Printed Batteries empowering Green Electronics


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Printed Batteries empowering Green Electronics

  1. 1. PRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICSGreenBat Workshop04.05. – 05.05.2011, VellbergDr. Andreas SchallerASC - Technology Consultinginfo@andreas-schaller.deDr. Andreas SchallerPRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS1
  2. 2. Agenda1. What is Environmentally Friendly Electronics ? Material - a Go / No-Go Challenge Energy - a Market Challenge Recycling - a Money Challenge Production - a “Green” Challenge2. What is a Green Battery ? Green Battery – a Legislation Challenge ? Green Battery – a Technology Challenge ?PRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS2
  3. 3. Material - a Go / No-Go ChallengePRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS3ROHS Proposal June 2010ROHS 2004Nano SilverCNT1.Lead (Pb)2.Mercury (Hg)3.Cadmium (Cd)4.Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+)5.Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)6.Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)Next ?? :Environmental and health impactof large-scale “plastics” electronics ???( The REACH Gap on Polymers ! )
  4. 4. Recycling- a Money ChallengePRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS4The EP EnvironmentCommittee hasrecommended thatMember States shouldcollect 85%of WEEE by 2016andrecycle 50-75%Producers shouldintegrate the costsgenerated by collectionand treatment into theirproduct prices,so that they will have anincentive to reduce thosecostsWEEE 2011
  5. 5. Energy - a Market ChallengePRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS5Source : Sumitomo ChemicalSource : LGBody Area NetworksSource : MoticonSource : CubeMobilityConsumer ElectronicsSource : Stora EnsoSmart Packaging
  6. 6. Production - a “Green” ChallengePRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS6• Non-silicon based components : Additive Processes / Waste management• Manufacturing Environment : From Clean Room to Clean Process• Green Production to ensure a Low Cost LocationProductionEnvironmentWasteManagement
  7. 7. Printed Batteries / Battery LegislationPRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS7‘battery’ or ‘accumulator’ means any source of electrical energy generated by directconversion of chemical energy and consisting of one or more primary battery cells(nonrechargeable) or consisting of one or more secondary battery cells (rechargeable);Appliances into which batteries and accumulators are incorporated shall be accompaniedby instructions showing how they can be removed safely and, where appropriate, informingthe end-user of the type of the incorporated batteries and accumulators.These provisions shall not apply where, for safety, performance, medical or data integrityreasons, continuity of power supply is necessary and requires a permanent connectionbetween the appliance and the battery or accumulator.Member States shall, having regard to the environmental impact of transport, takenecessary measures to maximize the separate collection of waste batteries andaccumulators and to minimize the disposal of batteries and accumulators as mixedmunicipal waste in order to achieve a high level of recycling for all waste batteries andaccumulators.
  8. 8. Printed BatteriesIncreased environmental performancePRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS8Member States which have manufacturers established on their territory shall promoteresearch and encourage improvements in the overall environmental performance ofbatteries and accumulators throughout their entire life cycle as well as thedevelopment and marketing of batteries and accumulators which contain smallerquantities of dangerous substances or which contain less polluting substances, inparticular as substitutes for mercury, cadmium and lead.
  9. 9. What makes printed battery technologyenvironmental friendly ?PRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS9- printed batteries are–> ROHS compliant- printed batteries do not need a separate housing–> printegration !- printed batteries are very flexible in size (less row material)-> customization- printed batteries will enable–> disposable electronicsGreen InitiativeDiscussion
  10. 10. Printed batteries are very flexible in size and performanceand therefore less row material is needed -> customization for mid/low volumePRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS10Display $ 127,00 90,71 €39%DisplayTouchLogic $ 65,70 46,93 €59%MemoryControllerConnection $ 35,00 25,00 €70%MechanicElectro/MechanicsBattery $ 25,00 17,86 €77%Long Range RF $ 18,70 13,36 €83%Software $ 14,00 10,00 €87%GUI $ 12,00 8,57 €91%SensorsTouchScreenPowermanagement$ 10,20 7,29 €94%Short Range RF $ 9,00 6,43 €97%BT/WLAN/FMGPSBox Content $ 5,50 3,93 €99%Camera $ 4,30 3,07 €100%SUM $ 326,40 233,14 €Large Area Electronicsin iPad2
  11. 11. Printed batteries are ROHS compliant and donot contain hazardous materialPRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS11Weight %Battery Materials > 95 %1,23 g None Reportable Controlled RestrictedBattery Package 37% 17% 17%CellSubstrate 20% 5% 14%Electronics 2% 0% 2%PowerSource42%27% 13%100% 49% 46%
  12. 12. Printed batteries do not need a separatehousing –> printegration !PRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS12BatteryCO2Footprint
  13. 13. Printed batteries will enable disposableelectronics incl. a higher recycling ratePRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS13Battery Exemption• Security• Data Safety• MedicalOr, you can create your own“closed loop”collection systemWEEE Exemption : Products where the electricalor electronic components are not needed to fulfillits main function, e.g. a musical birthday cardRecovery %
  14. 14. What is a Green Battery ?PRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS14Green Initiative00,511,522,53MJ/kgMJ/LSolventMetal0%20%40%60%80%100%MaterialSafetyMaterialefficiency InProductionNo ScarceMaterialDisposableHarmless SustainableENERGYMATERIALPRINTIGRATIONEOL
  15. 15. What is a Green Battery ?PRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS15All of these Statements are open for discussion :Printed battery• is based on the “same” kind of main materials as traditional batteries• materials provide at least the same amount of energy as a traditional processed• can be easier integrated into intelligent objects for the Internet of Things• can be produced with less than 50% CO2 impact• is leading in Material Safety , Material Efficiency and no scarce Materials Usage• has to be compliant with the current battery legislationIn printed flexible, autonomous systems the CO2% battery impact(10%) is similar to the %of systems with traditional batteries .As traditional batteries could not enable these types of new systems :PRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS
  16. 16. Questions ?PRINTED BATTERIES empowering GREEN ELECTRONICS16Andreas Schaller Technology Consulting Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)Dr. Andreas SchallerEmail : andreas@andreas-schaller.deAndreas Schaller Technology Consulting Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)Office : Schulstr. 11, 95676 WiesauManagement : Dr. Andreas SchallerDistrict Court : AG Weiden, HRB 3499What is the KEY feature you are expecting from a printed battery ? ( Status 03.05 )