Top 10 Keyword Research Tips for Beginners by Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant


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Top 10 Keyword Research Tips for Beginners by Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant, Andrea Kalli.

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Top 10 Keyword Research Tips for Beginners by Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant

  1. 1. Presented By Andrea KalliTop 10 KeywordResearch Tips for Beginners
  2. 2. #1: Use Keyword Tools WiselyRecognize that keywordtools are just anotherresource and concentrateon your target reader andher needs.Find keywords she isactually using to searchwith -- keywords that willbring you the greatestreturn on investment.
  3. 3. #2: Listen to the ConversationYour target audience givesyou plenty of clues aboutkeywords including blogcomments, forums, socialnetworks, emails, supportrequests and complaints.Look for patterns.
  4. 4. #3: Read Amazon ReviewsGetting into the habit of studying marketplaces likeAmazon will give you a feel for categories and trendsthat are hot, improving your keyword intuition.
  5. 5. #4: Keywords that Inspire PurchasePeople have a million reasons for browsingonline, but you need keywords that ignite yourtarget customer into rushing to open her wallet.
  6. 6. #5: “Related to” SearchesParticularly when you are just startingkeyword research for hot campaign,post or product ideas, checkingGoogle’s “related search” suggestionscan fast-track the process.
  7. 7. #6: Optimize for MobileSearchers on mobile useadditional words PC usersoften don’t, so make sureyou factor these into yourkeyword searches, if yoursis a mobile market.Words like “near”,“coupons”, “compare” etc.are common in mobilesearches.
  8. 8. #7: Search SuggestionsAs you enter keywords into Google, itprovides a list of suggested keywords thatuse the words you’ve entered.
  9. 9. #8: Interact DailySocial media posts provideclues to:• Topics your nichemembers are passionateabout right now• Words and phrases thatappear multiple times• Keyword and Title ideasfor problems not addressed
  10. 10. #9: What are Their Questions?Try WordTracker’s Keyword Questions Tool tofind the answers you’re looking for.
  11. 11. #10: Join a Facebook GroupFocused Facebook Groupsfrequently yield betterquality keywords and ideas,being niche-related. Plusyou are building arelationship with yourcommunity while youengage and explore.
  12. 12. Do Any of These Resonate with You?•Do you struggle with building your platform, getting noticed, and becomingknown as the expert in your topic?•Do you sometimes feel that you need a better plan to grow your list, or nurtureand engage your audience?•Do you wish you could stop trading time for dollars, and turn your content intoprofitable products?•Are you feeling paralyzed by technology and implementation overwhelm?Whatever you want to call us, what we do is IMPLEMENT. We help youbrainstorm, plan, organize, build, market, and maintain your online business.Let my team help you with the overwhelm, technology, & implementation.Andrea Kalli – Online Internet Marketing Services
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  14. 14. Let’s Get Strategic About Marketing!Andrea Kalli – Online Internet Marketing Services