Wordpress 101 for PR Students


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Wordpress 101 for PR Students

  1. 1. COMM 2337 Blog Blog BlogWordpress101 Class 2 Fall 2011 FYI: Wordpress is a platform. So is Blogger, Live Journal, Tumblr etc.@AndreaGenevieveandream@stedwards.edu
  2. 2. COMM 2337 Why Blog?Wordpress • Relevant101 • Interesting Class 2 • Unique Fall 2011 • Timely • Conversation You have something to say!@AndreaGenevieveandream@stedwards.edu
  3. 3. COMM 2337 Before You StartWordpress * Is this something I see * How often will I101 myself doing long term? publish? * Is it s Need Vs. * What will the main Class 2 purpose of my blog Want? Fall 2011 * Do I have a niche? be? * Is my blogging more * What about of a hobby or does it competition? have some *Consider style, format, professional look, feel, language, application? theme * Do I foresee putting * Who are my readers? ads on my blog?@AndreaGenevieveandream@stedwards.edu
  4. 4. COMM 2337 What’s Next?Wordpress101 Class 2 Fall 2011 • Sign up for a blog at Wordpress.com • Choose a name that represents YOU • Email it to me@AndreaGenevieve • Choose your look and feelandream@stedwards.edu • Write your first entry
  5. 5. COMM 2337 Semester AssignmentWordpress • Publish once a week-due each Tuesday101 • Write at least 3 paragraphs with 2 links • Subject MUST pertain to the PR industry or Class 2 what we are covering in class. (Special Fall 2011 event recaps, article reviews, PR News) • Helpful sources include PR Week, PR Squared,BrianSolis.com, PRNewser, Marketing Daily or PRSarahEvans. Hint: check Delicious.com/AndreaGenevievePR@AndreaGenevieveandream@stedwards.edu
  6. 6. COMM 2337 Commenting • You will make 4 comments throughout the semester.Wordpress • To track comments, create ONE page of your blog and name it Class Comments.101 • Copy and paste your comment and include a descriptive sentence about the post you Class 2 commented on, with a link back to that individual blog post. For example: Fall 2011 “After we learning about social media and new media communication last week Jane wrote about her privacy concerns with regards to Twitter and PR. I thought she had some solid points, but disagreed with parts of her argument on the privacy issues of social media. This is the comment I left on her blog:COPY PASTE COMMENT HERE” • Comments should be constructive additions to the original post or feedback related to the post.@AndreaGenevieve UNACCEPTABLE: “Great post! I really liked yourandream@stedwards.edu ideas.”
  7. 7. COMM 2337 Find Your VoiceWordpress Blog Entry #1: How to write:101 •Authentic What is PR in your •Conversational Class 2 own words and Fall 2011 •Familiar vocabulary give me an example. Tell me •Inviting why you are taking •Message matters most this course. •Start short, sweet and small@AndreaGenevieveandream@stedwards.edu
  8. 8. COMM 2337 TipsWordpress Tom8williams: @AndreaGenevieve101 Be real. Write blogs that are open ended and invite comments. Remember future Class 2 employers may read their stuff. #blog Fall 2011 Eglue: @AndreaGenevieve Be consistent with the frequency of publishing your work. write a piece once a week, every week, youll be top 1% of all the blogs on the web. Search engines notice. #blog@AndreaGenevieveandream@stedwards.edu
  9. 9. COMM 2337 CreditsWordpress101 Andrea Genevieve Michnik Intro to PR COMM 2337 Class 2 St. Edwards University- Fall 2011 Fall 2011 E-mail: andream@st.edwards.edu @AndreaGenevieve All photos protected under Flickr Creative Commons@AndreaGenevieveandream@stedwards.edu