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From ego-centered to user-centered design of gamification

The features of our gamification application for libraries based on a user research, a lot of feedback and some hyper-creative meetings

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From ego-centered to user-centered design of gamification

  1. 1. From ego-centered to user-centered design of gamification Mgr. Andrea Hrčková, PhD. Bc. Andrej Garaj
  2. 2. Gamification Gamefulness
  3. 3. Book Clash Multiplayer or single quiz Book World Visualization of personal or global statistic Full shelf Compulsory reading application “I think”
  4. 4. EGO FEEDBACK 2016
  5. 5. 2014 “I think” 2016 “What people need”
  6. 6. Young people
  7. 7. Empathy mapping “What do you feel?” “What do you do?” “What do you think?” What is difficult to overcome?
  8. 8. Results: What do readers like? - connecting and comparing information they read with their reality - thinking about values
  9. 9. Results: What do gamers like? - the possibility to evolve, discover, cooperate or to destroy / kill the enemies. - striving to gain the final objective, adrenaline
  10. 10. Most important for gamers and readers: EMOTIONS
  11. 11. - feeling of thrill and conflict - identification with the character - to build or to see something new - immersion to the story
  12. 12. Pains: - the senselessness (missing purpose) - bad graphics - difficult text and cliche
  13. 13. Feature for thrill, killing: Killing daemons of stupidity
  14. 14. Evolution feature: Spirit
  15. 15. Explorers feature: new books on the map, cleaning and completing the quiz EXCELLENT
  16. 16. Social feature: Best thoughts on book Best thought With big power goes big responsibility
  17. 17. Impact on quality of life?
  18. 18. Our team Words Words Boss Boss IT Code Code Ilustration Coffee
  19. 19. ~