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  1. 1. ABOUT ME SKILLS PHOTOSHOP ILLUSTRATOR INDESIGN LIGHTROOM VRAY/SKETCHUP AUTOCAD UI/UX DESIGN CSS/HTML SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT EDUCATION UNIVERSIDAD PONTIFICIA BOLIVARIANA Architect - 2010 Medellín - Colombia. “Rompiendo Tipologías” (Breaking typologies) Created a short film for an Art and Landscape Seminar part of the workshop “Te odio amo tanto” (I hate you-love you so much) Exploring feelings in Art and Architecture. Workshop held in Bogotá Colombia with architect Andrés Jaque as lectur- er 2007 AWARDS AND HONORS EL BUEN SABER SCHOOL 2014 (VIGIA DEL FUERTE, CO- LOMBIA) Winner of the following awards as part of the Design and De- velopment team with the infrastructure Secretariat for Antio- quia’s Governor for the architectural and social project. • X-biau iberoamerican architecture and urbanism biennale – 2016 Award • Lapiz de Acero (Steel Pencil Design award) - 2015 • Colombian Architecture biennale – 2014 LA CARLOTA GREEN METROPOLITAN PARK, VENEZUELA – INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC TENDER- 2012 Winner of the two rounds of the International Public Tender for Design and Development as a part of OPUS (Office for Urban Projects) MOMPOX ALBARRADA URBAN AXIS REVITALIZATION PROJECT-MINISTRY OF CULTURE 2010-2012 Winner of the International Public Tender for Design and Development of the project as a part of OPUS (Office for Urban Projects) I am a Visual Artist with editorial, web and graphic design experience, as well as a love for Illustration and all things botanical. I went to school for Architec- ture and have an extensive background in marketing and data visualization for urban projects and marketing. My unique background and depth of experience allows me to unite art and structure to create development and people-conscious designs that span all bussines verticals. ANDREA MARURI Visual Artist /
  2. 2. WORK EXPERIENCE YASHI – AD TECH / Junior Designer Toms River, NJ - July 2016 - Present. • Designed new graphics for marketing assets. • Updated existing sales materials to fit new design initiative. • Crafted new brand and style guides for upcoming year. • UI / UX Design and Development for RFP Generator tool. • Created assets for internal iOS application. CARTOGRAPHERS LTD / Graphic Editor Pine Beach, NJ - October 2015 - Present. • Designed tourism maps. •Created custom icons. • Implemented new typography standards for all marketing materials. • Updated cartography maps to reflect new locations. SANTAFE SHOPPING CENTER /Remote Freelance Designer Medellín, Colombia - 2012- Present. • Created concepts for various customer experience installations for the Events and Activities department. • Modeled and rendered Images for stakeholders. • Coordinated branding placement presentations for advertisers throughout the Shopping Center. • Illustrated and designed art applications for installations. LATITUD - CITY & ARCHITECTURE STUDIO / Head of Design Medellín, Colombia - June 2014- March 2015. • Directed the design for an editorial and informative booklet for the metropolitan project “Medellin River Botanical Park”. • Created style guide including cartography, iconography and infographics for several projects and booklets. • Illustrated infographics and maps for 2 booklets. • Coordinated research on urban metropolitan parks for 2 booklets. • Lead development for a technical details construction guide book for “Medellin River Botanical Park.” ANTIOQUIA GOVERNOR OFFICE / Graphic Artist Medellín, Colombia - June 2013- December 2013 • Designed marketing elements including posters and TV graphics for the Infrastructure Secretariat, Governor of Antioquia. • Designed infographics for various functionalities of infrastructure projects. • Planned show booths for the Infrastructure Secretariat from concept and design to logistics and construction. OPUS - OFFICE FOR URBAN PROJECTS / Graphic Artist Medellín, Colombia - September 2011- March 2013 • Created photo-realistic renderings of interior & urban architectural projects. • Designed custom logos and marketing materials for each architectural project. • Created presentations for stakeholders. • Designed infographics for various functionalities of each project. INTERIOR 137 / Graphic Artist and Architect Medellín, Colombia - January 2009- August 2009 • Illustrated of a children’s book with concepts for the entire town’s Christmas theme • Rendered and drew CAD designs for the Christmas lights in Envigado city 2009 CONTACT ME (732) 703-0084 - Pine Beach NJ ANDREA.MARURI@GMAIL.COM WWW.CARGOCOLLECTIVE.COM/ANDREAMARURI WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/ANDREAMARURI
  3. 3. VISUALIZATION These are some samples of my work on photo manipulation and 3D rendering to bring architectural projects to light. The selected images are a combination of renders and photos to portray realistic illustrations of how proposed projects would look in their environment. Image of the riverfront for Mompox Albarrada Urban Axis Revitalization Project /Mompox, Colombia Image of the San Francisco Square for Mompox Albarrada Urban Axis Revitalization Project /Mompox, Colombia Image of the San Francisco Square at night for Mompox Albarrada Urban Axis Revitalization Project /Mompox, Colombia
  4. 4. Image of la Carlota Green Metropolitan Park, Venezuela Aerial view of la Carlota Green Metropolitan Park, Venezuela
  5. 5. INFOGRAPHICS The following are samples of my work in data visualization and informative graphics, including cartography work and functionality research. Map of Antioquia showing infrastructure investment projects on 2014 /Antioquia, Colombia
  6. 6. Infographics explaining the existing and future ecosystem at la Carlota Green Metropolitan Park, Venezuela
  7. 7. VECTOR ART I created various icons to fit Yashi’s new branding guidelines. I designed a vast number of icons and vector art that established the base for the new marketing and sales materials, including a brand new template for all RFPs. Contextual Targeting Sequential Targeting Day-part Targeting
  8. 8. BRANDING & SOCIAL MEDIA I designed several marketing elements such as banner ads, present- ing decks, fact sheets, email marketing templates and assets for an internal iOS application. Yashi headquarters layout for internal company application. Banner ads for conference sponsorship. LOCATION FOCUSED FOR THE LOCALLY FOCUSED Location focused video BUILD YOUR BRAND, FIND YOUR AUDIENCE. Location focused video
  9. 9. OTHER BRANDING & SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECTS Bussines card, logo and social media management for Plastilina, children’s workshops Logo and graphic applications for Anana, Imported goods. Logo and bussines cards for Beatriz Bedoya realtor and travel agent. Talleres de actividades a mano para toda la familia Manualidades - Recetas - Reciclaje - Regalos Daniela Maruri B. Tel 3132108 Movil 3108947655
  10. 10. ART DIRECTION These are some samples of my work in art direction for social media and branding photography Fashion styling, art direction and logo design for Silica Handbags Photography by: Christian Bilos Styling, photography, art direction for social media and logo design for Herbolario Artisan Soaps
  11. 11. UI & UX I led a team of developers and served as the Project Manager and Lead Designer for Yashi’s automated RFP generator tool to create custom documents.My work included user interface, functionality, layout and wireframes for an 18-page RFP. Mockup for the generator tool form.
  12. 12. Left. Christmas ice skating rink. Right. Flower festival carpet. Below. Giant lighthouse and ball pit. INSTALLATIONS The shopping mall Santafe in Medellin, Colombia produces costumer experience installations every 3 months. I was commissioned to create the concept, design, art direction, graphic applications and realistic renderings for these installations.
  13. 13. Above. Valentine’s day maze. Below. Giant ball pit.