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Design Principles of Villa Lante, Bagnaia Italy


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Design Principles of Villa Lante, Bagnaia Italy

  1. 1. Villa Lante :Design Principles of Bagnaia, Italy
  2. 2. Sacred & Profane rulesTopographyEra of DesignElements of a citySynthesis
  3. 3. “ [ … ] It is obvious that spaces are what humans do their living in ; space must therefore becomprehended as the major medium of design . ” - Norman T. Newton Design on the Land
  4. 4. Sacred & Profane image
  5. 5. Sacred & ProfaneDesign Principles Sacred•main center axis•foci on main axis•secondary axisalmost all bilateral Profane • unorganized main axis •foci off the main axis •unorganized secondary axis •chaotic and wild planting scheme
  6. 6. Topography
  7. 7. Topography
  8. 8. Era of DesignTown squares•developed during the Middle Ages as acentral gathering space for local citizens.•town squares are often an interruption orterminus to entering sightlines.•multiple streets sliding in at each corner ofsquare are known as “windmill” or “whirlingsquare”.Sightlines•the traveler’s eye rests upon a building orother large object within the village.Architecture•high walls, castles, structures built fromstone mark this period of architecture. Orientation• the town of Bagnaia is located on a north/southaxis easily identifying time of day.
  9. 9. Era of Design
  10. 10. Elements of a city A predominant element in the landscape that channels the observer to Path move through other arranged and related elements in the city. Walkways, canals, railroads, streets. A linear boundary within the landscape. An important organizing role Edge of a city, holding together generalized areas. A wall, water, edges of development. District The medium-to-large sections of the city in which the observer mentally enters “inside of,” recognizable as having common identifying character. Strategic points or junctions, concentration of some use or physical Node character related with the observers travels along the path and through the node. Street-corner, enclosed square. An external point-of-reference, singling out one defined physical Landmark object. Towers, drumlins, sculpture. - Kevin Lynch The Image of City
  11. 11. Elements of a city Path
  12. 12. Elements of a city Edge
  13. 13. Elements of a city District
  14. 14. Elements of a city Node
  15. 15. Elements of a city Landmark
  16. 16. Elements of a city New City “citta di fuori” Outside city walls Old City “citta di dentro” Inside city walls Villa Lante Garden Proper Forest “Parco inglese” English park
  17. 17. Synthesis•town of Bagnaia established late 1400’s – 1500’s•park established around1475•Villa Lante established 1566
  18. 18. Thank You!