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Portfolio final career project

  1. 1. CAREER PROJECTANDRES GARCIA April 19, 2012 SLS-1001
  2. 2. PART ONE CURRENT USER: ANDRES GARCIA UPDATE MY ACCOUNTPowered by Focus Return To Main Menu ADDITIONAL HELP Summary of Your Work Interest Profile: Enterprising Only Display Occupations That Would Require A ... the persuaders Conventional Update Display the organizers No Preference Clear Social Vocational or Technical Institute Certificate Preferences the helpers To clear your Associate or 2 Year Degree current selections and Bachelor Degree display careers at all education Advanced Degree levels, click here. Careers That Match Your Work Interests To explore an occupation in your list, please make a selection from below. To change the sort order click on the column heading. GREEN BRIGHT NATIONAL OCCUPATION NAME JOBS OUTLOOK AVERAGE SALARY Administrative Service Manager $81,530.00 Bank and Branch Managers $113,730.00 Brokers Floor Representative $91,390.00 Buyer $55,480.00 Catering Administrator $51,400.00 Chief Financial Officer $113,730.00 Contract Administrator $96,910.00 Contract Specialist $55,480.00 Controller (Finance) $113,730.00 Customer Service Supervisor $49,990.00 Fashion Coordinator $120,070.00 Finance Manager $113,730.00 Foreign Service Peacekeeping Specialist $60,500.00
  3. 3. Government Property Inspector $55,100.00 Government Service Executives $167,280.00 Harbor Master $110,550.00 Hotel Convention/Events Coordinator $48,060.00 Hotel Manager $53,500.00 Law Clerks $41,960.00 Legal Assistant $50,080.00 Legislative Assistant $65,000.00 Marketing Managers $120,070.00 Non-Retail Sales Supervisor $79,610.00 Office Supervisor $49,990.00 Paralegal $50,080.00 Postmasters and Mail Superintendents $59,600.00 Private Sector Executives $167,280.00 Public Health Service Officer $167,280.00 Purchasing Manager $96,910.00 Restaurant Manager $51,400.00 Retail Buyer $55,480.00 Sales Managers $111,570.00 Sales Representative (Graphic Arts) $53,190.00 Sales Representative (Printed Advertising) $53,190.00 Sales Representative (Radio & TV Time) $53,190.00 Securities Broker $91,390.00 Special Education Administrator $80,140.00 Treasurer (Corporate) $113,730.00 Warden $59,810.00 Copyright 2011 Career Dimensions®, Inc. All Rights ReservedPART TWO Your Top Work Values
  4. 4. Recognition Its very important to you that your work satisfies your need for prestige and leadership opportunities, as well as opportunities for advancement. Achievement Its very important to you that your work allows you to use your best abilities. You want to see the results of your work and get a feeling of accomplishment. View Careers Matching your Work Values Your Ranking of the Work ValuesClick a title to see a description of a work value and all the occupations associated with it. Keep in mind that the higher the ranking, the better the work value matches you. W ork Values Recognition [22 ] out of 30 Achievement [21 ] out of 30 Relationships [20 ] out of 30 Independence [18 ] out of 30 Working Conditions [17 ] out of 30
  5. 5. Support [12 ]out of 30 Computer System Engineer/Architect Designs and develops solutions to complex application problems, system administration issues or network concerns. Financial Manager Plans, directs and coordinates accounting, investing, banking, insurance, securities and other financial activities of a branch, office or department of an establishment.PART THREEAdministrative Services Manager “Is This For You?” What does a person do in this career and are you still interested in this field? Does this field match the results of your assessments? - I believe it is for me. Even though that it doesn’t have all the things that I’m reallyfocusing on right now, but it was the one I mostly saw similar. I believe I’m a persuaderperson that I like to sell things or ideas. I like to use language skills to convince otherpeople of my ideas. I am very organized and I keep my things organized and neat. I enjoyworkings with charts and reports, and work well with power and authority. A person inthis career directs or coordinates the supportive services department of a business, agency,or organization. It also prepares and reviews operational reports and schedules to ensureaccuracy and efficiency. It Sets goals and deadlines for the department. Acquires,distributes and stores supplies. Analyzes internal processes and recommends andimplements procedural or policy changes to improve operations, such as supply changes orthe disposal of records. Plans, administers and controls budgets for contracts, equipment
  6. 6. and supplies. Monitors the facility to ensure that it remains safe, secure, and well-maintained. Hires and terminates clerical and administrative personnel. Oversees themaintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, and electrical and mechanical systems.Oversees construction and renovation projects to improve efficiency and to ensure thatfacilities meet environmental, health, and security standards, and comply with governmentregulations. I’m really interested in this field, but taking it to the direction if what it isaccounting. “What to Learn” What type of degree or certification do you need for this career?- Postsecondary training, plus work experienceEducation and experience requirements for these managers vary widely, depending on thesize and complexity of the organization. Specific requirements vary by job responsibility.For first-line administrative services managers of secretarial, mailroom, and relatedsupport activities, many employers prefer to hire people who have an associate degree inbusiness or management, although a high school diploma may suffice when combined withappropriate experience. Some administrative services managers have advanced degrees.Extra RequirementsAttainment of the Certified Manager (CM) designation offered by the Institute of CertifiedProfessional Managers (ICPM), through education, work experience, and successfulcompletion of examinations, can enhance a managers advancement potential. Voluntarycertifications are offered by the American Association of Healthcare AdministrativeManagement (AAHAM), the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM), and theInternational Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).
