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Sport activities north sardinia (2)


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Sport Activities in all Sardinia by F.A. Travel, the leading specialist of Incentives and events.

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Sport activities north sardinia (2)

  1. 1. SPORT ACTIVITIES NORTH SARDINIA Discover all the activities that F.A. Travel can organize for groups and individuals. Explore the possibilities offered by Sardinia thanks to its best specialistFollow Us on our Social Networks:
  2. 2. Sport Activities North Sardinia
  3. 3. Active Jeep TourStep n. 1The group will be divided into ----- teams of ---- (----- jeeps, each one carrying 6 people).All the participants will bebriefed and will receive the first part of the road book, a road map and a questionnaire which will help them find the siteand also the exact place where the missing pieces of the map and of the road book has been hidden. Using these new‘clues’, they will be able to discover the next place and so on, up to the last one. There will be 3 legs in total, then theywill get to the final location where they will find a camp prepared for the team building sessions.Step n. 2In turn, 2 participants for each team (mini-team), chosen by their team-mates for their aptitudes abilities, will have toface and to pass a series of road tests that will make them score points and continue the game. If a mini-team does notpass the test, another mini-team will take over to complete the tests and will lead the team to the final target.NB. The client can choose between 3 of 5 different activities for the mini-team; the activities will have to becommunicated before the beginning of the tests session. Otherwise, the teams will have to cast lots by choosing anenvelope containing a list of 3 tests to pass, for example: SUV driving, lighting up a fire, cable-car descending. The listcould be the same for all the teams or a series of different tests for each team.The available activities are:SUV blindfolded driving, Archery, Cable-car descending, Lighting up a fire, Climb an obstacle, Climb up a wall, astockade or up a tree supported by 2 team-mates and by using some tools (that they will find at the camp).The step 1 activity will help the participants to get organized, to learn how to read a map, to orient themselvesgeographically in the field and, in turn, to appoint one of them as the “navigator”, who will have to lead the jeep driver toeach leg in order to find the right location hiding the missing piece of the map, the road book and the instructions whichwill lead the team to the final destination.The step 2 activity will give them the opportunity of challenging themselves, will make them choose who, among all ofthem, is the most suitable to pass the tests and to create the team that will face each challenge. As a final result, theywill have gained a strong team spirit, created a real working team and acquired the ability of problem-solving in new anddifferent contests with respect to their work.Included in the price: jeep + driver for the teams, jeep for the staff, road book, maps and questionnaire, tools for the 5road tests, assistants/instructors during the tests, organization and assistance, Fridge on the jeep with natural andsparkling waterSoft drinks and a little Sardinian snack for a break during the tests, RC InsuranceNot included:possible extras, what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”.
  4. 4. Off-Road Driving CourseDriving a SUV, a powerful quad or a giant military vehicle in a racetrack full of obstacles: we are challenging you totest your nerves and your off-road driving skills to the limit.After a detailed briefing with expert drivers, who will explain some off-road driving techniques, the participants willwalk along the track for a check of the path and of the obstacles. Crash helmet on, seat belts fastened and they willbe ready to start the thrilling experience of the off road driving.The available vehicles will be several Polaris quads or similar, Land Rover Defender and 2 powerful ACL 75 4x4previously owned by the Italian Army.The price includes:off-road vehicles (quad, jeep, truck), off-road vehicles for assistance/organization, driving instructors, assistants,racetrack set up, RC insuranceNot included:possible extras, transfers from the Hotel to the racetrack, what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “Itincludes”.
  5. 5. Quad TourQuad tour to discover the most evocative places of North Sardinia.Travel over the long tracks that wind their way through villages and stazzi(typical Sardinian holdings) and through the green countryside of Gallura,covered by cars and motorbikes during the world championship races whichtake place here twice a year.Riding a powerful quad, our guests will discover the inaccessible creeks or themountainside of the Limbara, which offers a wonderful panoramic view on thenorthern area and on Corsica. An enjoyable way to visit the most unspoiledareas, out of the most common means of transportation’s reach. Prices include: quad for one or for two people, crash helmets, gloves andglasses, bulldozer and broom, mechanical assistancefirst full tank , RC insuranceNot included:possible extras, possible damages caused by incorrect use of the quad, whatis not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”.
