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Content Marketing - Why do we have it? Why now?


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Presentation for the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA) event - Content Marketing: Moving Beyond Content Shock in Asia - in Singapore, 8th December 2016. #ACMAevent #contentmarketing

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Content Marketing - Why do we have it? Why now?

  1. 1. Content Marketing Why do we have it? Why now? @AndreaTEdwards AndreaTEdwards AndreaTEdwards The Digital Conversationalist The Digital Conversationalist
  2. 2. Because we just don’t care about brands anymore
  3. 3. 15% of people trust recommendations from brands 84% trust recommendations from people they know Source: Gartner
  4. 4. 67% of the buyers journey is now digital Source: Sirius Digital owns 90% of the buyers journey Source: Forrester
  5. 5. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards Who do we trust? According to an affilinet survey, the order of trust 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Bloggers 4. Social media connections 5. Colleagues 6. Journalists 7. Religious leaders 8. Celebrities 9. Brands 10. Politicians
  6. 6. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards We have all the power • Global conversations • Sharing knowledge • Speed • Human conversations • Communities • Today’s playing field • Brands speak marketing
  7. 7. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards What is content marketing? • It’s a philosophy, not a tactic • It’s not an add-on to marketing • It’s not advertising • Move from selling to serving • Fundamental shift in mindset • It’s a revolution
  8. 8. Content Marketing is fundamentally about business transformation It’s not something the marketing team ‘does’ Everyone must be on board and it starts at the top
  9. 9. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards Our goal today Creating conversations with customers, partners, influencers, employees, potential employees To achieve that, it’s about creating content so good, it earns the right to exist in your customers world, where they are We’re building so much loyalty with customers – because we consistently deliver value to them – they reward us and buy from us
  10. 10. Must start with content strategy
  11. 11. What’s the conversation you want to align your brand to? What’s the big idea?
  12. 12. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards A content hub – mission critical • A central destination • Easy for customers • It’s content audience wants • Not sales or promotional content • Subtle branding is good • Wrap CTAs around the content
  13. 13. ROI – reported as single largest source of new leads and revenue for American Express
  14. 14. ROI – what owning a category looks like
  15. 15. ROI – what owning a target audience looks like
  16. 16. ROI – how you change the global brand narrative
  17. 17. ROI – can connect individual blogs to million$ deals
  18. 18. ROI – biggest brands in the world working with me
  19. 19. Amplification strategy?
  20. 20. “The majority of content discovered by your audience comes from just three channels: email, search, and social. The best marketers focus their efforts on creating content that can be discovered across all of these.” Michael Brenner, Marketing Insider Group
  21. 21. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards Multiple amplification channels • Social? • Email? • Search? • Advertising? • Native advertising - Outbrain? • PR? • Events? • Influencers, customers, partners?
  22. 22. What about employees? 500 connections 500 x 500 = 250K 5k x 500 = 2.5 mil And remember, people are trusted
  23. 23. Employees sharing content increases exposure 10x
  24. 24. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards Unleashing the employees 1. Culture 2. Guidelines 3. Employee brand first 4. A Platform 5. Effective measurement 6. Champions 7. 1-2-1 Coaching “If your employees aren’t your biggest fans, you’ve got problems WAY bigger than social media” Jay Baer
  25. 25. But employees must be advocates for themselves first, brand second
  26. 26. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards A content marketing driven biz • Understands customers in their bubble • Thinks holistically, taps into their need • Educates/enhances their life • Answers their questions • Engages with them how they want to be engaged • Creates content they can’t resist • And then they buy
  27. 27. Once you’ve done that, measure, measure, measure, refine and keep going! Patience really is a virtue
  28. 28. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards Success requires energy • It requires a hunger • A true obsession to help customers • The quality/intent of content all that matters • A sense of urgency • Half hearted? Content shock
  29. 29. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards It takes guts • A powerful CCO • An energetic, determined team • Company-wide commitment • Commit to strategy • Simplify the processes • True collaboration
  30. 30. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards True success is big picture 1. Siloes down 2. Partnership 3. Train & trust 4. Leaders engaged 5. Culture change
  31. 31. Your customer has a challenge Identify it, align your brand to it Create world-class content customers can’t resist
  32. 32. #ACMAevent @AndreaTEdwards All amazing images courtesy of Shutterstock