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  1. 1. 1 InTraCoM GmbH | Sigmaringerstr. 35 | 70567 Stuttgart (Möhringen) | Tel.: +49 (0) 711/ 797 328-0 | Fax: +49 (0) 711/ 797 328-29 | Internet: Stuttgart, 9. Nov. 2016, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Zagos (Management Partner InTraCoM GmbH) Comparison of IP value for companies in the countries Greece, Cyprus and Turkey Scope of the analysis Greece and Cyprus suffer since 2008 under the financial crisis. Many domestic companies went into bankruptcy and foreign Holdings closed their branch offices in that region. On the other side Turkey had a strong economic increase the past decade, due to the establishment of multinational companies in their country. The basic scope of this analysis is to measure the patent activity in each country and the results from patenting expressed by IP Value [monetary value of the alive patents of a company]. Database The analysis was performed in Bureau van Dijk’s Orbis Database1 with the module “innovation strength” of IP Business Information. The database contains over 170 Mio. of company data and all valued patents related to company or Holding-level. In the analysis only companies were selected which have higher IP values than 100,000€. 1 Methodology for IP Values The IP value is determined by an innovative approach of InTraCoM which is based on a pattern recognition algorithm on bibliometric data from patents. The methodology is temper proof in over 100 patent valuation projects with commercial clients as well as legal authorities and has a pending patent2 in Europe and USA. Results The following basic data for Dec. 2015 was exported: Following graphs were built out of the data: The IP Value for Greece is constantly and for Cyprus disproportional rising. For Turkey there is a big variation for the year 2014, but as well disproportional rising. 2 EP2923296A1, US20160004998A1 Greece Cyprus Turkey Europe 28 No. Companies active 144.407 268.100 1.124.636 50.596.140 No. Companies with patent value > 100T€ 54 186 228 52.942 Revenues of companies with IP Value [th€] 11.103.992 € n/a 73.942.122 € n/a No. Employees 43.809 n/a 275.985 n/a No. Patent Families 401 1.868 6.646 n/a No. Patents 815 3.165 8.628 n/a Total IP value [T€] 95.981 € 302.699 € 293.076 € 460.808.000 €
  2. 2. P. 2 Compared to the total amount on companies for each country, the share of patent active companies is in Greece or Cyprus higher than in Turkey. The average IP value of a company is in Greece and Cyprus as well higher, but related to the average of Europe 28 countries much lower. Companies in Greece generate per employee over two times higher IP value than companies in Turkey. The average IP value divided thru the generated revenues of those companies are expressing as well a higher efficiency for companies in Greece than in Turkey. The average IP value for a patent family or a patent is in Greece or Cyprus significant higher (300-600%) than in Turkey, due to much higher quality and higher market coverage (bigger patent families) of the patents in Greece or Cyprus. Conclusion Based on the above analysis we can persist, that there is still some reasonable positive activity in Greece and Cyprus although the negative impact of the financial crisis. But compared to the threshold of European 28 countries there is still a long way to go.
  3. 3. P. 3 About the Author Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Zagos is founder and management Partner of the Stuttgart based InTraCoM GmbH (Germany) and internationally recognized patent valuation expert. He was participating in the first standard for patent valuation and is doing research in patent valuation for more than 16 years. He is guest professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in the field of innovation management. InTraCoM GmbH is a patent valuation boutique with a long list of patent valuation customers. InTraCoM GmbH is performing patent valuations for M&A, patent transactions, licensing value determination, internal balancing purposes, sale and lease back, transfer pricing and many more valuation scopes. Their customers are international big blue chip companies, governmentals, banks, official authorities, SMEs, Universities as well as big research organisations. InTraCoM Group is supported by different international partners offering patent Valuation -specific data and business information. Within these partnerships also software and patent valuation-specific data can be offered based the InTraCoM- patent valuation methodology. With all these approaches, patent values can be determined within unbeatable precision, time and cost.