  7. 7. “Money & Outlook” What is the salary range for this career and the employment outlook? Is this what you expected?- Money and OutlookFlorida Earnings Average Annual Wage $99,382 Entry Annual Wage $60,570 Experienced Annual Wage $118,789 Entry Hourly Wage $29.12 Experienced Hourly Wage $57.11 Average Hourly Wage $47.78Floridas Employment and Outlook (State-wide) Outlook Stable Growth is estimated to be 14%Job Openings 331 estimated annual job openings (159 due to growth and 172 due to replacement)Employment 8,791 were employed in this occupation Well, pretty much yes; this is what I was expecting of it. Even though that I will accomplish a lot of goals so I can earn more than what it is. “Connections” Select at least one networking resource from this area and tell how it benefits your career choice.- AssociationsInternational Facility Management Association1 East Greenway Plaza, Suite 1100Houston, TX 77046-0194
  8. 8. Benefits of joining IFMA:1. Representation:Be a part of a worldwide association.2. Networking:Meet and talk with professionals locally and globally.3. Professional Credentials:Earn your Certified Facility Manager credential and more.4. Education and Training:Broaden skills and knowledge in all FM-related areas.5. Opportunities:to grow both personally and professionally. SLS Career Clusters Paper What did you learn about yourself after completing the Choices “Work Values Sorter” and FOCUS? - I learned about myself by completing the Choices “Work Values Sorter” that its very important that my work satisfies my needs for prestige and leadership opportunities, as well as opportunities for advancement. I also learned that for me it’s very important that my work allows me to use my best abilities, that I want to see results of my work and get a feeling of my accomplishment.
  9. 9. The higher the ranking, the better the work matches me: Recognition [22 out of 30] Achievement [21 out of 30] Relationships [20 out of 30] Independence [18 out of 30] Working Conditions [17 out of 30] Support [12 out of 30]About FOCUS, according to the “Work Interest Assessment” my profile describes me in theEnterprising as the persuaders, in the Conventional as the organizers, and in the Social asthe helpers. Were you interested in any of the suggested careers that matched your assessments? If so, which ones? Did you research them? If not, why not? - Administrative Service Manager is the first career that matched my assessments and that I’m interested in. Which a national average salary is $81,530.00 - The second would be Bank and Branch Managers, which its national average salary is $113,730.00 What occupation did you research from the “Gold Star” list? - Administrative Service Manager. Which of the web sites under “Connections” did you check out? What did you learn from this website?
