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Surface Water - Regional Development Dorset - Pathway to a Resilient Future for Dorset - Workshop Presentation - Martin Peersmann


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Surface Water - Regional Development Dorset - Pathway to a Resilient Future for Dorset - Workshop Presentation - Martin Peersmann

  1. 1. PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT A revolution in integrating local and global for a resilient future “Surface Water – Regional Development Dorset” Martin Peersmann #tomorrowscity
  2. 2. __ Growing global instability Contents Section 1 Section 2 __ Global Action for transformational change Section 3 __ From observatory to collaboratory __ Innovation in law, finance and insurance Section 4 Section 5 __ ‘City for Cities’ partnership
  3. 3. 3. From observatory to collaboratory
  4. 4. Demonstrate Approach through Parallel Action in a Network of Strategically Important Countries and Demo Regions (1-5m people) Regional/ Global Demonstration Getting People To Work Together Regional Collaboratory Open-source Model ‘living master plan’ Cross sector capacity building programmes – integrated systems thinking & design Tangible linking of social/wellbeing benefit to physical interventions Integrated technology and infrastructure project plans Mobilised finance and inward investment Live regional data cloud and performance KPIs & metrics Public, Private & Community Sector Partner Access/ collaboration Integrated regional development plan
  5. 5. The Open-Source, Agent-based Urban-Rural Resource and Economics Systems Platform Model
  6. 6. Regional collaborative intelligenceFinance and law Accountancy
  7. 7. Output Successful improvement in energy-water-food security and quality of lifess “Project portfolio” Evidence- based ‘trusted’ independent model Regional Funding for Projects- ‘Green Growth’ ‘Climate Adaptation’ ‘Social Impact Bonds’ Sources of capital-MNB’s Pension Funds Sovereign Wealth Funds Return Investment Assurance “High quality inclusive resilient growth” IIER Economics
  8. 8. Integrated urban systems design/planning and procurement for sustainability and resilience DEVELOPMENT PLANNING DESIGN DESIGN PLANNING DEVELOPMENT
  9. 9. A Framework for Geodesign Prof. Carl Steinitz
  10. 10. GeoDesign Framework Evidence based Resilient Landscape Design
  11. 11. Stakeholders Collaboration
  12. 12. Utilities Farming Property and land Education Health Communities Urban Design Forestry Industry Jobs and skills Policy Open-Source Multi Domain Collaboratory
  13. 13. The system of community life
  14. 14. Approach to Sustainable Regions Greenhouse gases Greenhouse gases Greenhouse gases Solid waste Degraded waters Manufactured goods INTERLAND Manufactured goods Fuels and Raw materials Water Food
  15. 15. Open Source Platform
  16. 16. Open Source Platform
  17. 17. Crowd-sourced data Apps and sensors
  18. 18. Open-Source platform
  19. 19. Geo Data Source
  21. 21. Open Source Platform – Geo Cloud Geographical Data Dorset
  22. 22. Integration of Time Analysis of Tweets on Flooding, May-June 2014 for Dorset (250.000 tweets)
  23. 23. Integration of Time postal code - twitter
  24. 24. Integration of Time flood scenario’s - acorn
  25. 25. Dijkgraaf drs. L.H.M. (Luc) Kohsiek The regional water board (Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier – HHNK
  26. 26. Thank you App Store
  27. 27. 3D application – Serious Gaming
  28. 28. Game 3D Game 3D Application Serious Gaming
  29. 29. Serious Gaming
  30. 30. Serious Gaming
  31. 31. 5. ‘City for Cities’ partnership
  32. 32. City of London Companies can help to design the sector cockpits and help make the platform easy to use by different sectors. They can become Partners and build commercial Apps for the Platform. A City for Cities App Store
  33. 33. (2) Informatie As a Service (informatie op maat gekoppeld aan werk- bedrijfsprocessen  afgeleide datasets) (1) Data As a Service (ruwe datasets) (4) Functies As a Service(3) Modellen As a Service Toepassingen Reistijd Isochroon Breinaald (o.a. bevoegd gezag) Geocoder Geotagger Bosbrand Model Vestigingsplaats Model Overstromings Model Verkeer Model “Risico” kaarten (bvb bosbrand) “Geschiktheids” Kaarten (bvb gewas) … Koppelvlakken (OGC/REST/SOAP) Koppelvlakken (OGC/REST/SOAP) Koppelvlakken (OGC/REST/SOAP) Koppelvlakken (OGC/REST/SOAP) Interpolatie (vector2raster) GasMal Model 2D/3D/4D/nD Data Realtime Data Historische Data Estimated Time Arrival Thematische Data Topografische Data World Data Fijndstof Model ……… Geodan Maps (3)