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Journal entries

  1. 1. ANDRES GARCIA Keys to Success Emotional Intelligence Journal Assignments Reading challenges The first feeling that I perceive when I see the topic “Reading challenges” is to gofor it! No fear, no tiredness, no fatigue, no anything. I consider myself as an 8 ranking 1to 10 of emotion. I get very captive reading challenges that really call my attention. Ifthere is something that I like is to be challenged not only by actions or any othercommitment, but to read that something that would provide that wisdom and knowledge.There is an old saying that says that “the more you read, the wiser you become”. I like spending time reading when I want to just relax. Might be under a tree, orjust a quite and peaceful ambient with natural light where I start asking myself a lot ofquestions trying to understand and connect with the writer. My emotions seem to go allaround the word, knowing that every second that passes by it’s not being waste.Sometimes I get mad, sad, melancholic, or just satisfied and full of more to share withevery else. Understanding your needs and making changes About understanding my needs and makings changes; I believe that sometimesmaking some changes its good and sometimes its bad, but understanding your needs isthe first step to make a wise decision in any change. See, people go crazy wanting tomake some changes, and buy houses, cars, business, anything, but without firstreasoning about what’s best for the family or either itself.
  2. 2. I don’t mind making changes, I think that it will even put you in a higher step ofliving life, or finance situation. Whatever it’s the reason, as long as first I have mypriorities well done organized and clear, I will make any change I want. How feelings connect study success I believe that always being in a good mood or having a positive attitude will reallyproject you to be a successful student. This is one of those things that I like to keep inmind, and it’s that no matter what circumstance I am or any worry I might have, I’m notgoing to let that affect the way I feel and be an obstacle. I think about where I want toget, and who I want to be once I finish my career, instantly it awakes good feelingsinside of me and inspire me to keep going until I accomplish my dreams. When I’m feeling tired, sad, or any other negative feeling, I just start remembermyself that when I slow down the speed of my effort on my studies, the most long itsgoing to be for me to finish what I have started.