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Midterm sls


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Published in: Education
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Midterm sls

  1. 1. By Andres GarciaSection One: I will finish this class with an outstanding grade. This course has helped meto have a better understanding of my career. My intention is to finish my A.A. in Accounting andtransfer to Florida International University to complete my Bachelors degree. I commit my selfto accomplish all my goals and task. I will be responsible and diligently at all times. I intend tomanage my time for school, work, and other activities. Finally, I see myself in 5yrs completingmy degree and working independent.Section two:Learning Style Assignment #1: VARK
  2. 2. 1. The VARK Questionnaire ResultsMy scores were: Visual: 8 Aural: 10 Read/Write: 14 Kinesthetic: 8I have a multimodal (VARK) learning preference2. a. What are your two highest VARK scores? - READ / WRITE b. What are your two lowest VARK scores? - VISUAL/ KINESTHETIC1. Taking in information. I believe that Read and Write it’s the best learning style for me to understand better how to take in information. First of all I will use different methods such as: dictionaries, lists, hand outs, textbooks, glossaries, definitions, notes, manuals, and essays. I would convert my notes into a learning package by reducing them. Writing out the words again and again, reading my notes silently again and again, rewriting my ideas and principles into
  3. 3. other words, imagining my lists arranged in multiple choice questions and distinguish each from each.2. Using information for effective learning. The second method that would help me a lot will be Visual. I rather prefer presenters who use power points, who describe their own content. The use of gestures also helps me a lot because it expresses the intentions itself. Diagrams, pictures, posters or slides any illustration will help me to have a better point of view or anything that I’m trying to learn. Writing the exam answers and practicing turning my visuals back into words.3. Communicating more effectively. I will use the Aural strategy by attending classes, participate in discussions and tutorials, discuss topics with other students and teachers, share new ideas with other people, describe the overheads, pictures and other visuals to somebody who was not there.4. Performing well in tests and examinations. I will use the Read and Write strategy organizing any diagrams into statements. I will turn reactions, actions, charts and flows into words. I will write the exam answers. Practice with multiple choice questions. Write paragraphs, beginnings and endings. Arrange my words into hierarchies and points. Write out the words again and again. Read my notes silently again and again.Learning Style Assignment #2: Myers/Briggs
  4. 4. 1. a. My type is ENFJ Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging Strength of the preferences % 56 62 25 33 b. My personality type portrait is: ENFJ- The Givers.e. Possible Career Paths for the ENFJ: Facilitator Consultant Psychologist Social Worker / Counselor Teacher Clergy Sales Representative Human Resources Manager Events Coordinator Sales Representative Politicians / Diplomats
  5. 5. Writersa. Do you agree or disagree with the results – why or why notAnswer: I agree with the results because it shows me how really I am, and motivate me to bebetter and do my best to improve in each different aspect of my life.b. Do these careers match the careers you have chosen for yourself?Answer: Yes, some of them are really interested and the one that I am looking forward toaccomplish is Manager (Accounting)c. What can you do with this information?Answer: I will develop each quality that had been described and put it to practice.Learning Style Assignment #3: True Colors:My dominant color is green. My highest score is 12. My Primary Color: Green 12 10 8 6 Gr Gl Bl Ora. Plan a trip to Europe.Answer: Gold, I will be responsible in arranging the trip to Europe, and I will make sure to bethere on time.
  6. 6. b. Diffuse an argument at work with an irate co-worker.Answer: Orange, I’m going to motivate my co-worker, and persuade the person to be better.c. Communicate with a supervisor, whose ethnicity is different from yours, to solve a schedulingproblem.Answer: Orange, convince my supervisor that I will do better in the other schedule.Section Three: Emotional Intelligence Activity: Tapping into Emotions1. EMOTION: DISCOMFORTTYPICAL SITUATION: You walk into a class for the first time and the professor seemsuninterested to teach or uninteresting in general. You suddenly get worried that you will notenjoy this class—and you have to have it for your degree.MY EXPERIENCE IN THIS SITUATION: - I will take out the best from the class and the professor. First, I would always be on time for classes and assignments designated by the professor. Second, I would ask questions directly to him or in our discussions in class.THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED: - The lesson to be learned is to always research professor and always read what others in rate my professor have post it about the professor.2. EMOTION: ANXIETY/FEARTYPICAL SITUATION: You walk into class where the professor explains everything that you are
  7. 7. going to do this semester. He talks about a 15-page research paper, field studies, and weeklyjournals. You dont even have access to a computer.MY EXPERIENCE IN THIS SITUATION: - In that situation I would plan ahead and make myself an agenda so I can start working in the research paper and journals. I would take out the time to go to college before or after class so I can finish all my work. Always thinking positive and been patience.THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED: - The lesson to be learned is to plan ahead before attending college that you are going to need a good computer; my best advice is to save up money so when that moment comes I will be ready.3. EMOTION: EXCITEMENTTYPICAL SITUATION: You find out that you won a scholarship that will pay for books, tuition, andfees when you transfer to a four-year university next semester. You cant wait to share the goodnews with your family because they were having a hard time helping support you while you werein college.MY EXPERIENCE IN THIS SITUATION: - I would be very excited if I have an opportunity like that. I would not take it for granted and make sure all my family is aware of that good news.THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED:
  8. 8. - The lesson to be learned: When you work hard in your goals, it always pays back sooner or later.4. EMOTION: JOYTYPICAL SITUATION: You have taken your last final exam and will be graduating next week infront of your family, friends, and co-workers—and a few people who thought you wouldntmake it. You have a job ready and waiting for you in your field of study. While the pay may not behigh, it offers great opportunities for advancement. Your two children are proud to telleveryone that their mom has a college degree, and you know that they will be more likely to attendcollege because you did. MY EXPERIENCE IN THIS SITUATION: - The satisfaction of finishing a degree most is the most amazing feeling. In the beginning you are required to get experience in your field but at the end it would pay off. - THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED: The lesson to be learned is to always be patience and put all your effort in your goals for the future.