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Quality Spy Overview


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When everybody would be a Quality Spy, bugs would fear of extinction.

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Quality Spy Overview

  1. 1. Quality SpyMakes software testing funagain…
  2. 2. Some theory first
  3. 3. Developers know their enemy!
  4. 4. But sometimes…
  5. 5. What helps?• Good development practices (constructive qa)• Good testing (analytical qa)Quality Spy will improve your testing!Even with best design practices software willcontain errors. You can find them using QualitySpy. Nonethless good testing will never replace asolid design.
  6. 6. Who should do testing?• Real beta-users• Professional testers• Any developer should be a tester to somedegree, tooAnyone should be a Quality Spy! Not only pro-testers.Therefore tools should be productive and easy to use.Anyone should be a Quality Spy! Not only pro-testers.Therefore tools should be productive and easy to use.
  7. 7. Quality Spy helps with…• Defining a Test Strategy• Plan-based Testing• Exploratory Testing• Lightweight Bugtracking
  8. 8. Defining a Test Strategy• Do I really need this? Yes!• Think early about how to test!• Think about test subject, testing reason,time frame, test location, method,equipment, testers, acceptance criteria
  9. 9. Without a Strategy...• … you search for bugs that don‘t matterand that is like:
  10. 10. Plan-based Testing• Create a test plan with test cases similiarto what developers do with unit tests– Prefer single assertion and small tests• Execute that tests and see the resultsThis is perfect for verification. You need it at some pointto know what works. But it‘s not perfect for findings bugs.
  11. 11. Exploratory Testing• Just start testing!• Think of scenarios you want to test withinthe software• Track what you are doing and findingThis is perfect for findings bugs and creating valuablefeedback. It is not suited so well for verification. You don‘tsee at a coverage-level what was tested.
  12. 12. Lightweight Bugtracking• Test one feature in one run and track allbugs in one „document“• Developers should bulk-fix that defects at„once“This is perfect for early feedback. It helps that bugs don‘tget piled up and that you spend too much time organizingand managing them.
  13. 13. Now the program…
  14. 14. Quality Spy UI
  15. 15. Test Strategy
  16. 16. Test Plan
  17. 17. Test Runs
  18. 18. Test Run Summary
  19. 19. Execute the Test Plan
  20. 20. Protocols
  21. 21. Export to Mantis Bugtracker
  22. 22. Summary
  23. 23. Printable Reports
  24. 24. at sourceforge:Contact for help and