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The Customer Rules


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On Monday 25th February 2013, East Lothian businesses came along to the annual East Lothian Council Tourism Conference. This year's topic was customer care and speakers from VisitScotland, John Lewis and Disney spoke about the importance of putting the customer first. These are the slides from the event.

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The Customer Rules

  1. 1. 1
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  3. 3. Customer Rules OK ConferenceThe customer journey – a VisitScotland perspectiveMonday 25 February 2013,The Brunton, Musselburgh,Riddell Graham, Director of Partnerships 3
  4. 4. Tourism Strategy For Scotland 4
  5. 5. What does the strategy say about service?“Customer feedback tells us that there are areas we could do better....”“Today’s travellers are expecting a high level of service at each and every turn.”“Yet in Scotland quality still varies from one provider to the next” 5
  6. 6. Opportunities in 2013 and 2014 6
  7. 7. Homecoming Scotland 2014 - Themes FOOD &ANCESTRY ACTIVE CREATIVE NATURAL DRINKCommonwealt Music, Arts & Natural Whisky Golfh Festivals Environment Food HistoricHistory Adventure Dance Festivals Environment Eating andDiaspora Walking Art & Design Sustainability Drinking Literature/Anniversaries Cycling Wildlife BurnsAncestral Digital MediaTourism Fashion and Textiles
  8. 8. The Visitor Economy Life Sciences Arts & Crafts Attractions Financial Activities, Visitor Creative Culture Travel Sport Services Events & Spend Industries Festivals Retail Accommodation Food & Drink Energy
  9. 9. The Customer Journey Loo Book Travel Stay Tell Keep in k touch 9
  10. 10. Important factors when choosing Scotlandas a destination 5 - Very important 4 3 2 1 - Not important Mean score Scenery 66 24 6 21 4.5The number of things to see and 4.3 47 40 9 31 doEase of travel to the destination 39 37 16 5 2 4.1 Ease of travel around the area 39 37 15 6 3 4.0 Attitude of the locals 39 33 17 6 4 4.0 Culture and traditions 36 34 22 5 2 4.0 History 38 29 22 8 2 3.9 Quality of food 30 36 18 9 6 3.8 Nature and wildlife 35 30 20 8 5 3.8 Standard of accommodation 30 33 23 6 4 3.8 Customer service 25 35 27 8 5 3.7 0 20 40 60 80 100 % of respondents Q11: I would now like you to tell me on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is not important and 5 is very important, how important the following factors were to you personally when you chose Scotland as a holiday / short break destination? Base: All respondents (651)
  11. 11. Satisfaction Levels With These Key Factors Mean 5 - Very satisfied 4 3 2 1 - Not satisfied Scenery 80 15 4 4.8The number of things to see and do 57 34 8 4.5 Attitude of locals 60 29 9 1 4.5 Ease of travel around the area 45 39 13 21 4.2 Customer service 36 47 14 11 4.2 History 53 29 14 21 4.3 Culture and traditions 47 35 16 2 4.3 Ease of travel to the destination 42 37 16 41 4.2 Standard of accommodation 39 40 14 41 4.1 Natural and wildlife 47 32 13 32 4.2 Opportunity to speak to locals 36 36 22 41 4.0 0 20 40 60 80 100 % of respondents Q12: I would now like you to tell me on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is not satisfied and 5 is very satisfied, how satisfied were you with the following factors? Base: All respondents (651)
  12. 12. What Could Have Been Done To Improve Satisfaction? Total UK International (135) (57) (78)Better weather 19 28 12Better accommodation 10 12 9Better/more value for money (too expensive) 9 7 10Better quality food 8 5 10People being more welcoming/interacting 7 7 8Better service 7 5 9Improve transport ( any - cheaper/arrangements/ 6 4 8punctuality etc )More time 5 2 8Cheaper food / drinks 5 7 4Longer opening hours/ close too early 5 2 8More variety of food 4 4 4More advertising/ information on 4 7 1attractions/activitiesBetter exchange rate 4 - 6 NB: All others less than 3% Q41: What could have been done to make you feel very satisfied about your recent holidays? Base: All UK respondents that were not very satisfied (57); International (78)