  6. 6. Jeep, Quad and Adventure CampThe group will be divided into different working teams. Then, the participants willride the SUVs and, using the road book, will cover the winding, bumpy, dirty tracksof Gallura, immersed in a variegated greenery adorned with the famous,monumental granite monolith. The instructions, together with the capacity to“understand” the territory and to read the maps, will lead the teams – in acompletely independent way- to the location where the adventure camp has beenset up.The first team will face the tests driving the quads inside a racetrack and gettingthrough some obstacles. The second team will have to solve a brain teaser byusing intellectual and practical skills; finding the solution, the team will get the SUVkeys to face the next test, which will consist in blindfold (imperative) driving. Thedriver will have to rely completely on the navigator at his side, who will have to givehim all the necessary instructions to go through the set route. The third team willstart with a precision archery competition, while the fourth one will have to face anadventure racetrack where they will have to cross a Tibetan bridge, walk throughseveral tracks using ropes and get through an obstacle using a Tyrolean cable car.All the teams will take turns to face each test during the entire day. It will be a realwork-in-team experience, where each team will try to get a high score and get thebest result. The company’s goal is to create a strong team spirit in order to achievea specific result, especially when inside the company people having differentoffices and tasks have to work in team to reach different goals.Price includes: SUV+ driver for jeep tour, SUV for assistance/organization, Roadbooks and maps, Quad-bikes, SUV for blindfolded driving, Technical equipment(bows, ropes, adventure camp etc.), Adventure camp/racetrack set up, Instructors,Assistants, Fridge with water on board SUV, Soft drinks and Sardinian snack (testcamp), Paramedical assistance and an ambulance, RC insurance.Not included: possible extras, what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “Itincludes”.
  7. 7. Kajak treasure huntThe participants will be divided into teams and will choose between single and double kayaks.After checking the nautical/topographical chart and examining the rules, the treasure hunt will begin. Using the map,answering the questions and solving all the enigmas, the participants will find the clues that will help them find thetreasure, hidden inside the mysterious isles and beaches of Sardinia. This programme can also be complemented witha meal in a restaurant or agritourism, or else with a typical meal on the beach.Price includes:Kayaks, Map, nautical/topographical chart, clues, Rescue equipment, Assistance at sea with raftAssistants, RC insuranceNot included:possible extras, what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”..
  8. 8. Orienteering and treasure hunt on zodiacs Step 1) The group is divided into teams (6 people for each raft). After a detailed and exhaustive briefing ashore, the participants will receive a compass, nautical charts, instructions for orienteering and for the treasure hunt. The team will leave on board rafts (there will be a supervisor- skipper on board each raft); the participants will have to give instructions to the skipper in order to find the clues that will lead them to the different check points (there will be some lanterns with pliers to prove their passage through each point) and so on, until they find the hidden treasure. After 2 hours’ sail, the teams will be divided into 2 groups, each of which will have to reach the shores of 2 different isles; once landed, the participants will have to follow the instructions on the maps and the quizzes, will have to find 7 treasure chests on each isle (hidden under the sand or under the sea) containing fragmented informations useful to find the last treasure chest hidden on another isle. Step 2) Once they have found all the treasure chests, the teams will have to put together all the clues to obtain the final map, which will lead them to the island that hides the big treasure. The activity does not end up here. The participants, in turn, will have to give the right instructions to the skipper in order to take their crews back home. It is possible to create a sort of huge ‘snake’ made of boats, but each one would have to take turns leading the would be a great responsibility! First of all, this activity will give the participants the opportunity to organize each team’s work in order to find the seven treasure chests hidden on one of the archipelago’s islands; then, they will have to join their forces to find the island where the big treasure is buried.The activity can last an entire day, so in this case there will be also the possibility to complement this offer with catering service and buffet on the beach.. it’s up to you!Price includes: rafts+ skipper for the teams, raft for organizing staff, maps, nautical charts, questionnaire, compasses, shovels, treasure chests, orienteering equipment, assistants/instructors during the activities, organization and assistance, fridge with natural and sparkling water on board rafts, soft drinks and Sardinian snack on the treasure island, fuel for the rafts, RC insuranceNot included: extra fuel for rafts, what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”.
