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Republic of cuba by Olivia


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Republic of cuba by Olivia

  1. 1. Surface : 110 860 km 2 Population : 11 243 358 Density : 101,4 hab./km 2 Currency : Peso cubano y C.U.C Language : Spanish Religion : Católicos 39,5% Capital : La Havana (2 181 535 hab.) Administrative divisions : 14 provinces and 1 special municipality. Main economic activity : Tourism
  2. 2. The Old Havana is one of the most attractive life-affirming cities. ‘’La Habana Vieja’’, contains more than 900 important building, which are being restored, all from the colonial period.
  3. 3. The Capitol Mojito Hemingway: My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri en El Floridita
  4. 10. It’s a magic place, where you can enjoy wonderful beaches, awesome discos and others things, like swiming with Dolphins.