  13. 13. Complaints Top 10 Reasons for Complaint All QA Accommodation Sectors (Jan - Dec 2011) 440 complaints received against 378 establishments, representing 6.0% of Standard of Facilities… 21% Attitude Of Staff 20% Efficiency Of Staff 18% Standard of Facilities… 16% Housekeeping… 15% Attitude Of Owner 14% Housekeeping… 13% Booking - Inefficiency… 13% Standard of Facilities… 11% Misrepresentation 10% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% % of Total Complaints Including Specified 13
  14. 14. What does a successful business look like? • Knows its customers and competitors • Answers enquiries • Is innovative and stands out • Invests in quality and skills • Embraces digital communications • Works with others – including VisitScotland • Provides a quality customer experience • Provides value for money • Is positive 14
  15. 15. What does great customer service look like? ? 15
  16. 16. Some lessons from others • Pride • Knowledge • Attitude • Commitment • Service Excellence Listening to our visitors 16
  17. 17. Some thoughts• Experience your own customer service• Create a customer service culture• Be better than average – all the time• Learn when things go right• Pay attention to details• Make the most of social media (Generation Y)• Make it personal• Be easy to do business with• Remember customers have CHOICE 17
  18. 18. Don’t just listen to me• It is not the strongest of the species • In the world of Internet Customer that survives, nor the most Service, it’s important to remember intelligent, but the one most responsive your competitor is only one mouse click to change. away. Charles Darwin Doug Warner• Spend a lot of time talking to customers • I won’t complain. I just won’t come face to face. You’d be amazed how back many companies don’t listen to their Brown & Williamson Tobacco Ad customers. • If you do build a great Ross Perot experience, customers tell each other• Customer satisfaction is worthless. about that. Word of mouth is very Customer loyalty is priceless. powerful. Jeffrey Gitomer Jeff Bezos, CEO• If you make customers unhappy in the • Customers don’t expect you to be physical world, they might tell 6 friends. perfect. They do expect you to fix If you make customers unhappy on the things when they go wrong. Internet, they can each tell 6,000 Donald Porter, V.P. British Airways friends. Jeff Bezos, CEO 18
  19. 19. Thank You 19
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. 142nd Open Championship14 - 21 July 2013
  22. 22. Golf‟s Greatest PrizeWorld 1-2-3170,000 spectators35,000 Friday admissionsNo capacity
  23. 23. Els Victories „A Decade Apart‟
  24. 24. A Major Tourism AssetAB demographic-67%Average age - 48yearsAverage householdincome - £65,000Average commercialbed nights 100,000+
  25. 25. Well Watched250,000+ under 16 freeadmissionsHousehold reach on globaltelevision - 500 million
  26. 26. Exposure on Televison
  27. 27. Official Hospitality ProgrammeRecruitment fairs for1,200 temporary staff
  28. 28. Science and Film Festivals
  29. 29. The Open in theSquare 11-13 July2013
  30. 30. 180,000 170,000 160,595 160,000 150,413 139,189 140,000 131,610 120,000Attendance at 100,000Muirfield 1966-2013 80,000 84,847 60,000 40,182 40,000 20,000 0 1966 1972 1980 1987 1992 2002 2013
  31. 31. Group £ Millions Players and entourages 1.2 Spectators 12.3 Media 1.1Estimated Event staff 2.5economic impact Patrons 1.22013 Sub-Total 18.3 Organisers 0.9 Direct Expenditure 19.2 Multiplier 1.3 Economic Impact 25.0
