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Andrew Bates - Social Media Online Monitoring Strategy.ppt

  1. 1. Andrew Bates Social Media and Digital Marketing @AndrewBates on Twitter AndrewGBates on LinkedIn Social Media & Online Monitoring
  2. 2. A Little About Me… | | @AndrewBates Over 15 years of internet technology and online marketing experience  I create and evolve B2B, B2C and non-profit social media and digital marketing services as well as delivery processes that drive measurable reoccurring revenue. Experience uncovering online business intelligence needed to make all marketing decisions  My strategies provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of a brand, its competitors, its industry as well as its audiences. A strong background in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Media Advertising.  This allows me to craft integrated digital marketing strategies that influence all online and offline business development activities.  Internet Marketing Strategy  SEO, PPC and Media Advertising  Social Media Marketing  Online Monitoring and Analysis  Marketing Strategy and Execution  Internet Technology and Analytics  Emerging and New Media  Thought Leadership and Public Speaking
  3. 3. Understanding the Value of Online Monitoring | | @AndrewBates Social Media and Online Monitoring:  Offers industry insights no other market research program can  Provides cost effective and accurate analysis of your brand’s core interests  Allows your business to qualitatively and quantitatively measure its:  Brand, Products and Services  Industry and Competition  Market Influencers and Activities  Audiences Interests, Pain Points and Buying Signs  Delivers and defines your organization’s:  Digital Marketing Strategies  Branding and PR  Lead Generation, Nurturing and Sales  Online Advertising and Search Engine Marketing  Content, Newsletters, Tradeshows, Webinars and Websites
  4. 4. | | @AndrewBates Monitoring Online Conversations Answers Key Questions Who is talking about our brand? What is being said online about our brand & products? Is it positive or negative? Where is this conversation occurring? Who are the influencers authorities in our industry? What are our competitors doing? Are we missing important information about our brand, industry, audience or any other valuable insight? What do we not know? What strategies can we incorporate into our marketing and business development efforts that will drive thought leadership, brand awareness and ROI?
  5. 5. © 2010 Altimeter Group SALESMARKETING SERVICE & SUPPORT INNOVATION Learn Who Your Influencers Are & Engage With Them Find New Brand & Media Marketing Opportunities Respond Quickly To Product Or Service Inquires Improve Social Media Marketing Measurement Find New Online Sales Opportunities Respond Quickly To Sales Prospects Proactively Engage In Online Lead Generation Understand How Your Support Teams Can Improve Respond Immediately To Complaints Before They Escalate Provide A Seamless Customer Experience Create VIP Experiences For Influencers Uncover Competitive Market & Industry Insights Learn From Product & Service Discussions Crowdsource Research & Development | | @AndrewBates The Many Business Cases for Online Monitoring
  6. 6. Average Customers Biggest Customers Industry Influencers | | @AndrewBates The Power of Influence Word of Mouth Marketing has moved online
  7. 7. | | @AndrewBates The Resources and Requirements People Someone to lead Social Media and Online Marketing Team of experts to explore and analyze data Skills Experience with the Tools Marketing and Business Analysis Powerful Paid Tools Radian6 Sysomos Free but Limited Tools Google Alerts Twitter Search Manual Searches Time No tool replaced human time to understand data An effective online monitoring strategy requires clear goals, experienced marketers, a combination of software tools, manual research and analysis.
  8. 8. | | @AndrewBates The Research Process Monitor for topics of interest – not keywords. The human element allows experienced marketers to interpret data and focus on the key insights.  Define 3-5 concepts that are most important to your business  Include all potential stake holders on this process including marketing, sales, IT, and any senior decision makers.  Break these topics into keyword groups and core questions to answer  Seek help from your SEO team to ensure you target the right keywords. The analysts will look to answer these questions.  Utilize software and manual search to aggregate and segment data  This may include volume, media types, sentiment, demographics and topic insights.  Ignore the “nice to know” information and the white noise  The analysts ensure they report on only to most important insights.
