Office 365 Groups Deep Dive

IT Deputy Director and Microsoft MVP at Pestana Hotel Group
Feb. 15, 2016

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Office 365 Groups Deep Dive

  1. Portugal 13 de Fevereiro de 2016 Portugal Meeting #8
  2. Portugal Agenda 09:30 Reception 09:50 Introduction 10:00 “Office 365 Groups Deep Dive”, André Vala (MVP) 11:00 Coffee Break
  3. Portugal Some notes....
  4. Portugal Office 365 PT
  5. Portugal TUGA IT Conference 2016 5 Topics Office 365 / SharePoint Azure Data Platform Integration Development More info: Lisbon, May 19–21 May 19 May 20 Office 365 / SharePoint Workshops
  6. Portugal Office 365 Groups Deep Dive André Vala
  7. Portugal About me BLOG LINKED IN TWITTER EMAIL MEMBER OF MEMBER OF WORKS FOR JOB TITLE Microsoft MVP Office Servers and Services SharePoint Solutions Architect /in/andrevala @atomicvee Office365 PT SPUG PT AWARDED
  8. Portugal Agenda
  9. Portugal Office 365 Groups
  10. Portugal Motivation Office 365 Groups
  11. Portugal Building Blocks Azure Active Directory Apps
  12. Portugal Key Benefits Public by default Self-service Sharing to non-members Context & history Single definition Simple to manage
  13. Portugal Outlook 2016 Groups in Outlook 2016 Participate in conversations, schedule meetings, share files & notes and even initiate a Skype for Business voice and video call for urgent real-time decisions.
  14. Portugal Mobile Apps Outlook Groups app Available on iOS, Android & Windows Phone. Continue conversations, view files, @mention colleagues and even discover other relevant groups.
  15. Portugal Power BI Create a workspace to collaborate with your team. Leverage the Groups collaboration & communication capabilities to create and review insights.
  16. Portugal Office 365 Planner Create new plans, organize & assign tasks, share files, talk about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress. Integrated with Office 365 Groups, so all of the conversations in Planner are available in Outlook 2016, Outlook on the web and the Outlook Groups mobile app.
  17. Portugal DEMO
  18. Portugal Office 365 Groups
  19. Portugal One Group Across Office 365 Azure Active Directory (AAD) is the master for group identity and membership across Office 365 (Exchange, SharePoint, etc.) O365 services extend with their data (e.g., conversations stored in Exchange mailbox & documents stored in OneDrive for a group) Services notify each other of changes to a group (e.g., creation, deletion, updates) Using sync from AAD to Exchange Online AD and SharePoint Online AD they achieve reliability if they miss notifications SharePoint Documents OneNote Additional workloads Workload scenarios Exchange Conversations Calendar Identity Resource URLs Owners Members AAD
  20. Portugal Group Creation Flow Create Group New group Create via AAD Graph Azure Active Directory Exchange Online SharePoint Online EXO Melissa creates a group in Outlook
  21. Portugal Group Creation Flow Create Group New group Create via AAD Graph Azure Active Directory Exchange Online SharePoint Online EXO EXO creates a local group Exchange Online AD Local create
  22. Portugal Group Creation Flow Create Group New group Create via AAD Graph Azure Active Directory Exchange Online SharePoint Online EXO EXO notifies SPO, which creates a local group Exchange Online AD Local create SharePoint Online AD SPO Notification Local create
  23. Portugal Group Management Flow Add Members Azure Active Directory Exchange Online AD Exchange Online SharePoint Online EXO SharePoint Online AD SPO FwdSync FwdSync Update Group via AAD Graph FwdSync broadcasts changes
  24. Portugal Office 365 Groups
  25. Portugal Management UI
  26. Portugal DEMO
  27. Portugal PowerShell Use PowerShell to manage Office 365 Groups Convert an Exchange distribution group to an Office 365 Group
  28. Portugal PowerShell: Connect Allow remote sessions Get usercredentials Open Powershell session
  29. Portugal PowerShell: Unified Group Get list of groups Get specific group Create Group Delete Group Set Group Options
  30. Portugal PowerShell: Unified Group Links Get Group Members Add Member/Owner Remove Group Member Remove Group Owner
  31. Portugal DEMO
  32. Portugal Naming Conventions