  32. 32. 2010 2013 2011 2012 Type Scotl EL / Kent Lancs and Edin Economi £24.1 £27.6 £47.7 £25.0m c Impact m mEconomic mImpact in Placecontext £52.6 £36.8 Marketin £52.6 £45.0m m m g m £100. £77.7 £64.4 Total £70.0m 3m m m
  33. 33. 36
  34. 34. The John Lewis Partnership Judith HunterJohn Lewis Partnership
  35. 35. Our History• 1864 John Lewis opened first shop• 1929 John Spedan Lewis first formal profit- sharing scheme was approved• 1937 Waitrose purchased• 1950 Transfer of all shares• 2013 A growing Partnership
  36. 36. The John Lewis Vision To be the most trusted retailer where customers love to shop and Partners love to work
  37. 37. Our way of doing business
  38. 38. Our customer service starts withRecruiting The Right Partners
  39. 39. Our Six Behaviours• Takes Pride in Ownership• Makes Things Happen• Delivers Excellent service• Works Together• Develops Self and Others• Is Open to and Adapts to Change
  40. 40. Knowing Our Customers
  41. 41. Service Seekers -who look for serviceand quality
  42. 42. Solution Demanders who need speed and solutions
  43. 43. Shopping Enthusiastswho enjoy shopping and brands
  44. 44. Hug Your Customer
  45. 45. A Retail Revolution
  46. 46. Measuring our Customer Service • Staff make you feel valued • Staff available when needed • Fast service at the tills
  47. 47. “People may not remember what you looked like, they may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel” Maya Angelou
  48. 48. 51
  49. 49. THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  50. 50. In the Words of Walt Disney at the opening of Disneyland in 1955: “To all that come to this happy place, welcome !” THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  51. 51. Creating a Happy Place• If the customer has to choose between a happy, friendly place or one that is less friendly and happy –• What would you do?• Our “Theme” for today is to look at a basic business approach of taking care of the customer…• and those to serve the customer. THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  52. 52. “The Customer Rules”Customer: 1. One who buys 2. Especially one who buys regularlyAlso called: 1. Clients 2. Purchaser 3. Patron 4. Shopper 5. Consumer THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  53. 53. Agenda• My Background• Applying what was learned at Disney• What does Quality Service look like?• Creating a positive atmosphere in your business, your community and your future• Questions and Answers THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  54. 54. 10 Years of Performing Career My Headshot (1964)
  55. 55. Motion Pictures
  56. 56. Elvis Presley
  57. 57. Dr. Dolittle
  58. 58. Doctor Dolittle
  59. 59. The Lucy Show Television Shows The Steve Allen Show The Jerry Lewis Show
  60. 60. Musicals
  61. 61. Out of bad came some good!• Got injured!• Couldn’t work!• Got bored!• Went back to school! Opportunity – Preparedness
  62. 62. Los Angeles Civic Light Opera• Performing Assistant Stage Manager• Assistant Stage Manager• Stage Manager Call From the Walt Disney Company Valentine’s Day 1970
  63. 63. Disney On Parade 1970 1973 1971 1972
  64. 64. Cinderella’s Prince And a Stage Manager
  65. 65. Nationally and Internationally• USA – Canada – Mexico• Australia – New Zealand• South & Central America• United Kingdom• South Africa
  66. 66. Then Came Walt Disney World• 1977 - I arrived at the Magic Kingdom
  67. 67. Epcot Announcement Ground Breaking Dedication
  68. 68. More at Walt Disney World• 1984 - I moved to the convention resort area
  69. 69. A great honor to representthe members of our teamthat did some amazingevents.No one does it alone – ittakes excellent people todo excellent events!
  70. 70. • Through the years I was responsible for staffing – My role was to find and develop tomorrow’s leaders!• February 29, 2008 - Retired to be Executive Director of Orlando Repertory Theatre• Waited four years to celebrate the first anniversary of my retirement!
