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Popular Chips - Influencer Marketing


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Corporate presentation of Popular Chips. We bring the Science behind any successful Influencer Marketing campaign.

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Popular Chips - Influencer Marketing

  1. 1. FOLLOW US The world’s first Influencer Search Engine and Analytics Solution. INFLUENCER MARKETING BASED ON NUMBERS NOT BY HEARSAY. 52% 67% 82% 35%
  2. 2. FOLLOW US Our Best Clients
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE We offer THE SCIENCE to achieve a successful Influencer Marketing Strategy. “Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!” - Sir A.C. Doyle
  4. 4. Don’t rely on “Reach” to judge your results: it’s a vague metric. Engagement, being the most difficult to achieve, shows true performance. Many brands do not know what to expect from an Influencer Marketing campaign. “Did it go well, did it go badly?” OUR SCIENCE IS PERFORMANCE Compare your strategies with your competitors’. Discover your weak points and enhance your campaign strategy. Recruit influencers who have already worked in your industry and performed greatly. KPIs ENGAGEMENT BENCHMARKING KNOW HOW TO JUDGE YOUR RESULTS LEARN FROM YOUR COMPETITORS REAL VALUE FOR YOUR CAMPAIGNS
  5. 5. Consultancy & Agency Hassle-free Influencer Marketing management. Self-Service Analytics SaaS Influencer Marketing Analytics platform. OPTION 1 YOU HAVE A STRONG SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM AND INFLUENCER MARKETING STRATEGY OPTION 2 YOU NEED SUPPORT IN MANAGING INFLUENCERS OR CREATING CONTENT HOW WE CAN COLLABORATE
  6. 6. ● The only platform able to provide detailed Demographic and Performance data about *any* influencer in the world. ● Improve your campaigns’ ROI quickly and effectively. ● Discover new influencers before other brands in your industry. ● Benchmark your competitors’ strategy. ● Your Digital, Social Media, PR and Art team can leverage on the platform to improve their day-by-day activities. OPTION 1: Self-Service Analytics platform
  7. 7. OPTION 2: Consultancy and Agency ● Submit a simple brief and let our Art Team create a powerful idea for your campaign. ● Have our Account Managers recruit & manage Influencers, ensure deadlines and produce extensive reports. ● Work with any influencer in the world: you are not limited to a portfolio. ● Receive real engagement, not just a good idea. TAKE A LOOK
  8. 8. FOLLOW US A 16M-Interaction Regional Campaign. OPTION 2
  9. 9. Popular Chips ran the Christmas Influencer Marketing campaign for RW Sentosa in ID, MY, PH, TH, VN and AU. Brands usually invest most of their Social Media budget on FB ADS. However, nowadays, Influencer Marketing allows to reach a wider audience at a fraction of the cost that you’d spend on FB campaigns. Resort World Sentosa 7.81M Interactions Generated on IG and FB. 28.7M Followers Reached by the campaign. $3.15M Value Total campaign value FOLLOW US Based on the $0.41 average spending per Engagement on FB ADS without including the cost for the creative work.
  10. 10. Based on average views & likes of Sponsored Videos published between the 14/10 and the 14/12 [2 months]. Thanks to the data gained from Popular Chips’ analytics platform, every KPI of the campaign was surpassed and exceeded. The success of the campaign wasn’t random: it was based on data! Resort World Sentosa 47 Times on “Top Posts” How many times the posts went viral on IG. 8.9M IG Stories Views From 38+ IG Stories FOLLOW US +116.14% Average KPI Video Views KPI: +102.3%. Video Likes KPI: +129.99%.
  11. 11. Resort World Sentosa - Example post FOLLOW US DATE: 17 Dec 2016 TYPE: On-Site Promo Video IG STATS: 1.19M Views +252.85% Avg. Video Ad 77.5k Likes +156.62% Avg. Video Ad Featured on “Top Posts” for: #luxuryspa #coupletreatment #qualitytime* #espa #rwsmoments *More than 5M posts
