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Traajo en inglés sobre un viaje inventado a Italia

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  1. 1. Tour in Italy By Andrea Mesonero, Bianca Nitulescu, Manuel García, & Paloma Fernández
  2. 2. This is a fantastic trip in four italian cities for 9 days and 8 nights  Milan  Venice  Florence  Rome
  3. 3. Italy It´s in south of Europe, it’s climate is the mediterranian.  In Italty there are the Alpes one of the more mountainous system in Europe. 
  4. 4. Milan  It’s the biggest city of northem Italy, is the economical and industrial city.
  5. 5. Day two: In the morning go to Sempione Park is one of the most beautiful garden in Milan. In the afternoon you can go to shooping with our exclusive turistic guide .
  6. 6. Day one: In the morning you go to Duomo di Milano is the biggest gothic catedral in Milan. In the afternoon you visit Santa Maria del Grazie house.
  7. 7. Venice   It is in the north-east of Italy. The city is built in by 118 small islands and 455 bridges. Venice has got a legendary fame because his baggy artistic heritage
  8. 8. Day one: In the morning you visit S. Marcos Square, the only square and the principal turist destination in Venice. In the afternoon you also visit the Sant Marcos Basilic.
  9. 9. Day two In the morning you visit the Ducal Palace. It santd out for save Tintoretto and Veronesse pictures. In the night you go to Baver Palladio hotel and spa. You can try a trip in gondola.
  10. 10. Florence  Is in the north of Italy. Is the urban core where the Renaissane was originated. It’s one of the cities whith more art and more historical architecture of the world
  11. 11. Day one: In the morning you visit the Palazzo Vecchio. There you can find the David of Miguel Anguel and the Heroes and Caco created by Baccio Bandinelli In the afternoon you go to Academy Gallery. Inside you can see a lot of statues and pictures.
  12. 12. Day two: In the morning you can visit the Ufizzi Gallery, is the gallery most visited in Florence. There you see pictures like Venus’s Birth, Adoration the Magicians or Assumption.
  13. 13. Rome  Rome is the capital of Italy, it has the biggest concentration of historical and architectual buildings in the world. It has also Vatican city
  14. 14. Day one: In the morning go to the Trevi Fontain, it has a leyend: If you throw a coin, you’ll go again to Rome.  If you throw two, you’ll find love.  If you throw three, you’ll get married. You also visit the Roman Colesseum. It’s the biggest amphitheatre 
  15. 15.  In the afternoon you can take a stroll in Trasteve’s neighborhood where you can visit Santa Maria’s Basilic and the bohemian neighborhood
  16. 16. Second day: In the morning you visit the Panthenon of Agrippa and Roman Forum. In the afternoon you go to the Vatican city and then, you visit the Sistine Chapel.
  17. 17. Third day You spend all the morning in Trajan’s Market. It was the first covered city center. In the afternoon you take a plane to come back to Madrid.
  18. 18. Transport  In Milan, Venice and Florence you go by publics buses (included in price). In Rome you go to the places by underground (the turist fare are included in the price of the trip)
  19. 19. Food  In the meals you can eat our special picnics or you can try the delicious italian food like: Pizza  Risottil  Spaghetti  Tortellone 
  20. 20.  And for deserts: Torta di riso  Tiramisú 
  21. 21. Opinions   Anastasia, 26: I went to the trip and it was a fantastic journey, I was so happy I could die. That was amazing! The best place I’ve visited Bartolomé Torres, 67: I felt like I was in heaven when I went to Italy, If I could get married with a country I will do it with Italy.
  22. 22. Esmeralda Gracia: I had a fantastic train in the trip, I’ve learnt a lot of things of italy, I’d like to come back!! Sandro Rey: I’ve had really enjoyed the trip, my favourite part was Fontana de Trevi, I’ll find love.
  23. 23. Prices The total price (included all the excursions, meals, the hotels, and transport) Is about 1100€.