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BTCPay Day Riga 2019 Nayuta wallet by Christian Moss/ MandelDuck


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BTCPay Day Riga 2019 Nayuta wallet by Christian Moss/ MandelDuck

Published in: Technology
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BTCPay Day Riga 2019 Nayuta wallet by Christian Moss/ MandelDuck

  1. 1. Why do bitcoin investors want a Lambo?
  2. 2. Because they know Ferarri is owned by Fiat
  3. 3. Nayuta Wallet non-custodial bitcoin lightning wallet + btcpay support!
  4. 4. Who are Nayuta? Japanese based Lightning startup IoT background Bolt compliant Lighting Implementation “Ptarmigan” Ptarmigan is added into btcpay
  5. 5. Chris @mandelduck Bitcoin Developer Mobile wallets Bitcoin games BTCPay fan boy (funny story)
  6. 6. Cease and Desist
  7. 7. Mobile Wallets What makes a good wallet? Non Custodial Privacy Fully Validating
  8. 8. Nayuta Wallet Non custodial Privacy (can run over tor) Connect to your own node! We put a bitcoin full node in there (ala ABCore) (beta)
  9. 9. Full mobile bitcoin lightning node, the future!? 1. Cool research 2. For power users 3. IBD is slow, drains battery 4. In the future with UTREEXO + 5G + unlimited data?
  10. 10. Full mobile bitcoin lightning node on your laptop? 1. Can sync in < 1 day 2. Can run a full archival node < 300 GB 3. Not always online 4. Don’t want to have it always running taking up resources 5. Want to set up and forget
  11. 11. Plug and play full node!
  12. 12. BTCPay… server? 1. Easy way to set up a full lightning node 2. Includes Lightning Wallet, PoS app, Crowd funding? 3. Digital Economy everybody is a merchant 4. Currently runs on server….but not for long Hack0 5. Open source so third party wallet providers need to support them
  13. 13. Connect over TOR
  14. 14. Android only… for now
  15. 15. DEMO
  16. 16. 1.Set up BTCPay server (use LND) 2. Go to onion site via tor browser 3. Server Settings -> Services -> LND Rest (Server) -> Show QR Code 4. Scan QR Code with Nayuta Wallet!
  17. 17. That easy!?
  18. 18. No...
  19. 19. Yay!
  20. 20. (Closed BETA)