  33. Portugal DEMO
  34. Portugal Group Creation Permissions Controlling Group Creation New-OwaMailboxPolicy –Name “<policy name>” Set-OwaMailboxPolicy –Identity “<policy name>” –GroupCreationEnabled $false Set-CASMailbox –Identity <user> -OWAMailboxPolicy “<policy name>”
  35. Portugal DEMO
  36. Portugal Office 365 Groups
  37. Portugal Groups API Microsoft Graph API Hands-On Lab: Deep Dive into the Microsoft Graph for Office 365 Groups
  38. Portugal Group Management ENTITY COLLECTION ACTIONS Group Groups CRUD SubscribeByMail, UnsubscribeMyMail, AddFavorite, RemoveFavorite, ResetUnseenCount User/Me Users JoinedGroups Samples{id}/{id}/AddFavorite
  39. Portugal Conversations ENTITY COLLECTION ACTIONS Conversation Conversations Create, Read, and Delete Thread Threads Reply Samples{id}/conversations{id}/threads/{id}/reply
  40. Portugal Events ENTITY COLLECTION ACTIONS Calendar Read Event Events CRUD Samples{id}/events ../calendarview?startdatetime=2016-02-01 & enddatetime=2016-02-29
  41. Portugal Files ENTITY COLLECTION ACTIONS File CRUD, Upload, Download Folder CRUD, Enumerate Children Samples{id}/files{id}/files/{id}/
  42. Portugal Common Queries SCENARIO URL Get top 10 conversations sorted by LastDeliveryTime /group/{id}/conversations?$top=10&$orderby=LastDeliveryTime Get the next 10 conversations /group/{id}/conversations?$top=10&$skip=10 Get selected properties on events starting after a particular Date/Time /group/{id}/events?$top=10&$select=Subject,Start,End& $filter=Start ge 2014-09-22 Get selected properties on conversation threads /groups/{id}/conversations/{id}/threads/{id}/posts?$select=body Get files where the name starts with “c” /group/{id}/files?$filter=startswith(name,+'c') Get selected properties on files /group/{id}/files?$select=dateTimeCreated
  43. Portugal DEMO
  44. Portugal Office 365 Groups
  45. Portugal Hybrid Support Integrating your on-premises identities with Azure Active Directory Office 365 Groups write back
  46. Portugal Set Files Quota Get-SPOSite –Identity https://<tenant><group> -detailed |fl Set-SPOSite –Identity https://<tenant><group> -StorageQuota 3000 -StorageQuotaWarningLevel 2000 Use PowerShell to manage Office 365 Groups
  47. Portugal Send As Group $groupAlias = "TestSendAs" $userAlias = "AlexD" $groupsRecipientDetails = Get-Recipient -RecipientDetails -groupmailbox -Identity $groupAlias Add-RecipientPermission -Identity $groupsRecipientDetails.Name -Trustee $userAlias -AccessRights SendAs Use PowerShell to manage Office 365 Groups
  48. Portugal Office 365 Groups
  49. Portugal Roadmap Administration  eDiscovery & legal hold  Data Loss Prevention – in Group views  Auditing  Mobile administration  Dynamic and hidden membership  Expire inactive groups  Soft-delete and restore  Multi-domain support  Office 365 admin reports  Hybrid guidance & improvements Experiences  Guest user access (external users)  Continuously improving UI design  Search and discovery  Calendaring improvements  Outlook for Mac support Integrations  Office 365 Planner  Office Graph and Delve  Skype Meet now  SharePoint  Yammer ROLLING OUT IN PREVIEW IN PREVIEW
  50. Portugal References Microsoft Graph API Hands On Labs: Deep Dive into the Microsoft Graph for Office 365 Groups Graph Explorer Groups Explorer
  51. Portugal Thanks ... André Vala @atomicvee

Editor's Notes

  1. Office 365 Groups é como a cola que permite a um conjunto de pessoas colaborar em direção a um objetivo comum, mas permitindo-lhes escolher que ferramentas utilizam para o fazer.
  2. Para quebrar os silos que representam cada uma das ferramentas de colaboração, começou-se por criar uma definição única do que é uma equipa. Essa definição é um Group e fica guardada na AAD. Este conceito centralizado está subjacente a um conjunto de experiências que correspondem aos blocos verticais.
  3. Single definition: create a group and all the apps can leverage it Self-service: everyone can create a group Public by default: working out loud in the organization Context & history: if I join later, I can still get previous context Sharing to non-members: collaboration is not always closed inside a team, sharing is requirement Simple to manage: only one place to manage groups