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Activity Sheet:                                              Define Your “College Self”1 0 KE YS T O SU C CESS  NAME: ANDR...
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Activity sheet your college self.


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Activity sheet your college self.

  1. 1. Activity Sheet: Define Your “College Self”1 0 KE YS T O SU C CESS NAME: ANDRES GARCIA Making the most of the opportunities that college offers starts with knowing, as much as you can, about whom you are and what you want. Analyze your "college self" using questions like the following to think through your personal profile. What is your student status—traditional or returning, full- or part-time? - Right now I’m doing part-time. But I’m looking forward to be full-time. How long are you planning to be in your current college? Is it likely that you will transfer? - 3 more years, and yes I’m planning to transfer to FIU What goal, or goals, do you aim to achieve by going to college? - My objective is to have a professional career so I can a better income and life. What family and work obligations do you have? - I’m married, and I have my hose obligations with my wife. What is your culture, ethnicity, gender, age, lifestyle? - I’m from Colombia and I’m Hispanic. Male of 23 years. I like sports and music. What is your current living situation? - House. What do you feel are your biggest challenges in college? - To be constant and on time. Just because my job. What do you like to study, and why does it interest you? - I like numbers and business. That why my major is Accounting.