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Ignite - creating reliable software since 2010


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Software development and consulting company | Software design, analysis, architecture, implementation, support | Blockchain plus other DLT | Tallinn | e-Estonia

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Ignite - creating reliable software since 2010

  1. 1. Ignite Your software partner We create software that facilitates our partners’ and customers’ business growth and modernizes processes
  2. 2. Overview Ignite founded Estonian based custom software development services provider Entering e-Health space Rebuilding Estonian nationwide patient portal First Blockchain project Digital token wallet for community in Canada 10 FinTech Projects done Back-end systems for banks and transfer/payment service providers
  3. 3. Services SOFTWARE CONSULTING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT BLOCKCHAIN SYSTEMS AUTOMATED QA ● Analysis ● Architecture ● Design & UX ● Development & QA ● Implementation ● Sustainability ● Finance ● Logistics ● Telecom ● Tokenization ● New Fintech ● Oracle Blockchain ● DAG Chain & other DLT Unique process and software for Quality Assurance services
  4. 4. Domains FinTech ● Internet bank enhancements ● Integrating complex corporate financial systems ● Payment integrations and legacy upgrades ● Various loans area applications development Logistics ● Core logistics back-end development ● Edge services integrations ● End-User access portals Telecom ● Self-Service portals ● Workflow automation and CRM integrations ● Services activation stack
  5. 5. Teams setup
  6. 6. Keeping you in the loop! Constant involvement Dedicated customer representative is involved during the whole product development life cycle by being available for the team on daily basis. Regular demo sessions At the end of each sprint a demo session is held for the stakeholders. This way we can ensure that the product is moving in the right direction You prioritize tasks Your representative presents the highest priority tasks at the sprint planning session to the team and the sprint tasks are always discussed through. Daily team meetings Your representative can participate in the daily meetings with the team and the completed tasks of the sprint can be reviewed by your representative at any time during the sprint. Backlog collaboration Backlog is generated and prioritized in collaboration of you and the team. You can modify and specify the backlog at any time during the product building life cycle. Retrospectives During retrospectives your representative can reflect on what could be improved and what is working well. It is an important part of improving the product development process.
  7. 7. Summary ● Agile development process ● On-demand team resources setup ● Consultive team - following best practices ● Rapid value creation with quality code ● Clean architecture and Clean Code evangelists Technical team ratio 80% Experience 9 years Main technologies
  8. 8. Thanks for watching! Ignite OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia | | VISIT OUR WEBSITE