  10. 10. - International Facility Management Association1 East Greenway Plaza, Suite 1100Houston, TX 77046-0194IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association forprofessional facility managers, supporting more than 22,655 members in 78 countries.The association’s members: Include 127 chapters and 16 industry councils worldwide Manage more than 37 billion square feet of property Annually purchase more than US$100 billion in products and servicesFormed in 1980, IFMA certifies facility managers, conducts research, provides educationalprograms, recognizes facility management certificate programs and produces WorldWorkplace, the world’s largest facility management conference and exposition. Based on what you have learned with this research what is your educational and career goal? 1-low did this research influence your decision? - First of all, I want to finish my Associate in Science based on Business Administration. Doing my best to become better every time I can, putting all my effort and dedication to accomplish the best grades and being constant all the time with my studies. This research had influenced me to take a better emphasized decision about the career that I’m studying for. I had provided me a lot of
  11. 11. information from the benefits, to what’s the salary. So many facts that will make bemore prepared and focus on what I want to obtain.In what way did you find this project helpful? Did you find any surprises?- I found it very helpful in the way that it showed me different aspects of myself.Things that I doubt of myself sometimes. If I was really that capable to do a lot ofthings. It guided me to a really right direction. In which I could had a better point ofview.
  12. 12. ANDRES GARCIAExploring Career Information from the Bureau of LaborStatistics -- 2010-11 EditionAccountant What is this job like?  Accountants and auditors keep track of a companys money. The companys managers and people outside the company read their reports. Managers look at the accountants reports to see how well their companies are doing. Governments use the reports to tell how much tax a company should pay. Some people read them to decide if they want to do business with the company. Others use them to decide if they want to lend money to the company or not. How do you get ready?  Most accountants have a college degree in accounting. Public accountants have to take a special test as well, resulting in a certification. Public accountants also must have a special license from the State in which they live. Most employers want accountants who know quite a bit about computers. Previous experience in a summer or part-time internship is also a plus.
  13. 13. People who want to be accountants should be good at math, and have good analytical skills. They also should be able to write well, so that they can tell others about their findings.How much does this job pay? In May 2008, the average yearly wages of accountants and auditors were $65,840. Earnings of accountants depend on how long they have been working.How many jobs are there? There were 1.3 million accountants and auditors in 2008. Most of them worked in cities, because that is where the large companies tend to be.What about the future? Employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2018. Accountants have good job opportunities. This is because there will be new and changing laws that will increase the need for accountants; also, there will be more private companies that will need accountants. Accountants who have a lot of special skills, such as certified public accountants (CPAs) and certified management accountants, should have the easiest time finding a job.
  14. 14. Are there other jobs like this?  Bookkeeping clerks  Budget analysts  Cost estimators  Financial analysts  Loan officers  Personal financial advisors Where can you find more information?  More BLS information about accountants and auditors can be found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. The Handbook also shows where to find out even more about this job.Financial Analyst What is this job like?  Financial analysts help people decide how to invest their money. They work for banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, and securities firms. They often meet with company officials to learn more about the firms in which they want to invest. After the meetings, the analysts write reports and give talks about what they found out. Then, they suggest buying or selling that firms stock.
  15. 15. • How do you get ready?  Most financial analysts have a college degree in business, accounting, statistics, or finance. A masters degree in business administration (MBA) is desirable. Math, computer, and problem-solving skills are vital. Working with clients requires good people skills. Confidence, maturity, and the ability to work on your own are important, too. Analysts also need good communication skills to explain complex financial ideas using simple words. Financial analysts must be able to look for obscure facts and details about companies. To get ready for these jobs, it helps to learn how to make presentations and write reports. It also helps to read about business news.• How much does this job pay?  In May 2008, the average yearly wages of financial analysts were $84,780. Many financial analysts also get a bonus. The bonus can add a lot to their earnings.• How many jobs are there?  There were 250,600 financial analysts in 2008. Many work at the head offices of big financial firms. Many of these jobs are in New York City.• What about the future?
  16. 16.  Employment of financial analysts should grow much faster than average for all occupations through 2018. Banks and mutual fund companies will need more financial analysts to recommend which stocks and bonds they should buy or sell. But competition is expected for jobs, because many people want them.• Are there other jobs like this?  Accountants  Financial managers  Insurance sales agents  Real estate agents  Securities, commodities, and financial services sales representatives• Where can you find more information?  More BLS information about financial analysts and personal financial advisors can be found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. The Handbook also shows where to find out even more about this job. One of the career that I have as an option to study is Computer Software Engineer becausecomputers are so important to our lives, there is a constant need to develop new software.Computer software engineers apply computer science, engineering, and math to design, develop,and test software. (Computer hardware engineers design computer chips, boards, systems,modems, and printers.)