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Marketing on Instagram made right


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Marketing on Instagram made right.

6 Points to make your Instagram campaign successful:
- Why Instagram
- Adv VS personal touch
- Target = Audience
- The Celebrity Effect
- Going back to offline
- Ambassadors

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Marketing on Instagram made right

  1. 1. 9077 3552 PopularChips presents ADVERTISING ON INSTAGRAM MADE RIGHT WHY INSTAGRAM ADV vs PERSONAL TOUCH TARGET = AUDIENCE GOING BACK TO OFFLINE PERSONAL AMBASSADORS THE CELEBRITY EFFECT Why a reccomendation goes beyond traditional advertisement How a Celebrity can impact businesses and sales. When an Influencer becomes an Ambassador. Is Instagram the right medium for your campaign? Targeting the right audicnce is different from targeting a vertical. Why many brands choose Popup stores A Gimucco PTE LTD company
  2. 2. 3. YOUR TARGET IS THE AUDIENCE 1. WHY INSTAGRAM 400 Million Users 20% Internet users Worldwide $595M Mobile Adv Many Marketing Managers confuse the vertical of their campaign with the target of the campaign. The fact that, for example, you are trying to sponsor a Tech gadget doesn’t imply that the best influencer for your campaign is a Tech expert. On the opposite, you should look for an influencer with the right audience, despite the content they usually post. If I want to sponsor a brand new pair of shoes for teen-agers I could select a well known Singer for my campaign. If I want to sponsor the latest football mobile game I could work with a Car Enthusiast looking to target a 90% males audience. OLIVIA STONE / Account Manager The Visual focus brought to Instagram users is the perfect medium for any Advertising messages. The Image Social Network is widely diffused among all ages and interests, being used by well known celebrities in all fields and in all continents. People browse Instagram looking for stories, art and idols. They are naturally keen to receive suggestions about shopping or travel and always attracted by beautiful photos of products. Never Invasive Adv Sponsored posts naturally blend-in in Instagram all-visual layout, without ruining the user experience Looking for Inspiration Instagram posts are so effective because the audience they reach is looking for daily life inspiration : shopping, travel, etc. 2. ADV vs PERSONAL TOUCH Internet and mobile users are fed up with seeing advertising everywhere. Many use adblockers, Google is looking into monthly Subscriptions to remove Ads. That’s why having a real person vouching for a product/brand is today’s best way to reach new audience without being perceived as the same old banner. That’s why the personal touch an influencer gives while sponsoring a product on Instagram can be the difference between a negative and a positive ROI. KNOW YOUR TARGET Always identify your ideal audience and then select the right influencer for you. Try something different from your own vertical and be amazed by the results!
  3. 3. START TODAY YOUR SUCCESSFULL INSTAGRAM ADVERTISING WE CAN REACH 200M WORLDWIDE FOLLOWERS THANKS TO MORE THAN 700 INFLUENCERS CONTROL VIRAL . FITNES FASHION SERVICES MOBILE 4. THE CELEBRITY EFFECT Even if many of them have never been and will never be on TV, Instagram influencers are Celebrities. Having 100.000 people knowing you, following you and waiting for you to post is the exact definition of Celebrity. And being Celebrities means that their followers are fans. And fans are people really listening to their favorite stars’ suggestions. This is why the “Celebrity Effect” is so important and so strong while advertising with an influencer. You are actually using the bond between him/her and the fanbase so that the sponsored post effect is amplified, becoming stronger than any other Advertising technique and medium. 5. GOING BACK TO OFFLINE What if you could amplify the effect of your online campaign by intercepting offline audience as well? That’s the target of Celebrity-backed popup store, a great resource to bring new people, that you would have not reached online, to know your brand and products. It works this way: gather 2 or more celebrities and invite them to an event. During the event create a small showcase of your products and invite people to try them and take pictures with your celebrities. The echo of the popup store will grow both online and offline amplifying the overall campaign effect. 6. AMBASSADORS The next level of Advertising on Instagram is selecting your Ambassadors. While changing your stars often allows you to target a wider audience, “promoting” an influencer to Ambassador means a deeper relationship with his/her fans and thus a greater appeal for your products Sale, not just branding Celebrities advertising doesn’t effect just your brand awareness. The increase of sales of products is immediate, not a secondary effect. Our free consultancy service will guide you on understanding your targets and setup your first campaign