  12. 12. BENCHMARKING OTHER BRANDS: Our success wasn’t accidental. Last 2 months Brand: Intel Likes: 31.8 KPI: -56%.. Brand: Premios Likes: 35k KPI: -61%.. Brand: Esprecielo Allure Likes: 16.3k KPI: -78%.. Brand: Manis Indonesia Views: 87k KPI: -86%.. #TooExplicit #NoCreativeIdea #BadQuality #TooExplicit #BadCaption #NoInfluencer
  13. 13. Public reaction The audience of the various influencers received the sponsored posts with enthusiasm and curiosity stirring up conversations. Type of comment: - Influencers’ fans requesting more info on Santa’s All-Star Christmas and @RWSentosa; - Show of appreciation of the visual experience via text or emojis; - Tagging of friends to share the post with them; - Asking info on how to recreate the magical effect of the Christmas Postcards. SENTIMENT ANALYSIS: We managed to “wow” the influencers’ audience.
  14. 14. End-of-Campaign Report - Success Story FOLLOW US OPTION 1
  15. 15. Asics used Popular Chips to create an end-of-campaign report for the re-launch of “FuzeX” line in Italy. Campaign Report: 7 Influencers and 9 posts Asics #FuzeX 4.2M followers Analyzed. 21 Competitors Performance Comparison. 40 Charts Demographic Analysis. FOLLOW US
  16. 16. Measured the ROI obtained with the campaign; Identified potential areas for improvement (times to post, creatives, captions...); Benchmarked Competitors to find new performing influencers in few minutes; Excluded influencers who had less than 70% of their audience from Italy from future campaigns; Renewed contract with top performing influencers and in line with Asics’ demographic target. Top Achievements FOLLOW US "Popular Chips helped ASICS understand the ever-changing scenario of Influencer Marketing and to obtain the best possible ROI from our campaigns." Marco Viti - Consumer Marketing Associate at Asics
  18. 18. DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS Andrea Montovoli Marcello Sacchetta Only 28% from Italy
  21. 21. FOLLOW US Search & Compare - Success Story OPTION 1
  22. 22. Starwood Hotels & Resorts uses Popular Chips to: - search for new influencers for APAC campaigns; - quickly compare influencers and find the best one; - assess the quality of influencers’ audiences when they ask for complimentary stays in exchange of media promotions. Starwood Hotels & Resorts 10 countries Managed from a single dashboard. 50M followers Analized in real time. 34 Influencers Identified and engaged. FOLLOW US
  23. 23. Giveaway & Influencer Engagement - Success Story FOLLOW US OPTION 2
  24. 24. “Hotel Transylvania 2” Campaign To Promote Premiere on HBO Asia 5-Week Campaign: 3 Images + 1 Influencer Image + 1 Boomerang Video + 10 Celebratory Images. The influencer’s post went viral for the Hashtag #ProudDad which has ~1M posts. HBO Asia +1,600% Increase Follower Growth +170% Increase Average Likes +75% Increase Average Views FOLLOW US
  25. 25. Influencer’s Post (+23% Interactions) Boomerang video (+50% Interactions) BRAND EXPOSURE: Featured on Instagram’s Worldwide “TOP POSTS”
  26. 26. Creative Campaign - Success Story FOLLOW US OPTION 2
  27. 27. “Lethal Weapon” Campaign To Promote the Premiere on Warner TV 4-Week Campaign ( Data for the 1st Week as the campaign is still ongoing): The influencers’ posts went viral for the Hashtags #LethalWeapon, #TvSeries, #BestBuddies and #Friendship which has ~26M posts. Warner TV & HyppTV +2,100% Increase Follower Growth +232% Increase Average Likes 70K Gained Influencer Interactions VIDEO IN THE IMAGE FOLLOW US
  28. 28. SINGLE-POST ANALYSIS DATE: 12 Oct 2016 TYPE: Boomerang Video IG VIDEO VIEWS: 9.6k --> +47% of Influencer’s Avg. IG VIDEO LIKES: 4.8k --> +77% of Influencer’s Avg. Featured on “Top Posts” for: #LethalWeapon #Malaysia* #tv* #action* #boomerang* #video* #routine #freerunning #tvseries *More than 1,700,000 posts
  29. 29. BRAND EXPOSURE: Virality
  30. 30. CURIOUS? We live and breathe “mobile digital”. Hence, reaching us is not that difficult. You find us here: E-mail: WhatsApp: +65 8276 9401 Phone: +65 9077 3552 FOLLOW US