  9. 9. | | @AndrewBates The Key Performance Indicators Website and Conversion Metrics  For credibility and content relevance: Measure likes, Google+1, and comments  For social sharing: Measure retweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube other social syndication  For conversion: Utilize user logins, subscriptions, RSS, newsletter, email and event registration Social Profile and Activity Metrics  Measure Follows, Fans, Likes, Comments, sharing and retweets  Search rankings for social profiles and content SEO, Search Marketing and Qualified Traffic  More traffic to the website from social networks  Increased time on site and page views  Improved search engine rankings for the web site and social profiles Brand Identity and Industry Share of Voice  Increased brand mentions  More conversation around your brand vs. competitors  Improved brand sentiment and awareness
  10. 10. | | @AndrewBates The Monitoring Study - Sample Format Group your research findings and insights into logical segments. Many who view your report will not have the context. Keep it brief and make it easy for senior leadership to quickly find the most valuable content.  Goals & Objectives  Top 5 Insights  Brand Review  Competitive Analysis  Top 5 Strategy Recommendations  90 Execution Plan  Topic 1 Example – Audience  Topic 1 Example – Industry  Topic 1 Example – Influencers Goals & Insights Brand & Competitors Topics of Interest Strategy & Next Steps
  11. 11. | | @AndrewBates The Monitoring Study – Sample Content Online Activity & Share of Voice Brand Sentiment Images © Penton Media
  12. 12. | | @AndrewBates The Monitoring Study – Sample Content Industry Influencers Advertise & Engage Images © Penton Media
  13. 13. | | @AndrewBates The Monitoring Study – Sample Content Data Visualization Conversations & Posts Images © Penton Media
  14. 14. | | @AndrewBates Case Study - Chevron The Challenge  Chevron was planning to launch a new website and marketing campaign for Techron  The marketing group had not completed detailed industry research in 5 years and they were looking to determine if their core customers had changed  Chevron was also launching new marketing in Brazil and China The Solution  Online monitoring provided detailed analysis of its brands, competition, audiences and industries. Analysis included posts in English, Chinese and Portuguese with focus on activity in China and Brazil The Results  The Techron team learned the demographics and interests of its buyers has changed. They have used this analysis to evolve search engine marketing and digital strategies  Chevron utilized the audience topics of interests as keywords for SEO, PPC and media advertising showing a measurable return
  15. 15. | | @AndrewBates Case Study – American Cancer Society The Challenge  The American Cancer Society provides support for over 100 different types of cancer  More than one million people in the United States get cancer each year  With limited resources, it was critical for ACS to understand needs of those touched by cancer The Solution  Our monitoring program showed that ACS’ audience was most interested in research and events  We found the audiences and their concerns for individual forms of cancer The Results  ACS targeted custom fundraising campaigns for each audience  The findings around Breast Cancer Awareness Month issues and interests allowed ACS to execute its most successful social media program to date  Insights gleamed were used in conjunction with its partner, the NFL, for the October 2012 NFL Pink campaign
  16. 16. | | @AndrewBates Case Study - DuPont The Challenge  DuPont is comprised of 90+ business units each with very strong competition  All in different stages of constant product development & marketing  Require information from online conversations focused on continually evolving topics The Solution  We created customized monitoring studies for each business unit or product  Topics included industry terms, branded products and pre-product development topics The Results  Studies provided data and analysis to support marketing initiatives and industry research  Insights from reports are shared with relevant manufacturers and partners  Digital marketing groups use these recommendations to influence SEO, content and brand marketing
  17. 17. | | @AndrewBates Case Study – Rosetta Stone The Challenge  Rosetta Stone’s Business, Public Sector and Education groups were planning to create entirely new international marketing programs  These initiatives would include evolving messaging, websites, sales and product innovation The Solution  Online monitoring showed that language learning in each of the three industries had changed drastically  Competition had increased significantly and brand perception had changed  The findings also showed that the end users were looking for more resources online The Results  Rosetta Stone created new marketing programs based on each industry focused on different interests  It created and offered more educational content as well as resources to encourage end users to become brand advocates  Rosetta Stone increased web-traffic and conversion while growing a larger and more active audience
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  19. 19. Andrew Bates Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing @AndrewBates on Twitter AndrewGBates on LinkedIn Social Media & Online Monitoring