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Tema 3 naturales


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Published in: Education
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Tema 3 naturales

  1. 1. TEMA 3: HEALTH AND ILLNESS SOMEHARMFUL BACTERIA CAUSE DISEASES SUCH AS TETANUS , SALMOLLLENOSIS , CONJUTIVITIS AND SOMETIPES OF NEUMONIA AND TONSILITIS Some viruses causediseasein humans, such as measles chicken pox, the flu pumps, common colds, papilloma and AIDS
  2. 2. HOW DO INFECTIOUS DISEASES SPREAD? An infectious diseaseis considered contagious if it is easily transmitted fromone person to another. Some diseases, such as colds, spread from person to person through the air Malaria a common tropic diseases, is transmitted though the bite of the Anopheles mosquito
  3. 3. Salmonella is transmitted in the humans though contaminant food such as egg or chicken _Mental diseases such as Alzheimer s disease _Diabetes is a generally a lifelong (chronic) takes insulin. _Cancer is non infection diseasein which the body s cell to develop the normal cells. The key to a beating cancer
  4. 4. EAT HEALTHY .Eat five time’s day The meals breakfast, lunch and diner Two snack (fruitor a carrot) AVOID SUGARY FOODS Drink two liters of water
  5. 5. DO EXERCISE Itis important do exercises make our muscles stronger, including our heard SLEEP ENOUGH When we sleep the body can repair itself and grow . And 11 year old should seep for about 10 hours every night
  6. 6. PREVETION IS BETTER THAN CURE Regular cheek ups and vaccinations will protect. GAME OVER ¡ Computer games and video games console is fun but you play a lot of play your brain are not concentrate in the homework of school SAY NO¡ Drugs ro tabaco or alcohol with things that cause many problems and are very bad for the heard