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Andrea cobo


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Tips on caring for the environment.

Published in: Environment
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Andrea cobo

  1. 1. Tipsoncaringfor the environment. Andrea Cobo 2° B
  2. 2. Do not waste fuel in vain.  Walk and breathe fresh air.
  3. 3. Recycle and decorate.  You can cut a jar of juice and make a picker.
  4. 4. Use biodegradable bags
  5. 5. Dont turn on electrical appliances until you use them.
  6. 6. ¡Close the key!  Avoid keeping the faucet open while you brush your teeth.
  7. 7. Compost.  ¡Return your organic waste to where it belongs, to the earth!
  8. 8. Plant trees in your garden and community.
  9. 9. Solar panels.
  10. 10. Avoid using disposable items. Take with you your own cup or water bottle. Cloth shopping bags. Uses rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones.
  11. 11. Do not waste food.