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June 29 2016 trust and consequences


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Published in: Self Improvement
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June 29 2016 trust and consequences

  1. 1. T R U S T A N D C O N S E Q U E N C E S T E D R A D I O H O U R A R C H I V E
  2. 2. H O W D O E S A C O N D U C T O R D O I T ? • Conducting used to be about coercion and dictating. now it is a two way street for the members of the orchestra. There has to be an unshakable bond of trust between conductor and individuals born out of mutual respect.It’s n longer about who is in charge.TRUST allows us to assume things will go right.
  3. 3. T R U S T • If you do not have trust you can be ridiculed for your efforts. First you have to trust yourself and know you can add value to the process.Where there is no trust the music withers away. • Micro managing is one way to go but it is better to unlock ideas in others rather than impose your will.
  4. 4. T R U S T • Trust is a human experience, it means you are reliable out of common values and beliefs. Trust allows you to experiment and explore and get help as needed because others believe as we believe. • There is not a formula to developing trust.
  5. 5. T R U S T • It is painful to lose trust.Tell the truth, allow others to be involved in decisions, and move forward.
  6. 6. R E P U TAT I O N A N D T R U S T • What people think of you moves the collaborative economy. TRUST is needed.Technology can unlock assets and people are empowered but whether they trust a person or a platform depends on success or otherwise.
  7. 7. T R U S T C H A N G E S P E O P L E ’ S R O L E S • There is personal accountability because individuals are involved in a trust relationship. Credit history will be replaced by a reputation and trust score, based on known performance. • The questions come up : should you be trusted? What have you done to deserve trust ?
  8. 8. U LT I M AT E T R U S T A N D I T S B E T R AYA L . • through love. To know you are not alone, to be able to live our lives and take risks, to love someone. • Infidelity causes end to trust. It is universally practiced but universally forbidden. We do not expect this to happen today, while, previously , taking care of the family was the major requirement, not necessary fidelity. • IT is traumatic because everything is questioned. Trust has gone.Most couples do stay together and turn a crisis into an opportunity. Honesty takes over until a new kind of truth develops.Help the partner understand why it happened, rather than just keeping it secret. There is a switch in narrative. • The victim does not have to be the person hurt by the affair.