  9. 9. Survival TechniquesThe group will travel by jeep to the inlands parts of the gallurian countryside. Then it will be divided intoteams which, in turn, (supported by one instructor for each team) will have to face 8 different tests.The teams will have to understand how to use, modify and assemble different objects that, later, will benecessary to overcome some natural obstacles. For example, they may have to build a punt and cross alake by using ropes, timber and barges…or make a cable car to move across a natural obstacle like acanyon, or else build a Tibetan bridge to allow their teams to cross a river or a cleft easily.We could also create specifically a bumpy racetrack with several natural obstacles: to overcome them, theteams will have to find the right solution and, using the tools that have been given to them at the beginning,will have to create the instruments that will allow them to go ahead, travelling across the countryside toreach the final target (i.e. the jeeps to go back to the hotel, hidden in some place in the country).The company goal is to create a team spirit among the participants, cooperation between people notknowing each other, to use human resources in borderline situations in order to reach a common goal farfrom a normal working environment.The activities that can be included in a specific racetrack with obstacles are:to build a punt, to build a Tibetan bridge, to build a cable car, to make a zip lining, to climb up a wall / astockade, to cross a river, to overcome an obstacle using the double rope technique, to overcome anobstacle using the “liana” technique.Of course the client can choose only a few of the activities mentioned before and include somethingdifferent, more funny and easy like:light up a fire, search for water, water filtering systems, cook some foods, build a shelter, orientation withoutinstrumentsPrices include: jeep+ driver for round trip transfer, 1 jeep for organizational staff ,Equipments and tools for practical tests, Assistants / instructors for practical tests,Logistics organization and assistance, Security equipment,Medical and paramedical assistance, Soft drinks and 1 Sardinian snackduring the tests, RC insuranceNot included: Possible extras, what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”.
  10. 10. Night CampEverything is more exciting and, talking about team building activities, even more productive, if it happens by night. Wewill set up a night camp where the participants will march, stay in a bivouac, cook, search for water, overcome obstaclesand reach a goal…each team will have its specific goal to reach for collective survival.We will provide the professional technical equipments and tools like tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, camp restrooms,camping kitchens to satisfy up to 250 paxes per group.Professional 2- 10 persons tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, camp restrooms, running water, camping kitchens, tablesand benches, lighting, typical Sardinian dinner, drinks (water, Cannonau wine, coffee, mirto and brandy), licences (forestl., city council l., security forces l.), staff, medical assistance on site, RC insuranceNot included: Possible extras, what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”.
  11. 11. MultiactivityThe group is divided into teams. The teams will have to exchange theirroles, taking turns at facing each mountain bike clock test in a racetrackfull of obstacles. The activities are, for example: clock tests, kayak relayin the sea or in a lake, precision archery.The tests will take place inside a racetrack for orienteering , where theteams – using topographical maps and compasses- will have to orientthemselves in a particular area full of cork woods and covered withmaquis, find the check points and pass the sport tests. The participantswill be constantly followed by expert trainers and referees who will checktime and regularity of the tests.A work in team activity, where each group defies each other to realizethe best performance.The company goal is to create a team spirit to reach a common goal,specifically when, inside the company, the employees have to work inteam to reach different goals.Price includes: 1 jeep for organizational staff, Sports equipment forpractical testsAssistants/instructors during practical tests, Logistics organization andassistanceSecurity equipment, Medical and paramedical assistance on site, Softdrinks and 1 Sardinian snack during the tests, RC insuranceNot included: Possible extras, what is not explicitly mentioned in theparagraph “It includes”
  12. 12. Climbing and RappelingSardinia is a real natural gym to learn the secrets of motor intelligence, butit is also necessary not to be in short of it to overcome the difficulties thatthese walls, canyons and cliffs may offer….difficulties that requiressomething very different from muscular force! Here is the charm of climbingand rappelling…always immersed into the wonderful Sardinian scenery.Granite, limestone, harness, helmet and ropes, together with courage anddetermination: these are the magical ingredients to feel the emotions thatthese extreme sports may provoke.Everyone will have the chance to learn how to climb a rocky wall, descendby double rope from a cliff or from a mountain top, in complete safety andfollowed by qualified instructors.Only in extremely difficult situations we are really able to give our best:these are certainly the sports that bring character and determination out ofeach member and of the entire team.Price includes: logistics organization and assistance, technical and safetyequipment, paramedical assistance on site+ ambulance, instructors, RCinsuranceNot included: Possible extras, transfers to/from the site, what is notexplicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”.
