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Btc pay day 2019 - BTC Transmuter and GreenField API


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BTCPay Day 2019 - Riga
GreenField API & BTC Transmuter for BtcPayServer

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Btc pay day 2019 - BTC Transmuter and GreenField API

  1. 1. Greenfield API BTCPay Day Riga 2019 By Andrew Camilleri / Kukks
  2. 2. Current issues ● UI Customization ● Bitpay API sucks ● Extending BTCPay happens in the core code ● Using & integrating BTCPay in your business requires manual configuration
  3. 3. What is Greenfield API? ● A new, full API layer for BTCPayServer ● Headless BTCPay - Allows you to manage BTCPayServer entirely through code ● Allows you to build third-party applications that enhance and extend BTCPay functionality
  4. 4. Greenfield API use-cases Exchange merchant services Centralized exchanges can host btcpay and automatically configure a store for each user with their exchange wallet directly linked
  5. 5. Greenfield API use-cases Extending BTCPay Integrate and extend BTCPay with your external application and allow users on a BTCPay instance to authorize and authenticate
  6. 6. Greenfield API use-cases White-labelling flexibility ● Completely skip the BTCPay UI and create your own. You can even build on top and make a commercial custodial bitcoin payment processor. ● Create mobile and desktop native applications for BTCPay for better UX. ● Build complex apps around other features such as bitcoin wallets.
  7. 7. How? ● OpenID for authentication ● REST & SignalR ● Swagger and automatic client generation
  8. 8. Questions?
  9. 9. BTC Transmuter BTCPay Day Riga 2019 By Andrew Camilleri / Kukks
  10. 10. Current requests ● Merchants using BTCPay that need fiat settlement ● Splitting and forwarding incoming funds ● Advanced automation
  11. 11. A new BTCPay plugin for automating your Bitcoin and BTCPay workflows What is BTC Transmuter?
  12. 12. ● Instant fiat settlement ● Managed store transaction fees ● Lightning funds forwarding between nodes ● BTCPay Day ticket system BTC Transmuter use-cases
  13. 13. How?
  14. 14. How? ● Services & Recipes ● Presets ● Extendable, plugin-based system
  15. 15. Questions?