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Zumba: Middle East Strategy


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A marketing class presentation on Zumba Inc and potential international expansion within the GCC area. A simple exercising outlaying international strategies and combining primary and secondary research ran by myself and my project partner.

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Zumba: Middle East Strategy

  1. 1. Zumba in the Middle East By: Andreea Nan and Fabian Hodak
  2. 2. Agenda What is Zumba The Cha Cha Slide of Zumba The Research
  3. 3. 1. Introduction What Zumba is all about
  4. 4. There is a Zumba class for everybody and every body Zumba [noun] : a dance where the cheerleader, the goth and the fat kid from highschool are besties. Positioning: everyone can do it, even your grandmother.
  5. 5. Zumba Overtakes the World 180 countries 200,000 locations
  6. 6. Problem: Interest over time is decreasing.
  7. 7. 2. Our Recommendations Zumba should expand to the Middle East
  8. 8. First location: Qatar
  9. 9. Qatar is the richest country in the world
  10. 10. Our strategy is based on three simple ideas Adaptations to local customers and culture Celebrities as ambassadors & social media Co-operations with luxury hotels
  11. 11. Adaptation to local customers and customs It is a muslim community. Explicit content is not allowed in public places. Events that take place outside have to respect the norms of the country. Women are reluctant to dance in front of men. Segregated classes are to be implemented. The mixed classes will target the expats. Arabic influences are also appreciated in dance moves. Prayers are five times a day and a lot of people will pause their activities for a quick prayer. Schedules have to be built around that. Loud music in public places is also avoided during prayer times as sign of respect.
  12. 12. Celebrities as ambassadors and social media advertisers
  13. 13. Co-operations with luxury hotels and hotel chains
  14. 14. 3. Primary & Secondary Research What we found out
  15. 15. Interest by Region
  16. 16. 69% of respondents are interested in Zumba N = 39 Gender Distribution Most respondents were from Qatar Our respondents know what Zumba is
  17. 17. People are interested so why not expand?
  18. 18. The image Zumba has in the Middle East
  19. 19. 40%
  20. 20. “I feel that Zumba is primarily targeted towards female customers… 17%
  21. 21. Strategy Licensing and supporting the folks who teach Zumba classes.
  22. 22. 4. Timeline for Implementation Assuring we achieve our goals
  23. 23. The expansion will be completed within one year 2 months Sending 3 official Zumba trainers to Qatar to train instructors 4 months launch of trainings in Qatar 8 months Goal of 100 courses in Qatar is reached. Expansion to other countries 2.5 months Acquiring Zumba ambassadors and hotel partnerships in Qatar 6 months Partner roster is completed, acquisition of partners in the other countries 10 months Sending 3 official Zumba trainers to to train instructors 12 months Our marketing efforts have a considerable impact on Middle East sales
  24. 24. 5. SWOT Analysis What is in for Zumba?
  25. 25. S Low financial involvement and risk for Zumba The expansion plan adapts to local conditions and covers a large geographic area in a short time period
  26. 26. w Too less Zumba employees in the country to control and steer the expansion efforts in the region Celebrities might not be willing to work with us or would require exuberant payments for their promotion activities
  27. 27. OOpportunity to collaborate with celebrities on Zumba sports apparel in the future = additional sales Opportunity for collaboration with sports events, for example the Qatar National Sports Day, in the future
  28. 28. TDance schools and gym chains might be more appealing to male customers and destroy Zumba’s market share in the long run Political turbulences and terrorist activities in the Middle East might negatively affect tourism and thus Zumba’s co- operations with hotels in the area
  29. 29. Any questions?