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Coaching for Community - Please support us with a Donation


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We are a newly founded non-profit organization which offers pro bono coaching by vetted personal coaches for people in need. People who struggle either personally or professionally and who would benefit a lot from an expert coach. Personal coaching is a very effective approach and technique to unleash a person´s innate resources to enable them to lead a successful and fulfilled life. 

All of our coaching services are offered free of charge. We are founded and operated by a very passionate group of international volunteers who want to do good, give back to society, and make the world a better and more equal place.

We´ve been working very hard in the past 2 months on preparing the launch of our website which is scheduled to go public by end of July. We´ve invested already more than US$ 11,000 of our own money. We need to raise more funds to further build out our platform and to be able to pay our small software development agency. They work with us to build the technology to launch a high quality product for effective and safe coaching.

Your support would help us to ensure that we can launch on time and with great coaching services. It would mean the world to us! And to many people in need!

We appreciate whatever you can give. Please also help us to communicate our campaign to other people who might be interested.

Thank you very much for your help!

Kind regards,
Coaching for Community team

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Coaching for Community - Please support us with a Donation

  1. 1. WE OFFER FREE COACHING FOR PEOPLE IN NEED Please support us! Copyright © 2020 Coaching for Community
  2. 2. Who we are Founded by international volunteers In April 2020, incorporated in Washington, USA Non-Profit Organization Funded by Donations & Grants We bring together people in need with qualified & vetted coaches Free of charge, no fees for users Copyright © 2020 Coaching for Community
  3. 3. Our Vision Copyright © 2020 Coaching for Community Our Mission We help people in need to overcome challenges so they can lead a fulfilled and responsible life by connecting them with pro bono coaches. We want to create a safe and global community for coaches and coachees which is free of charge, empowering, and accessible to everyone.
  4. 4. Connect Grow Influence Our Approach We connect people who are stuck in life, personally or professionally, with qualified and vetted expert coaches who will help them on a pro bono basis. The expert coaches will develop a personal coaching plan for every coachee to activate their resources and help them to grow and overcome their individual challenges. The coaches will motivate and encourage their coachees to let also others participate from their newly found energy and positivity to brighten up and strengthen their communities. Copyright © 2020 Coaching for Community
  5. 5. Your Donation will help us… Copyright © 2020 Coaching for Community To develop with our external agency all key functionalities we´d like to offer for our launch (end of July) to ensure a great and safe coaching experience for coach and coachee. To continue to develop services which make the coachings on our website even more effective in the future. To offer our services for free and to make coaching accessible to everyone who needs support and help from expert coaches.
  6. 6. Thank you for your kind Support! Copyright © 2020 Coaching for Community We are a Non-Profit Organization and offer all of our coaching services free of charge. We depend on donations and grants. We will invest your gracious donations in a very focused, transparent, and thoughtful manner. Directly into new services which we´ll offer. Thank you for making your Donation here: pro-bono-coaching
  7. 7. For more information or questions please contact Copyright © 2020 Coaching for Community