  71. 71. • Many opportunities to share what I have learned from my 38 years with Disney• Perhaps none of us can be “Disney,” but there is much to be learned from the processes and systems• Will share the impact on The REP using the Quality Customer Service as the guidelines
  72. 72. What I learned about East Lothian• This is a quiet, tranquil county close to Scotland’s historic Capital City of Edinburgh• A place in which tourism is of primary importance• With world-class golf opportunities, the focus is on continuing to develop the expansion of world-class customer service THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  73. 73. WE MUST HAVE A UNIFIED GOAL• To ensure that East Lothian is an ideal place to live, work and play!• Always doing what is best for the COMMUNITY and CUSTOMERS we serve• To explore NEW and EXCITING opportunities for our businesses that will create and enhance the customer experience THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  74. 74. How Quality Service Changed The REP “The Orlando Repertory Theatre creates experiences thatenlighten, entertain and enrich the lives of families and young audiences.” THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  75. 75. We Started With the Old Mission Statement• To inspire new connections between children, adults, parents and educators through the shared experience of art and literature as theatre.Goals:• To create family audience theatre productions that enlighten, entertain, and enrich both children and adults. To challenge our audiences with culturally diverse, intergenerational programming. To open doors and illuminate new worlds for our audiences by producing theatre of exceptional quality. THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  76. 76. The Finest in Family Theatre! THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  77. 77. Applying Disney Style to The REP• We can learn from Disney’s examples• The foundation is basic: “Keep it clean, keep it friendly…” and you will keep them coming back• Let me add: “Keep it simple” so the customer understands• Walt Disney said “You can dream it, you can build it, but it takes people…”• The core of Disney success is people• Your success depends on your people! CUSTOMER RULES THE with Gene Columbus
  78. 78. That Approach at The REP• Focus on our goal and “Brand” by establishing “The Finest in Family Theatre”• Expect The REP to always to deliver top quality• The Disney Guest always expects the highest quality• Disney’s mission is to exceed expectations• “To surprise and delight” - the keys to the Disney reputation• The REP continues to seek new ways to surprise and delight patrons THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  79. 79. Where Does It Start?• Most think it starts with our staff/employees• It must start with the leaders!• “Do not ask others to be excited about what we are doing unless WE are excited about what we are doing!”• “Treat your people the way you want them to treat your customers!”• “Lead by example!” Always at Disney: “Walk the Talk!” (Do as I do, not just as I say!) THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  80. 80. Many years ago assummer CastMembers atDisneyland wewere all providedwith instructionson expectations…signed by WaltDisney! THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  81. 81. First name except for Mr. ToadFriendly people are essentialHosts and hostessesEveryone is a “Guest”Security Officers (negative vs. positive) THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  82. 82. Artwork from DisneylandTraining ManualEVERYONE’S A VIPINCLUDING THECHILDREN!! THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  84. 84. THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  85. 85. One would think “Please” that this is something we “”Thank you” should all be doing. “May I Help You?” Add a second task“It’s been my pleasure” of providing service and the focus might change. It takes training! THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  86. 86. “The Priorities of Decision Making” My earliest Disney training was defined by how to make decisions: 1. The Guest 2. The Quality of the Experience 3. The People delivering the Experience (The Cast Members / Employees) 4. The Business Results THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  87. 87. Disney’s Service Standards Training Today1. Safety If it is unsafe – it is bad for the Guest and Disney2. Courtesy Being helpful and courteous – Keep it Friendly3. Show The Show Quality – A perfect show every time4. Efficiency Being Efficient creates excellent business results THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  88. 88. Bank of America• Bank of America wanted to “define its service culture” and looked for world-class organizations to emulate, including The Ritz- Carlton, Disney and Home Depot. – From the common threads of three or four service standards, Bank of America borrowed from these and developed their own service standards: Accuracy, Efficiency, Courtesy, and Show!• What do you think good show is?
  89. 89. • Good Show means our customers and clients – and our associates – consistently receive our best service.• When we help them solve a problem or when we make even the smallest transaction important, we serve them with heart. No matter what department we are in or how we touch them, good show is just good service.