  13. 13. Sardinian Cooking StageA whole day of testing and tasting the simple, healthy, traditional Sardinian cuisine. Apron and chef’s hat on,everyone will take his seat and a Sardinian chef will explain how to cook some of the typical Sardinian dishes:appetizers (cheese, cold cuts and vegetables); first courses, mainly handmade pasta (malloreddus, ravioli filledwith ricotta or cheese); ‘poor food’ (pane frattau and zuppa Gallurese); some different sauces to dress the firstcourses; meat-based second courses (roast pork, game, boiled meat dressed with local spices, stew).To conclude, there will be traditional pastries like pabassinos, pan’e sapa, amaretti, almond pastries, ricottapastries and typical liqueurs like mirto and limoncello.This day will put your cooking abilities to test..or it will improve your skills as tasters!Just one suggestion: be careful with your silhouette!Price includes: structure/kitchen for the stage, chef , foods and tools, lunch at the restaurant, RC insuranceNot included:- Possible extras, translators, - what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”.
  14. 14. SherpherdsA day with the shepherds to capture the secrets of their hard job.Guests will drive the sheeps into the pen and will learn the manual milking. They will have to turn milk intocheese and ricotta, to feed all the animals ... and then at the table to enjoy a delicious typical lunch!
  15. 15. Mini Olimpic games on the beachThe group will be divided into teams, and the participants will take turns at facing different tests and activities on thebeach. At first, the participants will have to choose between different recreational and sport activities, then thecompetition will start. Each team will have to complete the activities to get a high score, and in the end, the refereeswill determine the sum of the scores of each team’s athletes. The best teams will be awarded on the podium.Activities and sports:water pipe and run against time: the participants must fill a huge punctured pipe to recover some objects on itsinside..running against time while water flows!Snorkelling and mysterious object’s recovery: scuba mask and snorkel on, some members of each team willhave to recover from the seabed a series of objects and give them to their team mates on the beach in order toassemble the pieces and discover what the mysterious object is.Kayaks’ relay: a thrilling sprint race on a kayak…. nothing special, but for the peculiar baton that the teams willhave to exchange in the water….that baton is their kayak!Archery: 10 stations and qualified instructors who will lead our new Robin Hoods to hit the marks with every singlearrows.Tug-of-war: the most classical game to play on the beach, but if at one side of the rope there’s the generalmanager or the human resources’ chief…that could become more interesting!Sack relay: a sack-running battle on the beach where 10 participants for each team will have to jump inside theirsacks and cover a 50 meters’ distance to win.St. Anthony’s sticks: speed, balance and coordination are the required skills for this game.The shepherd and the herd: do you know how the shepherds manage to take the sheep to their fold? We will tellyou how, but will your ‘sheep’ be able to understand the signals?I can read your skin: knock-out competition. Expressive and drawing skills on one hand, interpretation and insightskills on the other hand are the ‘instruments’ required.’s a child’s play!The giant brainteaser: all the players will have to complete the game in a short time…it seams easy..but….
  16. 16. Beach games: Exciting programme based on creativity, manual ability and team gamesUlysses and his men, as a consequence of a storm, have landed unharmed on the broken coasts of an ancient islandin the centre of the Mediterranean sea, at a very short distance from the Pillars of Hercules: the legendary Ichnusa.Together, they will have to find a way to create a new fleet using only a few things available on the island to go backhome. Will they succeed?The participants will be provided with a series of object that, together with their creativity, inventiveness and especiallywith their spirit of cooperation, will allow them to build an entire fleet. Of course the boats must be launched and beable to pass the navigation test!This programme includes the following activities: building of the boats with different materials, ability tests (practical),navigation at seaPrice includes: organization / logistics and technical support, transfer with GT coach from the hotel to the site, rafts forassistance at sea, lifeguards, 1 animator / assistant for each teamequipment to build the boats and propulsion tools, soft drinks on site, medical and paramedical assistance+ ambulanceon site, RC insuranceNot included: Possible extras, what is not explicitly mentioned in the paragraph “It includes”.
  17. 17.