,000 We have a vision to produce enough web development work to hire a full-time software developer and a team of creative freelancers. We’re 10 years in and just getting started. Our website is what makes this all work, and we’re not going to realize its full potential without a web developer coming on staff. ! How Funds Will Be Used: • Hire missionally-minded software developer • Budget for graphic design • Budget for freelance front-end developer ! Impact: • Constant website improvements & feature rollout • Faster tech support for the website & Network $200,000 At this level it gives us the opportunity to hire the additional staff members to drive the sales and service component of launching the Network nationally at scale. We could go from 10 - 100 cities much quicker. ! How Funds Will Be Used: • To Do everything else plus: • Hire inside sales person • Hire tech support & training staff • Budget for travel & implementation needs ! Impact: • Gives us the ability to have a team dedicated solely to the development & implementation of our web-based model without the distractions of running a local Affiliate as well.
  16. 16. CONTACT US Andrew Hoffman - 260.710.7611