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Chapter 6 listening and note taking


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Chapter 6 listening and note taking

  1. 1. ANDRES GARCIA• When you have no interest in class material, how does it affect you – your behavior, yourgrades, your connection to others, your commitment? I think that it affects in a great manner, because its either you concentrate and do yourbest in any project or class material putting all your effort so you can pass it, or you just give upand fail any commitment. I believe that we have to avoid that. Personally; it affects me in acertain way emotionally. Because for example when there is something that I have to bring toclass and forgot to bring it, I will go down emotionally thinking that I might not be that good orefficient to elaborate any due work that has bean charged to me. It’s funny because just of littlethings like that; I could be a little bit pessimists. My behavior obviously it’s so inappropriate. ButI think that we all learn from mistakes too, I have to recognize that there has been times in whichI haven’t been interest in some class material but I also know that we have to accomplished allthat has been given to us in order to pass the class, and I am talking about it in general. That’swhen the grades starts getting low and low, not doing assignments on time or doing themmediocrity. I had to learn that if you don’t want a bad or unexpected effect you better have agood cause. I know I haven’t got to the best place in which I can say I do everything the best waybut I am trying to do the best every day, I guess its easier when you really commit and propose tobe responsible and accomplish until the end of any situation. Also because its not only me, butothers that are around, expecting the best from you, and when you don’t focus or commit to yourgoals, not all the times only you are going to be affected, but the other ones following you.