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Human Design Intro for Projectors


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"Human Design is the Science of Differentiation. It is a new system of self-knowledge that differs fundamentally from anything else that exists in the world today. It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system which offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out for yourself if it works for you." ~@MyBodygrpah

I'm a certified Human Design Professional Living Your Design Guide and Analyst Student. I spent the majority of my life buried in self-help and self-improvement books and courses, mixed in with a healthy dose of trial-and-error discoveries of what doesn't work. Human Design was something I found that works! I am a 3/5 Emotional Projector. I have the pleasure of writing Human Design content for Jovian Archive and MyBodyGraph.

Email me with media inquiries or if you want to talk Human Design; feel free to share your chart with me. Here's my Human Design:

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Human Design Intro for Projectors

  1. 1. Welcome Image via
  2. 2. Intro to Human Design for Projectors Andrea Abay-Abay, Certified Living Your Design Guide
  3. 3. Living Your Design Guide 3/5 Profile Projector Aura Type Emotional Authority Right Angle Cross of Contagion Mount Shasta, California, USA
  4. 4. Welcome Image via
  5. 5. Benefits of Human Design The Benefits of Human Design Gives Projectors permission to be ourselves and have compassion for others Helps us understand our world and the others who live in it Helps us make decisions that point us in the correct direction Helps our unique Life Purpose to unfold Helps us move in harmony with the flow of life Helps us attract the right people and opportunities Helps us find our right place Image via
  6. 6. Human Design Benefits cont. The Benefits of Human Design Helps us transform our perspective so we can see clearly Helps us operate with the correct frequency so our cognition works properly Helps us transform from our conditioning and experience of resistance Helps us to recognize and be recognized correctly Allows us to experience the “Signature” of our Type:
  7. 7. Main Benefit Shows how to make correct decisions for yourself. Human Design is: Logical Practical Mechanical Life-Changing
  8. 8. Basic Concepts
  9. 9. Rave Mandala Image via Maia Mechanics ImagingBlank Image via
  10. 10. Quantum Physics Biochemistry Genetics Astrology Hindu Chakra System Judaic Kabbalah Chinese I’Ching Human Design is a Synthesis Exoteric Nature of Design Esoteric Nature of Design
  11. 11. Humanity’s Evolutionary Journey Homo Sapien 7 Centered Homo Sapiens in Transitus 9 Centered 85-90 Thousand years ago 1781 Mutation from 7 Centered to 9 Centered Humanity’s Evolutionary Journey
  12. 12. Death of a star – Supernova 1987A In Ibiza, Spain, Ra Uru Hu had an 8-day mystical encounter with “The Voice” Ra was told he would be the Clarion to introduce this to the world Origin of Human Design
  13. 13. Stars and Neutrinos Neutrinos, the breath of stars byproduct of nuclear fusion neutrino
  14. 14. Stars and Neutrinos Supernova explosion SN1987A Solar System Stars and Neutrinos
  15. 15. Stars and Neutrinos Flow of neutrinos to the Earth Flow of neutrinos into the DNA
  16. 16. Neutrino Imprinting Pre-natal imprint (unconscious) (88º of the solar movement before birth) Natal imprint (conscious, personality) moment of birth
  17. 17. Your Treasure Map In the Human Design information, we have a treasure map. The map for each individual is accessible and available yet it requires study in order to understand its structure. In learning to read your own map and to follow its path, you embark on a journey into the core of your being at a true cellular level. Over a period of time you begin to see the changes that living truly who you are brings. It is the adventure of life and a journey we are all here to make. Enjoy the ride.” Ra Uru Hu
  18. 18. The Rave Mandala The Rave Bodygraph nine centers and 64 gates The I-Ching Wheel and the correspondence of the 64 gates of the bodygraph The Astrological Wheel planetary positions of the 64 Hexagrams of the I-Ching
  19. 19. DNA & I-CHING the I-Ching 64 Hexagrams 6 Lines per Hexagram DNA 64 Codons 6 Groups of Amino acids per Codon
  20. 20. We are a Binary Consciousness 13 unconscious activations 13 conscious activations 26 activations in every bodygraph
  21. 21. The Dilemma Design Crystal Personality Crystal Who You Think You AreThis is the Body
  22. 22. You are Incredibly Unique! This is just one possibility for gate 41 One Gate is defined by: - one of 6 Lines - one of 6 Colors - one of 6 Tones - one of 5 Bases 1080 Variations of the same Gate
  23. 23. The Rave Mandala Defined vs Undefined Undefined center Defined center
  24. 24. The True Self vs. The Not Self Vital energy (the Self) Openness (the Not-Self)
  25. 25. The True-Self Our openness has the potential for deep wisdom. We use our minds to watch the way our life works, taking us a huge step forward in the development of our consciousness and self love. We can fulfill our purpose because our energy is not pulled away by trying to be what we are not. When we're operating out of our Strategy and Authority:
  26. 26. Centers Undefined
  27. 27. The Not-Self Undefined centers affect decision- making and the experience of your life Image via
  28. 28. Undefined Centers Interpreted by your Mind Are where your Not-Self behaviors arise from Conditioned to be addicted Homogenization Are your deepest challenge when you begin to live according to your Strategy and Authority
  29. 29. Putting it all Together … Neutrinos Planets Hexagrams = Gates Bodygraph
  30. 30. Human Design The Benefits of Human Design Informs our Awakening Process - Uncovers our True Self
  31. 31. Free chart: Recommended Resource
  32. 32. Free E-books, Audios, Videos: Recommended Resource
  33. 33. Get a Reading
  34. 34. Consult a Living Your Design Guide that you resonate with Get a Guide
  35. 35. Intended to help you Live Your Design Explore types, strategy and authority Provide practical information, examples Encourage experimentation and facilitate awareness Provide opportunity for questions and sharing LYD Awakening Program Image via
  36. 36. Focus of Sessions Centers Defined vs Undefined Types of Definition Arrangements How you are affected by Definition How you affect others How others affect you Signposts
  37. 37. Focus of Sessions Type How Projectors interact with others How the Four Types operate What it’s like to be each type The Strategy of Type How to follow it Image via The Definitive Book of Human Design
  38. 38. Focus of Sessions Authority How different Authorities work When & How to follow yours Why to experiment
  39. 39. In this workshop Resources Example Charts Discussion of real-life experiences and perspectives Information from the Student Manual Sharing of insights Practical tips & tricks for Projectors Best sources for further study Focus of Sessions
  40. 40. Reading by a Certified HD Analyst Reading the LYD Student Manual Awakening Program Preparation Image via
  41. 41. Living Your Design Mentoring Just for Projectors Only $350 for 8 Live Group Sessions Installment payments available if needed Email Support for 3 months Optional Follow-up Session 1 to 3 months after completion Optional Private Facebook Group $450 for Private Online or In-Aura Mentoring
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Connect with Andrea Blog: SKYPE: HumanDesignLife Email Social Media: Thank you for sharing!