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Cardiolyse - Pitch Deck (fitness)


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Future of fitness trackers

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Cardiolyse - Pitch Deck (fitness)

  1. 1. Become an expert of your heart
  2. 2. Future of fitness trackers • To show the interconnection between lifestyle and heart health. • To measure the efficacy of training process. • To monitor stress level. • To forecast cardiovascular diseases. • To provide personal advice and insights. Become an expert of your heart
  3. 3. Cardiolyse is a solution for fitness trackers with 1-lead ECG Cardiolyse developed cloud ECG processing platform that gives access to our universal scoring algorithms by full-featured API. Recorded ECG by fitness tracker with 1-lead ECG can be transferred to Cardiolyse Cloud where our solution defines over 100 different parameters all essential for understanding heart health. It presents information about heart state in an actionable form, provides personal recommendations and mid-term forecast about dangerous cardiovascular events. Become an expert of your heart
  4. 4. What do we measure? Become an expert of your heart Overall score is the integral indicator of the heart and autonomic nervous system. It shoes the interconnection between lifestyle and a state of cardiovascular system. Stamina is a measure of total adaptive capacities of the body. It shows the physiological cost of any physical activity and recovery after workouts. Emotional state reflects the state of autonomic nervous system. It shows emotional cost of users' activities and provides stress alerts. Heart muscle state is a basic estimation of myocardium state. It helps to forecast heart diseases. Heart Rate Disturbances indicates the degree of heart arrhythmias. 100 % 0 %
  5. 5. It’s up to you what amount of information and in which format your users will get. Interpretation may be on your side or on ours. Dashboard Recommendations Trends
  6. 6. Cardiolyse sends information according to your as a partner goals. It is useful for better sport, effective education, deep researches and even national continuous health examinations. You will be able to create flexible data-based info flows according to the aim of your product. The point is any ECG format can be analysed thanks to our full-featured API. New market opportunities: life insurance, corporate wellness, prevention, professional sport teams, home care for elder people. Become an expert of your heart Universal ECG Score Syndromic ECG analysis Minnesota coding Prognostic level analysis Fuzzy logic Analysis of myocardial damage 1 6 2 5 3 4 API 35:19 162 Cardiolyse Cloud ECG processing platformWearable ECG recorder User’s Dashboard Analysed results Any ECG formatECG signal PARTNER'S CLOUD
  7. 7. We’ve done a lot to prove the efficacy and outstanding capabilities of our algorithm We have performed the biggest cardiac screening in Eastern Europe for over 20 000 people. 27 lives were saved. Thanks to Cardiolyse, they were immediately hospitalised and cured. We contracted with the leading scientists of the University of Oxford and China Kadoori Biobank. They are using our algorithm for their research. The professional sport teams have approved the high value of our recommendations by incredible results and top positions in standings. 1 2 3 27 LIFES WERE SAVED Become an expert of your heart
  8. 8. Technology uniqueness Forms individual benchmark electrocardiograms and comparing this with the current ECG electrocardiogram. This approach allows enhancing the accuracy of results and to individualize recommendations. Provides an ECG Score describing actual heart state, stamina, emotional state and heart rhythm by proprietary data analysis on a scale from pathology to norm. Delivers a middle-term (up to 6 months) forecast and early detection of serious cardiovascular events so that users can timely contact their doctor, which can save life! Provides personalized recommendations for healthier daily lifestyle and effective cardio care outside of hospitals. Become an expert of your heart
  9. 9. Dream team Become an expert of your heart Anna Starynska COO, PMP Illya Chaikovsky CSO, MD, PhD multiple Andrei Karol CTO, PMP Eugene Plokhoy CMO Wenming Ji UK CEO Nitin Khanna Business development in India Tatiana Nakonechna Marketing and Crowfunding And more than 15 top level professionals
  10. 10. Become an expert of your heart Let’s talk! Anna Starynska, COO Andrei Karol, CTO