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Cegled tancsics cities of the future#SciChallenge2017

The presentation lists the biggest problems our environment has to face: air and water pollution, and incorrect waste management. Beside the introduction of these challenges Hungarian sights are shown which are less affected by them or where the battle against pollution is already underway.
The second goal of the project is to draw attention to the possible solutions: the aims of the Paris Agreement, and how us, primary school students can contribute to saving the planet.

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Cegled tancsics cities of the future#SciChallenge2017

  1. 1. CITIES OF THE FUTURE #SCICHALLENGE2017 Created by: Gergo Hegyi, Arpad Dancso, Simon Goz Teacher: Andrea Jozanne Kamuti Tancsics Mihaly Elementary School, Cegled, Hungary - Principal: Gabor Rimoczi
  2. 2. Town of Cegled, Hungary Source:
  3. 3. Air Pollution Source:
  4. 4. Source:
  5. 5. Source:
  6. 6. Solutions to Air Pollution  finding the sources of air pollutants  reduction of air pollutant emission  collaboration of governments  personal level: drive and fly less, recycle
  7. 7. Least Polluted Areas of Hungary Fatyol Waterfall, Hungary Source: Josvafo, Hungary Source:
  8. 8. Town of Nagykoros, Hungary Source:
  9. 9. Water Pollution Causes of water pollution  disposing of sewage  chemical fertilizers which drain into rivers and seas and add to the fertilizing effect of the sewage  waste water  chemical waste  radioactive waste  oil pollution  plastics
  10. 10. Oil Pollution Source:
  11. 11. Wastewater in China Source: Heavily Polluted Citarium River, Indonesia Source:
  12. 12. How to Stop Water Pollution  education: making people aware of the problem  laws: establishing local and international laws that protect rivers crossing countries, seas spanning whole continents  "Polluter Pays" principle: whoever causes pollution should have to pay to clean it up
  13. 13. Industrial Waste Water Treatment Source: szennyviztisztitas/ Waterworks of Debrecen, Hungary Source: http://www.debreceni-
  14. 14. Danube Bend, Hungary Source:
  15. 15. Waste Management Urban Trash Source: Overloaded Recycling Bins Source: vasarhely/4470/nagy_a_szemet
  16. 16. Waste Hiearchy - "3 Rs"  Reduce: second-hand products, repairing broken items, designing products to be refillable or reusable, avoid using disposable products  Re-use: biological reprocessing (composting), energy recovery, pyrolysis, resource recovery  Recycling: the collection and reuse of waste materials from which the items are made can be reprocessed into new products
  17. 17. Recycling Bins in Hungary Source: Composting at Home Source:
  18. 18. Green Packaging Source: Selecting Plastic Source: MTI/Kallos Béla
  19. 19. Paris Agreement Representatives of the Signing Countries Source: http:// cs The agreement was negotiated by representatives of 195 countries and adopted on 12 December 2015. Aims:  pursue efforts to limit temperature increase  adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change and fostering climate resilience and low greenhouse gas emissions development  financial support of low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development
  20. 20. Global Warming Affecting Wildlife Source: CO2 Emission Source:
  21. 21. Turtle Stuck in Plastic Source: Desertification Source:
  22. 22. Ecofriendly Students of Our School
  23. 23. "I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." - Lily Tomlin
  24. 24. 3005/cities-of-the- future?c=rnhsEh