Chapter 3 learning how i learn.


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Chapter 3 learning how i learn.

  1. 1. ANDRESGARCIA 1. Why explore who you are as a learner? Because it helps to me choose effective responses to instructors’ teaching styles, it will show me how my way of receiving and processing information enhances learning, I will understand how other people learn differently than me, and I’ll become aware of how to cope and grow in college and on a job. 2. What tools will help you assess how you learn and interact with others? Multiple Pathways to Learning which focuses on eight “intelligences, or areas of ability, and Personality Spectrum which measures personality traits and how they combine into four dimensions 3. How can you use your self-knowledge? In the classroom: a. By recognizing matches or mismatches between me and my instructor b. Appreciating matches or mismatches among classmates c. Overcoming mismatches by asking for additional help from the instructor, finding a tutor, or joining a study group d. Choosing technology that is appropriate for my style e. Selecting a major and a career plan that make the most of my strengths f. Drawing on my insights to be an effective employee and team player 4. How can you identify and manage learning disabilities? By identifying neurological disorders that interferes with one’s ability to store, process, and produce information, also diagnosing a disability by a licensed professional to receive publically funded aid and contacting the designated advisor on my campus.