  90. 90. A Disney Example:Disney asked the question: “When does the vacation start?” Is it when they arrive at the Disney Resort?• Actually, the customer told Disney it is when they pack their bags and walk out the front door!• Disney’s Magical Express was born! No way to get past the security check, but once you check your bags, they are taken care of all the way to your room!• What are they working on now: how to make it quicker to get into the room!• When it is time to leave, you check your bags at the resort, then pick them up at your home airport. All you have to carry are those last-minute Disney items to take home with you! THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  91. 91. What does that looklike for us?• Making eye contact with a smile• Greet and welcome each and every customer• Seek out customer contact• Provide immediate service• Display appropriate body language• Preserve the positive customer experience• Thank each and every customer THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  93. 93. Disney Entertainment’s Mission:• “Dream it, Create it, Deliver it; the finest entertainment in this world or any other!”Disney’s goal: “Make them laugh, make them cry, most of all make them remember!” THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  94. 94. How Do You Communicate Your Message ?What are those behaviors?• You establish “clear expectations” not just for the staff, but for yourself• You are open to a 360 degree review - getting performance feedback from those reporting to you as well as those you report to• Ensure that you completely understand the concepts and are capable of communicating them• Are you a good communicator?• Use care to not make excuses or get defensive THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  95. 95. Make Yourself Better to Make Your Staff Better• Commit to praising in public and correcting in private• Be sure your voice is not the only voice you are hearing• Learn what is important to your people and take time to listen to each of them as a person• Create an honest bond and a shared goal of being the best you can be THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  96. 96. Everyday Examples:You go to a Restaurant• Exceptional experience – What do you do?• Poor experience – What do you do?• Expected experience – What do you do? THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  97. 97. The Role of Serving the Customer• At Disney, The REP and in East Lothian each of us plays a role in providing quality service!• What is your role?• Can you perform your part better?• Acting is also “reacting and being proactive.”• We do not do it alone! Each employee has a moment when they are the most important. THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  98. 98. Positive Changes• In the 2008-2009 Season The REP hosted 27,000 children on school field trips• In 2012-2013 more than 43,000 are attending• In 2008 about 700 students participate in classes, camps and productions• In 2012 more than 1,300 took part• Our operating budget increased from $1,600,000 to $2,200,000 THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  99. 99. A Staff of Motivated and Committed Individuals• Our credibility with funding organizations made it possible to do more than $1,000,000 of renovations to the building• Last year we were able to provide over $40,000 in scholarships THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  100. 100. Promoting Our Commitment to Quality Experiences• The REP is not just the shows• From Disney we learned: Safety – Courtesy – Show – Efficiency• From The John F. Kennedy Center we learned: Quality Experience – Marketing – Create Loyalty – Build a Family – Patrons into Donors – Continue to invest in Quality (productions and people) – Great Stories THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  101. 101. What We Learned• Creating loyalty - means excellent word of mouth marketing - fans coming back time after time• No matter how well you did at your last performance, the next one must be better!• “Good is the Enemy of Great!”• “You are only as good as your last failure,” so it is not an option to fail. THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  102. 102. PLAN YOUR WORK, WORK YOUR PLANREADY – FIRE – AIM?• It is all about measuring – At Disney everything is continuously measuredREMEMBER:• If you can measure it, you can manage it.• If you can manage it, you can improve it! THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  103. 103. Are You A Manager or a Leader?FROM FORTUNE MAGAZINE:• The manager administers, the leader innovates.• The manager maintains, the leader develops.• The manager relies on systems, the leader relies on people.• The manager counts on controls, the leader counts on trust.• The manager does things right, the leader does the right thing. You must be both! THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  104. 104. Communicating Organizational Values To Others1. Explain your personal definition of leadership2. Embrace that one person can have a positive or negative impact on the customer experience3. Define your “vision” and the purpose of the leader‟s vision4. Communicate the vision in a manner that inspires others5. Understand that the behavior of leaders contributes to organized/disorganized operations6. There are many benefits to an engaged workforce7. Explore the barriers that prevent employee engagement8. Share strategies which leaders can employ to engage employees with their own performance THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  105. 105. Your Legacy• It is not necessarily “who you are” but “what are your accomplishments”• In the end, you took all your thoughts and experiences with you – or – you left it for others to benefit – is that your legacy?• My father’s retirement community barbershop• I made a difference!• We only get one chance to do it right!!• Let’s go out and do it in East Lothian THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
  106. 106. Thank you! THE CUSTOMER RULES with Gene Columbus
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  108. 108. 111