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Psychological Services Marketing


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Psychological Services Marketing

  1. 1. Northern Colorado Psychological Services Clinic Marketing Plan
  2. 2. OverviewExecutive Summary 3Research 4History 5Competitor Analysis 6SWOT 8Target Market 10Strategy 11Tactics 12 Events 12 Promotions 13 Social Media 14 Public Relations 15Time Line 16Evaluation 17Conclusion 18
  3. 3. Executive SummaryTo bring the Psychological Services Clinic an increased response rate andfoot traffic using serveral different techniques.Targeting Two different markets starting at the Local High Schools morespecifically the seniors. Second, focusing with the middle age working pop-ulation of Greeley. These two markets are the most effective to target.Given limited time and budget the most effective opperation is to target on-line where many are allocating more time. Especially now with Facebookbeing the most visited site online. Then the campaign will focus on attend-ing local events not just limited to campus life and activites but also settingup active partcipation With local schools and charities. Giving a more ef-fective presence in the community will promote the services further.
  4. 4. RESEARCHThrough the research conducted from Current Sociological Studies Showthat while many people use Psychological services very few seek them. Thisis caused from the service being considered an Unsought Product/Service.Not only Unsought Product but also the stigma that something is wrong ifyou go to a therapist.Though there are many reasons to go see a therapist.Even as shown in the Graph over 48% of US Adults have some Stress disor-der often starting at age 14.
  5. 5. HistoryPsychological Services Clinic has been in opera-tion for 50 years on high quality, low cost, provid-ing education and hands on experience to gradu-ate students. Specializing with many differentareas to aid the community of UNC.
  6. 6. Competitor AnalysisDr. Byron-Child Psychological Services Consultants and Services specializing in childrens playtherapy. Lead by Dr. Byron of the UNC Psychology Dept.focusing on helping children from abused families andhelping to increase child productivity. Practices locatedacross serveral differnt states.
  7. 7. CompetitorsScott Campbell MA Scott Campbell offers a variety of patient treatment specializing in Ado-lescents (15-19) and Adults. With a special focus in Trauma, Relationshipsand Addiction. Prices are moderate in the field at $90 per session.Ackerman and Associates: Operating on Similar Principles to PSC provide counseling and servicesfor a wide variety of areas and specialties. They have been active for over 20years and provide excellent resources.
  8. 8. SWOT Strengths WeaknessesMultiple Services Weak performanceHigh Quality Counseling Unsought ServiceLow Cost Focus more on Campus Students Opportunities ThreatsConstant Growth of PasionateStudents Many sellers for few buyersTraining to ensure quality shallbe delivered Cost for new entrants lowPartnerships with many Health Unsought ServiceFacilities for Clients
  9. 9. Target MarketOur Target Demographic will consist of two segments. The first consisting of High School Females ages 15-19. They are in themost distress acording to most sociological research. This is according to“The Sociology of Mental Health”-textbook to sociology of mental illnessclass 2011. These students are under pressures from peer pressure and tobegin pursuing goals. Our second segment is focused on those aged 35 and up. Where theservices of the center can be more effectively utilized and provide thegreatest affect.
  10. 10. StrategyPromoting to Greeley and Surrounding Areas theHigh Quality service and quality check offered atthe Psychological Services Clinic, while also keepour market realizing the affordability and comfortoffered at the PSC compared to competitors withsimilar fields and practices.
  11. 11. TacticsUsing multiple tools to promote and inform theclients PSC should look into using tools that cre-ate more personal forms of selling.Therefore there will be several tactics to promotethoughout every school year Local Events/Organization Participation Fairs and Special Studies Social Media
  12. 12. EventsPSC has increased their success through attending local events. The PSCto enhance image invests in waterbottle handouts. Because of the amountof impressions PSC should continue its use and look into coffee mugs to.Coffee Mugs and Waterbottle handouts will create similar interest and reachout to our different markets. These will have a peak identification of 40impression minimum per each use. Psychological Services Clinic
  13. 13. EventsThere will be several points to Events• School• Special• Week-LongSchool Events: These are a continuation of current events partcipating at on campusevents including:• Fall Bizzar• Spring Fair• Student Week• Any currently attended events
  14. 14. Special Events Specialized Events include Non-current participation. PSCshould become more heavily involved in community organizedevents (if plausible) Some community events can include:• Blood Drives• Health Fairs• Home and Garden Show (note can apply for non-profit status)• Tribune Sponsored Events (apply as not for profit)• Special Classes at Schools
  15. 15. Week-Long EventsThese are events that are UNC special eventsthat last all week. PSC participates in someevents. These event participations should becontinued but also PSC should host thier ownevent.This event could be the Stress Free Week, wheremany students are concerned about grades andclasses. PSC and the Campus Clinic shouldprovide group counseling sessions at the UCwhere students between certain times may comeand vent out frustrations and relax.
  16. 16. Social MediaWith a greater percentage of the population migrating toward the useof Social Network Services it is imperative that the PSC recognizestheir public online. Multiple institutions have begun online programsand communication needs.We will target on the major networksFacebookTwitterYouTube-Website Redesign
  17. 17. FacebookOn Facebook we will focus on giving people a place to meet the PSC to re-duce their fears of coming into the unknown. Giving tips and providing agathering place for other clients to form their own community and supportgroup.To Acheive, we will have to use the multiple applications available on Face-book Such As:• Iframes-Create Welcome Page and Own Content• Links-Providing links to Web,Twittter, etc. and link across bounds• RSS Feeds-To give people a chance to connect with other Blogs• Redesign Photo-More comforting and a banner to further promote• Causes-Allow us to promote more PSC events
  18. 18. Twitter PageOn Twitter PSC will use the quick micro-blogging site to connect withother Psychologists and improve their standing of high quality. Along withpromoting an online help station where we can use the hashtag #toomuch.The hashtag is confidential this will also provide a way for PSC to look atconversations and help solve problems.We can also help promote UNC events introduce Staff in blogs and sendout messages. Sending helpful themes throughout the day and extra helpthoughts.
  19. 19. YouTubeYouTube can become a great asset. There are over 111 million unique usersof YouTube and they are still growing. Even the average person spends over2.4 hours a day on the popular video sharing site.This is a great way to introduce team members and PSC approach to theservice helping lead many people through the process of what will happen.PSC can introduce their new or incoming staff each semester to create aknowledge base so people know who they are, and what will happen helpingthem relax.
  20. 20. EvaluationThe evaluation of this campaign will be determined by increased foot trafic and recognition tothe Psychology School Services. This can be measured through a survey handed to clients as partof the information filled out in first session. Questions can be added asking clients where theyheard of the services mentioned. This also creates a balance of the activities used byPsychological services when re-evaluating the marketing plan on a yearly basis. All activities willbe monitored by the distribution of Water bottles. These events can then be evaluated and findwhere the greatest traffic lies.Second measurement tool will involve using Facebook Insights, Twitter Metrics, and Klout com-puting. With a Facebook page it becomes easy to monitor who is using the site and how manynew members have joined. The same is true of twitter, there is a basic measurement of new fol-lowers and those who use the hashtag. is also recommended for use the application isfree and will track your influences using several key influences. All the scores will help measurethe influence of Psychological Services throughout Greeley and give an online presence and senseof community to those who have high stress, and other mental factors.
  21. 21. Time FrameAdvertising/ August September October November December January February March April May June July MonthDigitalBoardsStress FreeWeekSocial MediaCall LogEvents onCampusCommunityEventsTeaching atSchools Legend: Continuos Medium Heavy Use Promotion Light Promotion