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Documentary of your Choice

  1. 1. Cherry Healey: HowClick to edit Master subtitle style Documentary of my Choice
  2. 2. The documentary focuses on modern dayrelationships. It was a mixed documentary as itused things such as achieve material, for examplefootage from night clubs. There is also a narrativestructure as there was a beginning, middle and end.There was a variety of camerawork used andediting to add variety and drama. Type of Documentary
  3. 3. There are many themes shown throughout thedocumentary, Love, relationships, and sex. Thereare many different people shown throughout thedocumentary, each person is different and there areis a mix of single and settled people, each willingto share the relationship status with Healey, and tellher how they feel about being in a relationship. The themes shown
  4. 4. The documentary opens with a montage, there are variousshots of Healey’s life since she has been married andsettled. The audience is taken on a journey into otherpeoples relationship and love life. She stays with singlepeople, to find out what it is they find interesting inrelationships, the audience gets introduced to many peoplewho are interviewed about relationships. However she findout that through her journey some of the couplesrelationships have grown stronger and the single peoplewould like to become settled. At the end of the documentaryHealey finds that being settled is good, but she can also befree and sexy at the same time. Narrative Structure
  5. 5. The documentary uses a wide range of camera shots, the is a mediumshot of Healey and one of there interviewees talking about how theyare going to change there relationship status, making the audience feelinterested and want to watch on. Another shot was a low shot, whichpanned down the street with Healey, to make the audience focus onher. There is also a close up shot of a glass of wine, this shows that thetarget audience is aimed at young women, and gives the documentaryvariety. There is also a long shot of the London eye, and Big Ben in thebackground showing the location of where the documentary is set.Also to show the change of scene, there is a long shot of the moon, toimply the on going talk of romance throughout the documentary. Thereare also long shots, and close ups used when Healey is trying to set upone of her clients up with an interesting girl, show there are many shotsof them in a house party, suggesting that young people are stilladventurous and wild. Camerawork
  6. 6. There are many different locations throughout thedocumentary and different types of lighting used to makethe documentary look interesting. Fore example, Healey iswalking down past the River Tems, and in the distance wecan see the London bridge, in the background setting thelocation. The weather is very bright making it seem moreinteresting and enjoyable to watch. Another example of themise-en-scene would be when she takes one of her clients toa night club, to show them what life would be like as ayoung single person again, there are many clips of peopledancing and drinking, and there is a lot of strobe lightingand colours lighting, which adds a wild and interesting feelto the documentary. Mise-en-scene
  7. 7. There is a voiceover that is used throughout the documentaryand it is Healey explaining everything that is happening in thedocumentary, however she also leaves us with questions,leaving the audience wondering what will happen next,making it more resistible to watch. There is also a lot of non-diegetic used, for example there is music played in a club, andit continues to play as the voiceover comes in, to keep theexciting vibe in the documentary. Another example is whenthere was a new couple being introduced, the music change toa James Bond theme, to thrill and excite the audience There isalso ambient-sound used, this is used when Healey and aclient are walking down the street, as the sound of traffic andpeople can be heard in the background. Sound
  8. 8. There is a wide range of editing used throughout thedocumentary. For example, There are many interviews thatare place in Healey’s fancy white kitchen, and there ismatch-on-action used as the camera will focus on Healeyand then on those who are being interviewed by her. Theinterviews are very relaxed and very informal, making itseem very calm. Another interview takes place with acouple, Beanca and Matt, who have an unusual sex life,however the interview is relaxed, juxtaposing the situation.There is a zoom, close-up on to some very posh and sexyunderwear in a shop, addressing the women in theaudience. Editing
  9. 9. The graphics used in the documentary whereused to note on different statistics aboutsingle life and love life. It would pop up inthe middle of the screen and it was in big,bold white writing, and every time it was thesame font, colour and size. Graphics