Who Will Be Successful In 2010?


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Top international experts react to a new report from HSBC looking at the risks and opportunities in 2010 and what it will take to succeed in the recovery. See insights captured from Noel Quinn, UK Head of Commercial Banking, Thomas Power founder of Ecademy, Alan Stevens yBC media and business presentations expert, Andrew Ballenthin marketing expert, writer, social media researcher and speaker, Debbie Weil author of The Corporate Blogging Book and Mark Mason CEO of Mubaloo business technology applications expert. Presentation created by Andrew Ballenthin on behalf of yourBusinessChannel.com.

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Who Will Be Successful In 2010?

  1. 1. 2010: Who Will Be Successful? Five experts make their predictions
  2. 2. Introduction 2010 is the first in a series of business development shows looking at the business of recovery. Top experts react to HSBC’s Business of Recovery Report (November 2009) and look at the risks and opportunities in 2010 and what it will take to succeed in the recovery. See yBC’s videocast: http://bit.ly/7Ot44P Brought to you by: James Kirk, Director Mark Sinclair, Founder, Chief Editor Presentation eBooklet: Andrew Ballenthin, on behalf of yBC Expert guests:
  3. 3. Foreword “Entrepreneurs are looking for more than money; their new business models depend on access to networks, knowledge and people. They have found flexible ways of working and will not return to more rigid, arguably more expensive, forms of business in the future. They are using technology and advisers to build social , network and human capital as well as finance.” Noel Quinn UK Head of Commerical Banking
  4. 4. “The last decade has been one of massive change. The traditional way of doing business no longer works. Those entrepreneurs who take an Open Random and Supportive (ORS) approach will win. In 2010 ORS entrepreneurs will make more connections, move faster, and achieve more wins.” Thomas Power Entrepreneur, founder of Ecademy, professional speaker and social media expert.
  5. 5. Who will be successful in 2010? “Those who are imbued with the new approach to selling. It’s about the customer and what’s in it for them. But you must use great content, whether it’s video or a blog, to sell without selling.” Debbie Weil Author, The Corporate Blogging Book
  6. 6. “Flexibility is key to success as an entrepreneur in 2010. The ability to adapt fast, to take advantage of new communication channels, new partnerships or new types of products, will be essential. Keeping an eye on what customers are saying, and responding quickly, is the way forward.” Alan Stevens Media expert, professional speaker, author of ‘Ping’
  7. 7. “Be alliance oriented and determined: customers have been burned by overpromis- ing sales pitches. Entrepreneurs need to innovate with their customers and help them rebuild a stable and successful future. In many cases buying cycles will be longer as businesses work from cash flow versus their line of credit. Entrepreneurs that can wait 25% to 100% longer to get the sale will be the winners.” Andrew Ballenthin Expert marketer, speaker, author: Stop Chasing Chickens
  8. 8. Who will be successful in 2010? “Those who have identified a growth market and set up a business within that market. We set up Mubaloo after correctly predicting that business mobile media would be a significant growth market. According to a recent MEF poll, mobile media revenues are due to grow 33% in the next year, with 17% of that attributed to apps. Mark Mason CEO Mubaloo, business applications expert
  9. 9. Experts Panel Mark Sinclair Alan Stevens yourBusinessChannel.com Founder Media expert, professional speaker, and Chief Editor author of 'Ping' Email - mark@yourbusinesschannel.com Email - alan@mediacoach.co.uk Ecademy - bit.ly/3b8ExX LinkedIn - uk.linkedin.com/in/mediacoach Twitter - twitter.com/ybcmark Twitter - twitter.com/mediacoach Thomas Power Andrew Ballenthin Entrepreneur, founder of Ecademy, President Sol Solutions, expert marketer, professional speaker and social media expert speaker, author of Stop Chasing Chickens Email - thomas.power@ecademy.com Email - andrew@solsolutions.ca Ecademy - ecademy.com/users/thomaspower LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/andrewballenthin Twitter - twitter.com/thomaspower Twitter - twitter.com/solsolutions Debbie Weil Mark Mason Author of The Corporate Blogging Book CEO Mubaloo, business applications expert Email - wordbiz@gmail.com Email - mark@mubaloo.com LinkedIn - uk.linkedin.com/in/debbieweil LinkedIn - uk.linkedin.com/in/markemason Twitter - twitter.com/debbieweil Twitter - twitter.com/markemason