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Ali and andrea lost hero project


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Ali and andrea lost hero project

  1. 1. The Heroes Project By: Ali Jeglie and Andrea McPherson
  2. 2. HERO: Name and Appearance Name: May Summerlin Appearance: - blue eyes and radiant blonde hair awkwardly skinny 5 and a half feet tall 14 years old with dark freckles
  3. 3. Exposition - Daughter of Aura and Hades Aura; goddess of Summer breezes Hades; god of the Underworld May chooses light Hades; her father tried to kill her Hades now has an evil plan: to unleash a 2nd Pandora’s Box May’s quest is to stop it from opening The wind is her life long companion
  4. 4. Motivation and Trials Motivation: To find the rest of her history and along the way she discovers Hade’s evil plan and has to stop it. Trials: May faces her companion's (Coal; also son of Hades) traps, tricks, and ambushes. Also the new knowledge of her father was eating her alive.
  5. 5. Skills/Powers/Weapons Skills/Powers/Weapons: May has the ability to control wind and heat. She always keeps a magical whip and pocket knife. She is athletic.
  6. 6. Divine Intervention and Lesson Learned Divine Intervention: Although Aura left May, she watched and communicated with her with the help of nature. Lesson Learned: To always have hope and never be afraid to ask for help.
  7. 7. HERO’S ANTAGONIST: Appearance and Exposition Hero’s Antagonist: Coal; another son Hades Appearance: short black, spikey hair pale skin, muscular, and tall sea green eyes and thin eyebrows Exposition: Hades tried to kill May. Coal’s Mother tried saved May from Hade’s so, he killed her. Coal blames May for his mother’s death and wants his revenge.
  8. 8. Lost Hero Comparison Lost Hero Comparison: May has compassion like Piper. May is always caring for those in need. May is courageous like Jason. She overcame her fears of leaving her family to find her true ones. May has determination like Leo because Leo never gave up even when it seemed like everything was failing. May also has a strong determination.