Venue equipment training power point


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Presentation on the use of lecture equipment in lecture theatres. This presentation is aimed at new academics and first time users of the lecture theatres.

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Venue equipment training power point

  1. 1. Using AV Technologies in Lecture Theatres
  2. 2. What is the Crestron?• It is a touch screen device used to operate teaching and learning technologies• All computing and AV devices in the room are connected to a Crestron, allowing control of devices to occur via a touch screen• These include the desktop computer, document camera, DVD player and VCR
  3. 3. Where has Crestron been installed?• Installed at the following venues: - A1, A2, A3, A4 - C3, C5, C9 - B1, B2, B3, B4 Please Note: In these venues, the - GH1, GH2, GH3 DVD player plays via the Video Machine, and must be selected as “AV”. - L20
  4. 4. How do I use a Crestron control system?• The touch screen is mounted into the lectern – right-hand front of the desktop• Press on the Crestron touch screen display once to activate the backlight.• Press the Crestron touch screen display again to access the control system.
  5. 5. Selecting the Source• Choose among the options displayed on the touch screen.• Always Select Projector First, before selecting DVD, Doc Cam, Computer or Other Input Devices,
  6. 6. Using the Computer Control• Select the Computer button on the Touch Pad. This will take you to a sub-menu with 2 options: Desktop or laptop
  7. 7. Computer sub-menuSelect the Desktop button ifusing the computer installedin the LecternSelect the Laptop button ifusing a laptopN.B. To use your laptop, you need the following cables.•Your own laptop power cable•VGA and Audio cable to connect to the lectern – availablefrom AVS
  8. 8. Using the built-in PC• If using the computer in the lectern, move the mouse to see whether the computer is switched on• If not, switch on the power button – computer installed in the right-hand leg of the Lectern• Ensure that the LCD monitor (Computer screen) is powered on – mounted on top of the Lectern• You will be prompted to log in to the workstation.
  9. 9. Using the built-in PCLogin to the network using your Novell logindetails.Password and username details available fromAVSThe "workstation only" box should be checkedand the username should always be "User".
  10. 10. Using the DVD Player• Select the DVD option on the Touch Screen• The DVD Player is situated at the front of the Lectern• The DVD is accessible with a key issued by AVS when booking the venue.
  11. 11. Using the DVD SubmenuOnce you select the DVD option, this is what you will see next: Return to Main Menu Volume up Volume down The DVD Control screen has all the functions of a normal DVD player…PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, etc. on the touchpad.
  12. 12. Using the Document Camera• The document camera will project anything put under it, pictures, books, transparencies, even your hand!
  13. 13. Document Camera SwitchesAt these venues, switches are on top - A1, A2, A3, A4 - C3, C5, C9At these venues, switches are at the back - B1, B2, B3, B4 - GH1, GH2, GH3 - L20
  14. 14. How do I use this device?• Firstly, if the arms are folded onto the bed of the Doc Cam, gently lift the arms as shown in this video clip Click on box to playSwitch on the Doc Cam by holding your finger on thebutton for a few seconds until the light goes from red (off)to blue (on) OFF ON
  15. 15. Using the Doc Cam Control• Now select Doc Cam on the touch pad, and it will project whatever you place under it, onto the screen
  16. 16. Activating “Lecture In Progress” Select this button to activate sign outside theatre during lecture. Result Select again to de-activate sign after lecture.
  17. 17. Using the LightsSelect the Lights button to give you various lightingoptions
  18. 18. Using the LightsAlternatively, you can controlthe venue lighting settings at thedoor by using the electronicswitches located at the door.Each dot represents the variouslighting settings.
  19. 19. Using the Microphone• The microphone will be locked away in the DVD drawer, and keys for the drawer will be issued by AVS when booking the venue• Ensure that the microphone is switched on.• The Microphone is cordless and can be hand-held or attached to your clothingN.B. The microphone has a preset volume that hasbeen predetermined for the venue.
  20. 20. After your lecture…• Ensure that all devices are powered off, including the microphone• Lock the microphone away in the DVD casing, and return the keys to AVS• Log off the lectern computer, if used during your lecture• NB. Crestron passwords or keys are not to be given to students under any circumstances.
  21. 21. Final notes• Please book your keys, microphone, VGA cable and audio cable via Service Desk before collecting at AVS• 24 hr video surveillance• Alarms at side entrance• Equipment secured and locked• Report damaged gear to AVS• Users has a shared responsibility for safety of all equipment.
  22. 22. Important Numbers• Support during lecture – AVS (021) 959 2509• Venue training – Digital Media (021) 959 2676• Security Problems - Protection Services (021) 959 2564• Maintenance – Technical Services (021) 959 2170
  23. 23. Happy Teaching!