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Preserving the iMIS Upgrade Path


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Follow these best practices to build your iMIS website in a way that is easily upgradable and adheres to best practices.

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Preserving the iMIS Upgrade Path

  1. 1. Upgradeable Public Websites Jeffrey Skillman Andrea Robertson
  2. 2. Topics to discuss • Concepts and Terminology • iMIS Sites vs. Customer Sites • System Content vs. Customer Content • Copying Websites • Using Shortcuts • Managing Themes • What’s Next?
  3. 3. Concepts & Terminology • Website • Sitemap (Navigation) • Content – System (Core and Samples – can only be copied) – Shared (single source used by multiple sites) – Website-specific (unique to one website) • Shortcuts – All Sites – Site-specific
  4. 4. iMIS website vs. Customer website iMIS 20 ships with two folders for organizing system websites Core Sites - generally staff-facing Sample Sites – quick-start sites for easy creation of public sites
  5. 5. Core Content vs. Shared Content iMIS 20 also ships with two folders for organizing system content Core Content – common pages employing iMIS Dynamic Content Items for out-of-the-box iMIS functionality Sample Websites – website-specific pages used by the out-of-the-box quick start sites Shared Content – repository for customer-created shared pages
  6. 6. Copying a Website Copying a Sample Site provides clients with the fastest way to create a new functioning website. If you do not need a starter website, you can create a new website from scratch.
  7. 7. Copying a Website • What is copied – Website definition – Sitemap – Website-specific content • What is not copied – Core content – Shared content – Shortcuts – Master page – Theme
  8. 8. Shortcuts • Provide friendly URLs • System-referenced pages • Provided out-of-the-box – can be edited but not deleted • Customer-defined • Can be defined for All Sites (default) or site-specific
  9. 9. Managing Themes • Use UltraWave! – Import UltraWave files using @import or <link> statements • On upgrade copy .skin files and images from original theme
  10. 10. What’s Next? • Easy sitemap management • Let’s get sassy!