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DSpace and IIIF: Effective use of IIIF with DSpace


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DSpace is the world-leading open-source repository platform with more than 2200 installations. DSpace allows easy management of digital assets, with web UIs to upload, describe and access content. 4Science added IIIF capabilities to DSpace, through a dedicated add-on, so that images and image collections can be accessed and shared with a IIIF viewer. Out-of-box, an enhanced version of the Universal Viewer client is integrated, providing smooth access to the images archived in DSpace. The add-on can embed any IIIF Image API servers such as Digilib, IIPImage, etc. and implements the IIIF Image API, IIIF Presentation API, IIIF Search API. The DSpace DRM policies defined for the single image or collection (open access, embargo, reserved access) are enforced in the IIIF player. DSpace has also be enriched with other relevant modules such as a PDF viewer, OCR, audio/video streaming.

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DSpace and IIIF: Effective use of IIIF with DSpace

  1. 1. DSpace and IIIF Effective use of IIIF with DSpace
  2. 2. …an active developer in the open scholarly field since 2004 …a strong advocate of the DSpace platform, committer and Lead of the REST API sub-team for DSpace 7 …CTO of 4Science an official DSpace Registered Service Provider …a proud member of the COAR Next Generation Repository Working Group …the deputy leader of the euroCRIS CERIF & ArchitectureTask Group Who I am? Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  3. 3. Many projects struggle creating IIIF Manifest with manual or semi-automatic process…difficult to update, improve, maintain; lack of additional features: LTP, authNZ Some specialized software can help but they work only on digitalized content or images making them another data silos… IRs are already in place, no additional costs to adopt them also for images collections Why use the Institutional Repository Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  4. 4. DSpace Open source solution (BSD 3-Clause license) Community driven - Committers group (Technology) - Steering committee (Strategy) Under the umbrella of the Duraspace Foundation The most used repository platform in the World (more 2200 known installations) DSpace-CRIS is an extension of DSpace available with the same license featured for Research Management Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  5. 5. Easy to use and maintain (cost effective) Accurate description (metadata) High web visibility (SEO) Suitable for self-archiving or proxy archiving Validation and approval workflow Digital preservation (OAIS compliant & integrations) Persistent Identifiers,Versioning Interoperability (OAI-PMH, SWORD, REST, etc.) DSpace: key characteristics Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  6. 6. 4Science IIIF Image Viewer Addon IIIF Compliant 1. Presentation API 2. Image API 3. Search API 4. Authentication API (soon)
  7. 7. DSpace item with “see online option”
  8. 8. Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017 Offering an integrated Universal Viewer player
  9. 9. IIIF Image API allows a smooth interaction with the image files Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  10. 10. IIIF Presentation API generated on the fly using the metadata of the item and the bitstreams Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  11. 11. Bitstreams metadata Hierarchical ToC An example from a PDF document offered as a complex package of page-image Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  12. 12. Link images with their textual transcription / OCR Indexing standard format (hOCR) in a webannotation server to supply IIIF Search API Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  13. 13. Side by side – image vs text using an additional OCR panel Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  14. 14. Access to the original file is controlled by DSpace Can use any IIIF compliant image server (tested with Digilib, Cantaloupe, IIPImage) – security enforced by DSpace Preprocessing of NEF, CR2 raw formats or PDF file to use with the image server – using DSpace curation tasks Integration with OCR Engine (Tesseract, Abby, etc.) Limit max allowed resolution for anonymous users, normal users, special users Link with ecommerce solution for print, HQ copies Integration with collaborative transcription platform Other features Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  15. 15. An innovative Open Business Model #makeITopen Our Addons is proposed to partner Institutions for a small contribution to cover our investment in R&D. Once the target is reached the addons will be released as open source for the whole community All in a transparent way (example for the IIIF ImageViewer): - Single contribution to access and use the code €5,000 - Adopters listed on the website - €150K to release (BSD-3) the current code and the planned roadmap
  16. 16. We have joined the UniversalViewer conversation on GitHub proposing a new panel to visualize text side-by-side with the image (OCR Panel: PR#424) We are using the DBMDZ IIIF Presentation JAVA API library contributing back our findings (better support for 2.1) We are advocating pro-IIIF - in the Repository communities proposing it as a suitable technology for knowledge sharing and reuse. It is our recommendation for the NGR COAR TG - in the CRIS /VRE community proposing it as the standard to deal with research images How we collaborate with the IIIF community Andrea Bollini, 4Science - IIIF Annual Meeting 2017
  17. 17. Thanks for your attention Andrea Bollini <> mobile: +39 333 934 1808 skype: a.bollini linkedin: andreabollini orcid: 0000-0002-9029-1854