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Chapter 1 welcome to college


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Chapter 1 welcome to college

  1. 1. ANDRES GARCIAAnswer the following questions:1. What does college offer and expect of you?2. What thinking skills can help you achieve your goals?3. How can a “growth mindset” help you succeed?4. How can you work effectively with others?5. How does college prepare you for work and life success? 1. College offers me to learn how to think about preferences, academic and life skills, plan for the future, set goals, transfers skills from college to the work place, develop meaningful relationships. College expected of me to be independent. - Follow the course syllabus - Complete readings with little or no in-class review - Finish homework even if it is no collected or graded - Set up and attend study groups - Be punctual and prepared, keep track of deadlines - Seek help if needed 2. I believe that analytical, creative, and practical skills can help to achieve my goals. 3. I can help me to grow with the right attitude and extra effort, to be changed through specific behaviors, to build self-esteem because it encourages me to put forth effort. 4. I can work effectively with others when I understand what others feel, that way I can adjust thoughts and choose actions based on any understanding. 5. College prepares me at a fast pace, demanding workload, challenging reading and complex and assignments, with large amount of structured time, variety of ideas, higher- level thinking and problem solving.