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Online learning activities


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Online learning activities

  1. 1. Activity Sheet: Define Your “College Self”1 0 KE YS T O SU C CESS NAME: Andres Garcia Making the most of the opportunities that college offers starts with knowing, as much as you can, about whom you are and what you want. Analyze your "college self" using questions like the following to think through your personal profile. What is your student status—traditional or returning, full- or part-time? Currently, I am a part time returning student. The reason is because I have a full time job and other responsibilities in church. How long are you planning to be in your current college? Is it likely that you will transfer? My goal is to finish college in about 2 year. I would like to change my part time status to full time student in a few months. I would definitely transfer to a university to get my Bachelor degree. What goal, or goals, do you aim to achieve by going to college? Finishing my A.A with good grades and getting more knowledge out of it. What family and work obligations do you have? I’m currently married to a wonderful women and also serving in my church. I am a Comcast employee. What is your culture, ethnicity, gender, age, and lifestyle? My nationality is Colombian-Spanish, male, 23. My lifestyle is busy, I take time to be with my wife and enjoy every moment of it. What is your current living situation? I am currently living in Hollywood, and renting a small apartment which I share with my wife. What do you feel are your biggest challenges in college?
  2. 2. Probably taking the time to focus on my school work such as homework, projects, and studying. Another challenge is the language.What do you like to study, and why does it interest you? I always like business and accounting. I am still trying to decided what would be the best degree for my future and would interested me more.