How to Treat Tennis Elbow All by Yourself


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stop worrying about this condition- here in this article you will find some very useful tips on how to treat tennis elbow.

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How to Treat Tennis Elbow All by Yourself

  1. 1. How to Treat Tennis Elbow All by YourselfAre you suffering from tennis elbow pain and wonderingwhat to do about it? Stop worrying about this condition-here in this article you will find some very useful tips onhow to treat tennis elbow. These are simple, Do It Yourselfcures for tennis elbow that will help to ease your pain andensure a speedy recovery.Home cure for tennis elbow will benefit you in more waysthan one. It will relieve you of your pain and also preventfurther injury and make the muscles in your arm a lotstronger. Tennis elbow affects the tendons in the arm and isa form of repetitive strain injury.How to treat tennis elbow with home cures?1. Adequate rest.While suffering from this condition it is essential for you torest your fingers, wrist, and forearm muscles as much aspossible. This will allow you tendon to heal. If you thinkthat any particular activity is aggravating or causing thetennis elbow pain you must stop that activity immediately.You may be required to do this at least for a few weeks.The rest and recuperation period may be longer dependingupon the severity of your tendon damage.2. Ice packsMake use of an ice pack on the injured area at least threetimes a day. This will be very effective to relieve the pain,
  2. 2. swelling, and inflammation. For the first 72 hours afteryour injury make use of the ice pack for 10 minutes andreapply every hour. Thereafter, use the ice pace for 15 to 20minutes thrice a day.3. Counter force braceMake use of a counter force brace while during anyactivities that involve grasping or arm twisting movements.This brace is simply a strap to be worn around yourforearm just below the elbow. It helps to spread thepressure throughout your arm.4.. Exercise.Do simple warm up and stretching exercises every day tohelp prevent stiffening of your tendons. In case youexperience any pain stop immediately as this can do moredamage to you. A very useful exercise to cure tennis elbowis the wrist extension exercise.For this exercise, you will require can of soup or a 1 liter ofsoda. You should place a soup can or 1 liter of soda in handwith your palm facing downward towards the floor.Support your forearm at the edge of a table or on your kneeso that only your hand can move. Let the wrist down slowlygo past parallel to almost 90 degrees with your forearm andthen slowly come back up to parallel with the floor.I sincerely hope these home cures will help you figure outhow to treat tennis elbow all by yourself. I wish you thevery best in your efforts and would advice you to practicehome cures for tennis elbow treatments for at least a few
  3. 3. weeks. If you are patient and persistent in your efforts theresults will be there for you to see.